Opposing Views – December 5, 2017

Opposing Views
December 5, 2017

Are you ready to get a little political? “Opposing Views” is a left-leaning site out of California that has some crazy opinions (in my opinion), but generally some awesome questions. And every once in a while, I like to poke the bear a bit and shake up some of my snowflake friends. I can’t help it… it’s what I do. And now, let’s do it…

1. The Trump Administration is looking to put a serious dent into Affirmative Action. Do you think Affirmative Action is racist?

A program that forces people to hire others strictly because of the color of their skin rather than their qualifications. Sounds racist to me.

2. Donald Trump says the infamous Access Hollywood tape is fake. Do you believe him?

I think Donald should shut up about this and concern himself more with being the President. He said what he said. It came out in public and everyone lost their minds. And now, many of the folks who were shouting the loudest are getting caught by their hypocrisy. Whatever. Let’s move on.

3. Would you support a bill to protect Confederate monuments nationwide?

These monuments are part of our history and culture, whether the haters want to admit it or not. They weren’t offended until they were told to be offended by the media. Get the hell over it. And these monuments, as well as ALL of our historical monuments, deserve the same equal protection under the law.

4. A Kentucky bill would let public school teachers use the Bible for literature and poetry lessons. Do you support the policy?

It’s a slippery slope so far as keeping the line between religion and government apart and probably not the best of ideas. I don’t necessarily disagree because the Bible is a fascinating book, but I think personally that other book selections might be better for these particular topics of discussion.

5. Morning Joe says Donald Trump is a ‘mouth breather.’ Whose side are you on: Trump’s or Morning Joe’s?

“Morning Joe” is an idiot. He and Mika were big Trump fans until Donald hurt their feelings and called them out for some hypocritical stupidity and then they went total “hater” on Trump. Take those idiots off the air. They’re nearly as annoying as The View these days and not nearly as entertaining.

6. Which leader acts more like a president should: Donald Trump or Bill Clinton?

Well, Trump hasn’t screwed any interns in the Oval Office yet or been impeached for lying under oath during a court case and Bill was so I’ll side with President Trump on this one.

7. Do you miss seeing Obama and Biden in the White House?

Not at all…

8. Joe Biden says his biggest regret is that Trump is president instead of him. Do you feel the same way?

Biden had the option to run for President, but instead decided to stay out of it and let Hillary be the candidate. He didn’t run and she did and lost to Trump. That’s on him and was his decision. No need to whine or complain about it now. And do I regret that we have President Trump instead of a President Biden? Nope, not at all…

And that’s all for now. I think it’s time for bed (nearly 7:00am). Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take it easy friends and have a great one.


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