Opposing Views – December 25, 2017

Opposing Views
December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, my peeps and welcome to “Opposing Views”, the once a week piece where I cast aside the brainwashing of the mainstream media and what everyone thinks I should think and get all political instead, telling what I really feel. All political correctness is tossed to the side and the snowflakes get exposed to the hair dryer. It’s Dougie at his raw best and no punches will be pulled. The questions come from the Facebook page of a group called, surprisingly enough, “Opposing Views”. They’re way to the left despite their claims of no agenda, but it’s all good. They ask good questions all across the political spectrum. And the answers given in response, that’s all just me. Let’s get busy and do this, shall we? And away we go…

Would you like to see Obamas face on Mt. Rushmore some day?

No, I don’t think so. Obama deserves a special monument of his own along with Bozo, Krusty, Clarabell, Gacy and Pennywise, all the other famous clowns.

Chelsea Clinton has dropped heavy hints about running for office one day. Would you vote for her?

If she works her way up the ladder, gets some practical experience running a business or working in the real world first and has opinions and views that I agree with, I’d take a look and consider her. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Yeah, like any of that is going to happen. She’s a Clinton and so far, seems to be step and toe with her Mommy and Daddy, so as the “Soup Nazi” would say, (paraphrased), “No vote for you!”.

Recent polling finds that the majority of Americans wish Obama was still president. Do you?

I don’t know what polling they’re talking about or who was polled, but personally I’m glad that Obama is out of office and I think the majority of Americans are too.

President Trump says he wants stores saying Merry Christmas this December instead of Happy Holidays. Do you support that?

I don’t care if someone says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or just “hey”, just be polite and prompt and conduct your business and leave me alone and I’ll be good with it. But myself, I’ve been saying “Merry Christmas” all week.

Agree or disagree – the Confederate flag is about heritage and not racism.

Heritage. ‘Nuff said! And if you don’t agree, you’re a racist and discriminating against rednecks and good ‘ol boys. And you know what happens to racists who hate on the good ol’ boys and rednecks from here in the south? Do you know what happens? You just made the list! (Obligatory Chris Jericho reference.)

Would Joe Biden get your vote if he ran against Trump in 2020?

Joe Biden is too old, an idiot and can’t keep his hands to himself. So my answer would be, probably not.

An Arkansas man destroyed the state’s brand new Ten Commandments monument less than 24 hours after it was put up. Do you think he should face heavy fines and jail time?

He destroyed government property. It doesn’t matter if it was a Ten Commandments monument or a replica of the Statue of Liberty or what it was really. The man destroyed property that was not his and thus, should be charged, prosecuted , fined and made to pay for repairs or replacement.

Newt Gingrich called Hillary Clinton one of the most corrupt politicians in U.S. history. Do you agree with him?

She is a lying, crooked piece of crap so I think, yes, I would agree.

Hillary Clinton announced that she’ll never run for political office again. Do you consider that good news for America?

If we never have another Clinton or Bush for that matter run for political office (except for George P. Bush, Jeb’s son – he’s HOT!), it will still be too soon. We need new blood, new faces and new ideas in our government and not the old school dinosaurs.

AGREE or DISAGREE: There’s nothing wrong with requiring an ID to vote.

An ID is required for almost every other aspect of life including buying alcohol and tobacco, entering a federal building, using a credit card, buying a bus or plane ticket, cashing a check, opening an account of almost any type and so many other things. Why then, would anyone object to showing an ID to vote, one of the most important deeds a person can perform in their life? Unless they have something to hide or are up to something suspicious, they shouldn’t. Yes, show that ID to vote and if that’s too difficult, don’t vote.

Would you like to see Donald Trump’s potential plan to build a wall at the southern border happen?

Yes! Build that damn wall!

Agree or disagree: Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch need to be investigated for Clinton’s emails scandal.

They’ve been investigated, but the powers-that-be decided to not pursue criminal charges even though laws were broken and crimes were committed. All of the material needs to be given to a special prosecutor to review and look at everything compared to the word of law, as written. If laws were broken, indict both and prosecute. If laws were not broken, drop it all and move on. But an unbiased and totally neutral party needs to be found and given control of this to put it to rest once and for all.

Do you think Trump is the kind of fighter America needs in the White House?

He’s rude and abrasive and loud and obnoxious and not politically correct in the slightest. After the previous eight years, he’s exactly the kind of fighter we need. He says what he thinks, has strong American pride and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers or hurt feelings and is trying to keep the promises that he made when running for office. He’s exactly what we need right now.

Michelle Obama said that she doesn’t ever plan to run for political office. Is that good or bad news to you?

Good because she hasn’t proven or shown yet that she’s qualified for any political office so far and we don’t need amateurs with an attitude being elected to run our country.

And there you go. That’s all for now. I hear the bed calling and it’s been a long day. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome. All feedback is welcome and I will respond as quickly as possible. Unitl the next time, take care and Happy Holi… just kidding. Merry Christmas Peeps! Love ya – mean it.


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