Review: Mt. Dew Holiday Brew

Tossing Salt Review:
Mountain Dew Holiday Brew
November 26, 2017

Welcome to yet another soft drink review, courtesy of the powers-that-be, aka “Me”, here at the site. Just a couple of days ago, I had the misfortune to sample the newest flavor of soda from the fine folks at Pepsi, the Salted Caramel Pepsi. And well, to put it bluntly, whoever thought that mixing the flavors of caramel and Pepsi together would be a good idea needs to be horse-whipped with strings of licorice and handcuffed to Kathy Griffin for a while and forced to listen to her so-called comedy routine. That stuff was NOT GOOD! First it was the Fire Pepsi and now the Caramel stuff. What the hell is going on there at Pepsi-Co? They’re letting me down big time.

But being a man of forgiveness and knowing that new Pepsi products can’t all suck, I’ve decided to give them one more chance with another new product, a limited edition for the holidays called “Holiday Brew”. It’s Mountain Dew and it’s labeled “Ultimate Holiday Blend! Dew. Code Red!”. So when I stopped at Food Lion earlier tonight after work, I noticed this new festive flavor in the drink box and purchased a bottle. And now, it’s time for the taste tests. Will this be good or will it be just another failed effort by Pepsi? Let’s find out.

And well, remember the Mt. Dew Red that was big a few years ago and is still available? If you liked that, you’ll like this. It’s slightly different and reminds me of a drink that I used to drink as a child called “Tahitian Treat”, but without the harsh bite at the end. Maybe Cheerwine is a better comparison? It’s like those drinks, but with a slight difference. Maybe it’s the more smooth way it flows down the throat without the rough after-taste, but regardless of why, it’s good. It’s not something that I’d drink every day, but I’m not a big fan of the sweeter drinks like the Dew anyhow. I’m more of a cola person, but this isn’t bad at all. After two big failures in the Fire Pepsi and the Salted Caramel Pepsi, both of which were undrinkable, I think that Pepsi has scored it right with the “Holiday Brew” Dew. I’ll give it a solid 7.5 or even an 8 out of a possible 10 rating. Not bad at all.

And there you go. If you like a fruity soft drink and a change from the normal for the holidays, give this drink a try. If you liked the Mt. Dew Red, you’ll like this too. Let me know what you think of the drink… and this review. Comments, thoughts and all feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading and until the next time, have a great one. Take care.


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