This & That – September 20, 2017

This & That
September 20, 2017

Monday morning, or as the Bangles called it, “Just another Manic Monday!”. Was it the Bangles or was it the Go-Go’s? I can’t remember and don’t feel like looking it up. Doesn’t matter though because the moral of the song, if there is one, was correct. Monday’s suck! (Authors Note: I wrote this on Monday. I know it’s Wednesday now. Doesn’t matter to me. Monday’s still suck!)

Started off by being awoken by my cat, Goldy, at 6:10 am. She wanted treats and some attention and Lord knows what else. So like the good “Cat Daddy” that I am, I got up. And gave her treats. And rubbed her little head, talking sweetly to her and telling her how good and special she is. And then I went and took the trash cans out to the side of the road, something I had forgotten to do last night. And put out food and fresh water for the dozen or so strays that have taken up coming to our house to eat and chill. Sounds like some men I know (or used to know). And then I talked to Goldy some more, checked my Facebook and then went back to bed. And what’s the point of all that? Oh yeah, it’s Monday. (A/N: Wednesday. I know!) Goldy woke me up way too early. And next time I come across her, asleep in the kitchen window, in blissful slumber, I’m going to wake her up for no reason too. Payback can be a bitch, right?

Was all that just to talk about how I’ll get revenge against my cat for waking me up? Oh yeah, Monday’s. It’s already been a busy day and I’ve got the Food Bank stuff to do in about an hour or so and then work this afternoon. A busy, busy day ahead. I really do hate Mondays. (A/N: And Wednesdays too!)

I’m still in shock over the news last night that pro wrestling manager / legend / announcer / icon Bobby “The Brain” Heenan passed away yesterday afternoon. For a long time, he was the best thing that the WWE had going on and when he moved to WCW, it just got better and better. A great talker, a great manager, a damn good wrestler by all accounts and one of the true legends in a business where the term is overused way too often, but the “Brain” deserved the label. I did a quick post yesterday afternoon just giving the news and then I posted 86 classic Bobby Heenan quotes, just a few examples of why Bobby was so good in his role as the heel announcer. And last night, I went back and watched the Royal Rumble from 1991 where Ric Flair won the Rumble to become the WWF Champion for the first time. Heenan was amazing in his role as Flair’s advisor, but working as the color commentator of the event as well. He would go from serious to joking to frantic, sometimes in the same sentence and as great as that match was, it’s Bobby’s commentary that put it over the top to the next level. Rest in Peace, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. You will be missed.

And now, it’s Wednesday and I’m finally back on the right day. I wrote the first part of this on Monday morning and then I got distracted by something else and ended up doing a Wrestling Q&A and an Opposing Views instead and never got back to this. But I’m not one to let a good opening go to waste, even if it is two days later so I just left it and am starting fresh now. Just like Bobby Brown without the drugs and Whitney Houston to fall back on for a career (before she was killed by drugs), it’s my prerogative. I just thought of something. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston walk into the kitchen. Bobby goes to the fridge and opens it up. “Hey Whitney, I’m getting a drink”, he says. “Do you want one?”. “Sure Bobby”, Whitney sings out. “Do you want a Pepsi or a Coke”, Bobby asks. “I’ll have a Pepsi”, Whitney replies. “I’ve done enough coke today!”.

Yes, I’m probably going to hell for that. At least it wasn’t a gay joke. After all, I don’t want to offend anyone, right?

I just read somewhere that Rolling Stone magazine is up for sale. That used to be a damn good magazine and fun to read back in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s. And then they decided that politics was more important than music… for a magazine called “Rolling Stone”, and everything just went to shit. They are now extremely liberal and anti-Republican / anti-Trump and anti-capitalist, but there is one problem with that. Getting political is all well and good, but the liberal base audience doesn’t buy magazines… or spend money… or have money to spend. They oppose success and being rich and actually having to work for and earn what they have. This is an entitlement society now and they’re not going to spend $6.00 on a magazine when they can read it for free online. It’s not fair that they have to pay anyhow for magazine subscriptions. It should be given to them for free and let the “Man” pay instead. Let “big corporations” pay. The only people who actually buy magazines and newspapers for that matter anymore are generally white and conservative, the very audience that Rolling Stone magazine doesn’t like and has no appeal for anyhow. I wish I had a few million bucks to throw away and make this purchase. I’d focus on and go back to the music, what really matters. Cut out the political crap and just focus on music, TV, movies, entertainment, pro wrestling (of course) and social issues, but not in a “taking sides” manner, but as a magazine or newspaper SHOULD do, just report facts, present both sides of the issue and then step back and let the chips fall where they may. We’d be bankrupt in a year. Maybe even less, but it’d be far better than the crap that Rolling Stone publishes now. I hope someone can save Rolling Stone and make it relevant again. It used to be a good magazine. But if no one makes that move and they eventually go under, so be it. They have no one to blame but themselves.

