Opposing Views – August 13, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
August 13, 2017

Greetings and salutations. For tonight, I’ve already done a Facebook Q&A, a Wrestling Q&A and a Wrestling Fact or Fiction piece. All that’s left in my Q&A folder now are the political ones. Should I go ahead and do these too? Well, since I’ve already written this much, I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious. These questions come from the Facebook page called “Opposing Views”. They’re extremely slanted towards the left, but the questions tend to be pretty good anyhow and I like to read their articles and the comments left by readers. My brain cells often scream in agony at the pure stupidity of some of the comments, but it’s all good. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It’s just that most of those people are wrong. And my opinions and thoughts? Well, I’m right. And I agree that I’m write. Go read my stuff. See if you agree. You will. Let’s do this.

Do you support a homeowner’s right to use a firearm on an intruder?

Absolutely. If an intruder comes into my house uninvited, my feeling is that they are there to harm me or my family. I’m not going to try to ask questions and figure out a motive. Once I feel threatened or think my family is being threatened, that bastard will be shot repeatedly until dead. ‘Nuff said!

Oprah is hunting at a 2020 presidential run. Would she beat Trump?

Oprah is no more qualified to be President than that last clown from Chicago was. Trump would smoke her ass… period!

Rep. Maxine Waters says there’s no doubt Trump is the worst president of her lifetime. Do you feel the same way?

There is no doubt in my mind that Maxine Waters is a stupid idiot and one of the most corrupt and racist persons ever elected to public office. Trump may be an ass-clown on some things, but compared to Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, etc… I’d definitely rather have “the Donald” presiding over things than any of those folks. And he’s a billion times better than what our alternative would have been, Hillary.

Trump says that despite all of the negative media, his base of supporters around America is bigger than ever. Do you support the president?

Donald was not my first choice, but when it came down to either him or Hillary, he was the only real choice. And yes, I proudly stand behind OUR President.

Do you believe AIDS can be cured?

I think that it’s not a death sentence anymore and that there are medications and treatments that will pretty much eliminate all of the symptoms and side-effects of this disease. Can it be cured? Probably, but the pharmacy companies and medical profession can make more money in treatment than actual curing so if there is a true and legitimate cure, we’ll never see it.

From failing to repeal Obamacare to the non-existent border wall, Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s first 200 days in office were filled with nothing but broken promises and failed leadership. Do you agree with her?

But he put a Judge on the Supreme Court, lowered the unemployment rate, lowered illegal immigration, has removed several million people from getting Food Stamps, has set a record GNP for the past quarter and the stock market is doing great. Methinks that Nancy Pelosi is delusional and a total whack-job. And she’s wrong too.

Support for President Trump remains high as ever in 2018 midterm battleground states. Will you be voting Republican in 2018?

I am registered Democrat (surprise) and I don’t generally look at the party, but more the individual and who I feel will be the best in the overall scheme of things. That generally tends to be Republicans, but I’ll have to wait and look at the actual candidates before I make any real decisions.

Ian McCarthy shot and killed Missouri police officer Gary Michael during a traffic stop yesterday.
Yes or no: Should he get the death penalty?

I don’t want to say yes or no until I see all of the evidence of the crime. Every situation is different and I’d have to know all of the circumstances before I can make that call. A blanket judgement of yes or no just won’t work.

A Maryland town wants give illegal immigrants the right to vote. Would you be angry if that happened in your town?

I’d be very angry. Voting is a right and privilege reserved for citizens. If someone is illegal, they’re not a citizen and are breaking the law. They should be deported and not rewarded. If they want to vote and have a say in our elections, then come into the country the right way, through the proper channels and earn that right to vote by becoming a legal citizen. If you can’t do that, then get the hell out and go home. ‘Nuff said!

Should people be allowed to use food stamps on junk food?

If a person is given food stamps to help feed themselves and their family, they should be able to use their own judgement to decide what kind of food to get. While I’m all for some sorts of restrictions, like not using food stamps for alcohol, cigarettes. fancy restaurants, gambling, cash, etc, food is food and everyone has unique and distinct tastes and eating habits. At least they’re eating so if the stamps are being used for food, that’s what matters and not necessarily what kind of food they’re getting.

Should police departments be allowed to put ‘In God We Trust’ on vehicles?

Yes. It’s on our money and it’s up at our local court house. I have no problems with it at all.

In a recent poll, nearly 100% of Trump voters say they’d vote for him over Hillary Clinton again in a heartbeat. Would you vote the same way again?

Trump over Hillary? Absolutely!

Do you think Melania Trump is a classy First Lady?

She’s beautiful, well mannered, highly intelligent, speaks 7 (I think) languages and is a loyal wife to Trump and great mother for Baron. She’s pretty much the ideal First Lady and I’m proud to see her representing out country, especially after what we had to endure for the previous eight years. Oh vey!

Everyone should stand for the National Anthem. Do you agree?

I think so, yes.

And that’s that for tonight. Thanks again for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and any kind of feedback is always appreciated. Until the next time, have a great night. Talk at you next time.


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