Wrestling Q&A – April 2, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
April 2, 2018

Welcome to a pre-Wrestlemania Tossing Salt Q&A. It’s all about the WWE this week and ten great questions from the same man, Carl. And as per usual, I’ve got all the answers. As I write this, I’m also watching Monday Night RAW. Will we see the return of the “Dead Man” tonight? Who knows, but if I break off the questions and start doing commentary, you’ll understand why. Let’s do this…

1.) If you had to take “the field” or Rousey to break Asuka’s streak which would you choose?

I don’t think it will be Rousey. She doesn’t need the “rub” and is already over, even before she’s had her first match in WWE. When the streak of Asuka’s get ended, it will and should be a rising woman star who gets a major push as a result and is viewed as a future top star.

2.) Was there ever a more out of place babyface than the Miz when he was one?

As a baby-face, Miz makes a great heel. Miz should never, ever, ever be a “face” wrestler. It’s just not him or what his character should be.

3.) Is Sasha finally a heel or will she be by Mania at least?

I think Bayley is more of a heel and will be the one to make the turn to the dark side.

4.) How excited are you for this year’s Mania compared to the last few?

Wrestlemania is always the WWE’s biggest show of the year and it just seems to get bigger and bigger each year as well. This year’s show is over 14 matches, including two Battle Royals. Without a doubt, it’s the largest and most jakked Wrestlemania of all time and am I excited? Damn straight! And as compared to the last few years, I’d say it’s roughly about the same. This event always has me amped up and ready to rumble.

5.) If WWE had the choice would they have had the Rock be Rousey’s partner as opposed to Angle?

Absolutely. Angle is great and as a second choice, there are few better, but this whole angle between Rousey and HHH / Steph began with the Rock and it would have been better to end it with the Rock as well. Angle is a fantastic wrestler and true legend, but the Rock is THE ROCK! ‘Nuff said!

6.) Are you surprised Kurt made it as Raw GM a full year and do you see him making it a 2nd full year?

There is absolutely no chance in hell that Kurt makes it through the rest of 2018 as the RAW General Manager. I’ve been waiting for Steph and HHH to pull their “I’m the boss” card and terminate him as the General Manager ever since the angle with Ronda Rousey began. I was almost expecting to see Kurt get the pink slip tonight on RAW when Steph and HHH had their face-off with Kurt and Ronda. Instead they just put Ronda through a table. All right then. Expect, after Wrestlemania, when HHH and Steph lose their match, to see the whole “sore loser” routine come to play and Angle get the GM boot. If it doesn’t happen on RAW next Monday after Wrestlemania, I’ll be very surprised.

7.) More likely to leave WWE when their current contract ends this year: Bryan or Lesnar?

Daniel Bryan just got what he was wanting and that’s cleared to wrestle again. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, As for Brock, who really knows? We keep hearing talk of how he’s interested in doing one more UFC run so I guess if anyone does decide to take a break from WWE, it’ll be Brock.

8.) Over/Under the amount of Raw shows Rousey appears on in the next year: 50%

Rousey should be used as a special attraction and with a talent like her (or Brock for example), less is more. I’ll do the under and go for about 40% of the RAW show tapings.

9.) Do you think this is the time they finally get Roman over as a face or will he be booed if he wins the title at Mania?

Roman would be booed if he rescued a dozen baby kittens from a flaming inferno and pack of wild coyotes. The only way Roman will ever be cheered is maybe if he kicks Cena’s ass. Win or lose at Mania, the fans are going to try to boo Reigns out of the arena.

10.) Is every WWE ppv going to be at least 4 hours now that they are doing Co-Branded shows once a month?

My magic 8-Ball says, “Yes!”

And there you go. A Q&A in the books and it didn’t take as long as I expected it would. Still over 2 1/2 hours of RAW to go so I guess no extra commentary tonight. You’re welcome. Questions, comments and thoughts welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m down and gone. Have a great one and I’ll catch you at Wrestlemania. Love ya – mean it.


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