Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – October 15, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
October 15, 2017

You know how this works. The questions come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. The rest is from me. Let’s do this…

1. Sami Zayn turning heel at WWE Hell in a Cell will be good for Zayn.

FACT: Zayn has pretty much been invisible since coming to the main roster and hasn’t has any kind of push worth noting. Now, he’s associated  with the top heel on Smackdown Live and in a program with one of the McMahons. Definitely a step up and great career move for Zayn. Now it’s time to grab that proverbial “golden ring” and run with it.

2. Jinder Mahal is a complete disappointment as WWE Champion.

FICTION: While his run as the WWE Champion hasn’t really set the world on fire, I think he’s done far better than (for example) Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton in their most recent reigns. He’s a solid heel character and has really elevated his game during his time as the WWE Champion. Jinder’s only flaws as champion have been the poor booking and Vince McMahon’s desire for heel champions to be chicken-shits. Jinder is capable of far more and I think that when his reign eventually ends, he’s pretty much set as a top guy from now on and won’t be back in jobber status ever. He could be a better WWE Champion for sure, but there have been worse and most of the problems are minor and could be fixed if WWE would just give Jinder a chance.

3. It would be better off for both sides if Dolph Ziggler & WWE parted ways.

FICTION: Dolph would do okay on the Indy scene, but he couldn’t be “Dolph” anymore and without the power of the WWE machine behind him, I don’t think that his income would be quite as large or he would be quite as big a star. For WWE, Dolph leaving would mean the loss of a top worker who can work with anyone, has the credibility to be put in any feud with anyone and be able to make it work. Despite the stalls and bad booking, Dolph is over with the fans and is a marketable top guy for WWE. A split has few benefits and would hurt, in the long run, both parties. The problems with Dolph could be solved with a simple break, to avoid over-exposure (too late) and allowing Dolph to do as Jericho has and tweek his character every so often and reinvent himself to stay relevant and fresh. There are no problems that a little common sense and better booking wouldn’t fix. I just hope that both WWE and Dolph can realize this.

4. The New Day vs. Usos has been the best WWE feud of 2017.

FICTION: While it’s been fun and entertaining, I wouldn’t say it’s the best. How about Jericho versus Kevin Owens? How about Owens versus Shane? What about Roman versus Braun? How about Breezango versus The Ascension? (Just kidding). New Day and Usos have been great and had some great matches and have really done well for Smackdown Live, but the best of the year? Nah, not really.

5. When this Shield reunion ends, it should end with Roman Reigns turning on the group and finally turning heel.

FACT: Sure. That sounds like a plan. Let’s go with that. Whatever… lol

6. The end of the new Owens/Zayn alliance (whenever that is) should end with Zayn turning on Owens.

FACT: Absolutely. That would mean things have gone full circle, from when Owens turned on Zayn to win the NXT Championship and the feud that followed, but instead with Zayn as the “heel” and Owens as the “face”. It would get over big time, result in some great matches and be fun to see. Sounds good to me.

And there you go. Comments, thoughts, questions and dirty jokes are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. Until the next time, take care and be sure to brush and floss after each meal. Love you – mean it.


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