Wrestling Fact or Fiction – November 5, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
November 5, 2017

It’s been a wild and crazy week here at the homestead and as a result, the site has been majorly neglected. This can not be allowed to happen so hang on to your hat (does anyone even still wear hats besides the old men driving twenty-miles an hour down the road in their town car with the left blinker on?) because we’re about to get busy. I had an extra hour of non-sleep last night due to the Daylight Savings time stuff and I am fired up. We’re starting off with some Fact or Fiction, wrestling style. After that, who knows, but just keep an eye on the page. We’re living up to the motto of “Wrestling, Music & Life. That’s what it’s all about!”. And now, it begins. Let’s do this…

Gallows & Anderson would be better off to leave WWE.

FACT: The smarks went crazy early last week when the team of Gallows and Anderson seemed to delete all references to the WWE from their Twitter accounts and the speculation that they were leaving ran wild. And I can see it happening when their contracts expire. Gallows and Anderson have had an okay run since joining WWE, including a brief run as the tag team champs, but is it what anyone was expecting from this much honored and respected duo? Not really. They’ve gone from a moderate push to being portrayed as idiots and jobbing to Heath Slater and Rhyno this past week on RAW. I’m sure that the money in WWE is probably better than what they were making in Japan, but probably not as big a difference as everyone thinks. Gallows and Anderson wanted that notch of WWE success on their resume and they came and got it. Now they have to look and see if staying with WWE is the best thing for their team and their legacy. I think they’d be better off going back to Japan and The Bullet Club. Who knows what they’re thinking, but their reputation is taking a beating in the WWE. It’s something that they need to consider.

Jeff Jarrett should get out of the wrestling business.

FICTION: Jeff is currently having issues and maybe needs to take a break from the business, a business he’s be in literally his entire life, but get out? What would he do? Work as a greeter at Wal-Mart? “Welcome to Wal-Mart, slapnuts!”. Jeff has burned a few bridges with Impact, with WWE and a few indy promoters, but he still has so much to offer. Impact was willing to partner with Jeff before and after he completes his rehab and gets back on his feet, they probably will again. WWE is paying and sponsoring Jeff’s rehab so that bridge, long thought totally decimated, still has a few strings and if Jeff was willing, could you imagine Jarrett making a return to WWE TV or even contributing to the Network and / or working as a Producer / Agent. That would be great to see. Jeff is still young and if he desires, still has plenty of time to make even more of an (pardon the pun) Impact in our business. He just needs to get his life straight first with his personal issues and the future is waiting.

Shane McMahon is the right person to lead the Smackdown Live Survivor Series team.

FACT: I was going to say fiction at first because I hate Shane, who is the “Commissioner of Smackdown Live” getting in that ring and taking a prominent spot that should belong to one of the boys, the actual wrestlers instead. I’d rather see Shane still selling the loss to Kevin Owens at the Hell In A Cell event and being too “injured” to wrestle, but then I started thinking about it. It makes sense that Shane would be hands on and lead his team, even in the ring. That’s the type of personality and character that Shane is. I’d still much rather see someone else step up and take the spot, someone who is an actual full-time wrestler or even a retired wrestler who could probably still go (Daniel Bryan), but for the story they’re trying to tell, Shane makes the most sense.

You’re looking forward to the Survivor Series.

FACT: Surprisingly, I actually am. The matches look good on paper for the most part, there are some interesting match-ups being presented and WWE almost always delivers on the big events. Jinder versus Brock should be either very good or very bad and I’m hoping for the best. I’ve already cleared my calendar and can’t wait to see how the show goes.

Daniel Bryan should be allowed to wrestle again.

FACT: I’m saying “Fact” but this is a conditional fact. Daniel wants to wrestle again. The doctors, for the most part, say that it’s okay with only the WWE doctors, the ones who matter, saying no. So let Daniel wrestle one more time and make sure that he signs all sorts of waivers to make sure that the WWE isn’t liable. And make the match, which will be his last actual in-ring match, count. I’d put him up against the Miz, who has a very good reputation as being on of the best and safest workers in the WWE and there is already a long history and story in place here. Daniel gets his match and the opportunity to quench the fire and go out in a fitting manner in that ring, Miz gets a great match and this could be one of the main events for Wrestlemania, where it belongs. After that, Daniel signs a new deal with WWE and continues as General Manager, a trainer and whatever else and everyone wins. Sounds like a plan to me.

There should be a Women’s version of the Royal Rumble.

FACT: With the growing strength and popularity of the Women’s Revolution in the WWE, this is a no-brainer. The women are doing matches like Hell In A Cell and Falls Count Anywhere and regularly headline / main event RAW so allow the evolution to continue. Twenty women from RAW, Smackdown and NXT in their own Royal Rumble match to open the Royal Rumble pay-per-view with the winner getting a title shot at Wrestlemania. Between the three rosters, plus a surprise or two, such as maybe Trish, Lita, Victoria, Eve Torres, Ivory, Jacqueline, etc (take your pick), the possibilities are unlimited.

And there you go with the first of what will probably be many for today. Now it’s time for a shower, a shave and some breakfast. I sense some opposing views coming up. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments, questions and any and all feedback is especially welcome. Until the next time, take care.



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