I’m bringing back “Thirty Days of Dougie”, but with one slight change. It’s only going to be “Ten Days of Dougie” and it’ll start sometime next week. For those who don’t know, this was the blog series where I sat down every day, reached my hand into a box and drew out two or three topics and that’s what I wrote about. No advance warning as to what the topics will be, but it’s just “here’s the topic and go…”. It was a great and fun exercise in being creative and thinking on the fly and I’ve always enjoyed (and dreaded) doing this. But I feel it’s needed. I’m doing tons of Q&A’s and the whole “Fact or Fiction” thing and so on and so on, but these are kind of by the numbers and get kind of stale pretty quickly. I need to spice things up, for the site and for myself too and this is a great way to do so. It’s coming soon – watch for it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A big shout out to Brent, Eric and all of the others at SMF Cyberspace – it’s the best damn podcast on YouTube today. These guys are crazy (in a good way) and there is no telling what the topic of the day might be. Political correctness be damned, but informed discussion, debate, stories of debauchery and some good natured humor are what’s going on. Go find them and listen. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You will never, ever be the same… again.

I have to go do Food Lion and my Food Bank volunteer duties. I have to leave. Should I end this now or finish when I get back? I have things to still talk about so I’ll finish when I return, which will be shortly. I’ve gotta go. I don’t wanna go. But I’m going. Back in a little bit.

And I’m back. It’s hot out there, but at least the people we distribute to on Thursday mornings will be happy. Lots and lots of bread. And meat. And veggies. This has been a really good week for us on the contributions and I need to send a shout out and thanks to the fine folks at Food Lion #690 at the Scotland Crossing Shopping Center in Laurinburg for everything they contribute and all the help they give us each and every week. Dee, Mike and the others are just awesome peeps and really do deserve major kudos and a big thank you. So, to all the Food Lion folks from all of us at Hope In Christ, thank you!

I need to stay off of “Meet Me”. Too many sexy young 22 year olds wanting to “chill”. I’m going to get in trouble before it’s all over. But they so damn sexy and so much fun.

Did you know that in the past month since I went into the hospital for the sugar flare up and abscess, I have only drank one real Pepsi. Yes, I am doing damn good. I still drink too many drinks, but I’m down from 4 – 5 a day to usually two (Cherry Vanilla Pepsi and a Diet Mt. Dew) and they last me all day. Plus lots more water. And I’m doing my shots and checking my sugar regularly. Hell, I’m even walking with my bro and the baby-mama several days a week. What the… ?? Is Dougie trying to get healthy or something? Seems like it, doesn’t it.

Guess what my Mom bought me? Confederate flag pillow cases. She says that she didn’t realize what they were and the design, but I think she’s just trying to save face and avoid my calling her (joking of course) a racist. I think they’re so cool. Now if I can just get a set of rainbow pride pillow cases to go on my other two pillows (I have 4 pillows on my bed), I will really be thrilled. Yes, I am a homo and yes, I am a redneck and I’m damn proud to be both.

I’m also a registered Democrat, but that is something we don’t talk about here. It’s my only shame and if anyone finds out, I’ll have to hide my head in shame. I only registered as a Democrat back when I turned 18 because in Scotland County at the time, it was a one-party county and if a person wanted to have any kind of say in local elections like Mayor or Sheriff, they had to be registered as a Democrat to vote in the primaries because there was rarely anyone running on the Republican ticket and whoever won the primaries got the office. Thank goodness that has changed now and we have strong Republicans as well as Democrats. I just have never bothered changing my registration at the Board of Elections, even though I think the Democratic Party is, for the most part, a bunch of crazies and whack-jobs. But the Republicans, at least on the national level, aren’t much better. I vote for the person and who I think will do the best job in each election anyhow and party be damned, unless they’re an open supporter of Hillary or Barack. Then they get a big “Hell No!”, cause that’s the way it has to be.

Are vampires real? Yes, they are. They’re called “socialists” and instead of sucking blood, they suck out your soul, your money, your independence and willingness to think for yourself and accept opinions different than your own and ability to adapt and thrive. The lead “vampire” is named Bernie. Avoid them as best you can and if confronted by one, use “facts” and “logic” and the idea of “being responsible” and toss these ideas at them. They’ll run and cry, hiding in their “safe space”, unable to accept that the world doesn’t owe them anything and doesn’t revolve around them.

I’m just kidding. Bernie is okay, for a cranky ass old man who’s never held a real job in his life, is a life-long politician, a major hypocrite and wants to give everyone everything, but hasn’t got a clue as to how all of it will get paid for. Everytime I see Bernie, I picture the old man screaming at children saying, “Get off my lawn!” Well, at least I’m not picturing him wearing a robe, using a walker and wondering where that paper boy is at. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

And I’m going to end this here. I have things to do (a nap), people to call (I won’t) and other stuff to think about (who knows?). Thanks for reading. Questions, comments, bad jokes, recipes, gossip, an invitation to go eat Chinese food, etc, is all welcome. And now, I’m going somewhere to do something. I really need that nap. Until the next time, take care and never forget, ALL LIVES MATTER!


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