Wrestling Q&A – December 14, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
December 14, 2017

Let’s talk a little wrestling this AM. Let’s do this…

1. What current WWE superstar has the worst finisher. I am going with Braun Strowman.

Actually, a running power-slam by a guy the size of Strowman doesn’t seem all that bad to me. For me, either Naomi’s “big finish” where she hits a person in the face with her butt or else that knee to the face thing by Seth Rollins would qualify as the worst. I much preferred it when Seth used the curb-stomp or the pedigree. Made much more sense.

2. If you could pick one guy from the WCW roster in the “war” time frame, that you feel WCW and Eric Bischoff dropped the ball with, a guy who could’ve played a much bigger part if given the chance, Who do you pick? I gotta go with Jericho.

There are plenty of folks who could be used to answer this. How about Scott Norton? Man was a monster, but stuck in tag teams with Ice Train as “Fire and Ice”. Steve Austin wasn’t used well and that’s why he left to go to the WWF. Jericho obviously could have been used much better as well.

3. Which title run do/did you enjoy more: Heel AJ or Face AJ?

Probably the “face AJ”. He’s not a natural heel in that he’s cocky, but not really coming across as evil or a low-life piece of scum. The face role is more natural and since people are going to cheer AJ anyhow, the best role for him.

4. Describe Jason Jordan in one word.

Athletic. And now that the “one word” is out of the way, how about a work-in-progress. I’m not crazy about Jordan or this whole angle as Kurt’s son, but it’s slowly growing on me and I’m curious to see where it goes and when they do the heel turn where Jason turns on Daddy to prove himself thing. We know it’s coming, but just a matter of when. Jordan is a good wrestler who is kind of bland in the (scripted) promo department, but there is potential there and while I originally thought (and still do) that this story with Kurt is a dumb one, it may be the one that makes or breaks the man. We’ll see.

5. Which was the more electrifying finishing move? Tully’s Slingshot Suplex, Arn’s DDT, Nikita’s Russian Sickle, or Magnum’s Belly to Belly.

The belly-to-belly by Magnum and Arn’s DDT always seemed to just come out of nowhere and while they were hot for the time period, being turned into just regular moves by the current product has lessened the effect for me over the years. Tully’s slingshot was exciting and exceptional for the time, but again, time has made it less impressive. I’ll go with Nikita’s “Russian Sickle”. Just like Stan Hansen’s “Lariet” or JBL’s “clothesline from hell”, it’s just brutal and effective and is almost painful to watch. You feel sorry for the victim. I’ll go with Nikita on this one.

And that’s all for this. Short, I know, but this is my warm up. More is coming (I hope). Thanks for reading. Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time.


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