10 Days Of Dougie – Day 3: Dream House, The Lottery & Create A TV Show…

Ten Days Of Dougie – Day 3
Dream House, The Lottery & Create A TV Show…
September 29, 2017

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, finally starting to cool off a little bit. And it’s Friday. Should I start singing the old George Jones classic, “It’s Finally Friday”? Nah, probably not. I’ll save everyone’s ears and just sing it inside my head. You’re welcome. Let’s go ahead and get to the reason we’re all here and that is Day 3 of the epic “Ten Days Of Dougie” series. Where did I put that “Magic Bag”?

I found the bag. Now, let’s open it up and find out what the topics of discussion will be for today. We have Dream Houses, Winning the Lottery and Create A TV Show. Interesting topics to be sure. Now let’s get busy and see what I can do with them. Let’s do this…

Dream Houses…

Everyone has that one particular house engraved in their minds that they feel would be perfect. It’s their dream house, built and designed to cater to their every desire, need, practical use and fantasy. We all have them and I guess this is my opportunity to describe what my own personal dream house would look like. Have you ever seen the mansion “Collinwood”, from the TV series “Dark Shadows”. In a lot of ways, that would pretty much cover it. Over 40 rooms, magestic and yet brooding, the sounds of the nearby ocean echoing through the air. And that’d be nice for a while in theory, but in reality, it’d be too much and I’d get tired of it pretty quickly. Too big and lonely, especially when it’s taken into consideration that I’m not a huge “people person” and would probably be living alone or with only one or two others at the max. I’m a simple man with simple tastes so I wouldn’t really ask for much in a “dream home”. I don’t need a mansion, but more like an old farm house in the country. Plenty of land, preferably woods and a small lake or pond. Far enough away from town to be private and peaceful, but close enough to be practical. As for the house itself, maybe four bedrooms, three baths, a nice open kitchen and dining area where I can partake in and practice my cooking skills. A couple of fireplaces and a good sized office and library where I can go to relax and create. Plenty of cats and maybe even a dog or two and I’m set. And there you go.

Winning The Lottery…

And just like that dream house, another big idea in most people’s minds is to one day win that big Powerball payoff and win the lottery. Yes, I want to win it too. And what would I do if I managed to score about a hundred and sixty million dollars, give or take a few dollars? I would do this. After getting an investment lawyer to help manage the money and take care of all of the B.S., my first act would be to pay off all my old bills. Yes, I hate being in debt or owing money and that would be a big priority. And then, Step 2 would be paying off my Mom’s house and making sure that she and my siblings, both by blood and by life (they know who they are) are well taken care of. A certain amount would go immediately into the bank to be considered “untouchable” and “for emergencies only”, thus it could generate interest and keep growing. And then the fun starts. A nice donation to Hope In Christ, the food bank where I’ve volunteered and worked for the past ten years and a decent, reliable car. Nothing fancy because I’m not a flashy or fancy person, but something dependable, roomy, comfortable and that I feel suits me. And a 1972 VW Bug with the convertible top just because. That dream house I spoke of earlier, would be mine and a nice condo down in Wilmington, NC would be mine as well. One good shopping spree with no limits or cares to get it out of my system and then it’s back to life as usual and my normal routines, as best as I can. I might start dressing a little better and the site here would be upgraded big time, but I don’t really think that money would spoil or change me all that much and I’d just be the same old me, regardless. I would definitely love to find out for sure though. One can dream right?

Create A TV Show…

How about a situation comedy about a middle-aged and crazy gay man who works as a liquor store clerk and freelances as a blogger and writer. He hates people, but has a passion about the sport of professional wrestling and it’s his obsession in life. He has a crazy mother (played by Betty White), a much younger, but totally cool best friend who’s a single parent and YouTube sensation and several wild and whacky friends. He lives in a small town with dreams of one day moving to a Condo at the beach with his cats. And did I mention he hates people, but still feels a need for them and hates to be alone as well. Wait, that’s not a TV show. That’s my life. Well, it would make a great TV show with the right writers and people playing the characters (my family and friends). Think Drew Carey meets Friends meets Will & Grace meets Rosanne. And then toss in a little Addams Family and Monday Night RAW for extra bonus points and there you have it. Call it “Tossing Salt”, put it on Thursday nights on either CBS or ABC (not NBC because they suck and they screwed Conan) and wait for the Emmys to start rolling in. I like it. It’d work.

And that’s all for today. Day 3 is in the books. Thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and dirty jokes are welcome and appreciated. I’m out of here for now, my friends. I have to work in a few hours for what promises to be a long and busy day and I think I need a nap. Back tomorrow with Day 4. Thanks again.


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