Music FoF – June 3, 2018 (Enzo, Draken DJ Snake & More)…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
Enzo Amrore, Drake, DJ Snake & More…
June 3, 2018

Greetings and all of that stuff. It’s time to sing the blues, kick the music fandango and do that cha-cha-cha with the Dixie melody or as we call it around here, the Fact or Fiction thing, the music edition. The questions and statements come from my long time friends over at And the other comments, that’s just me, myself and I. Let’s get right to it and do this…

1. You don’t see Enzo Amore’s rap career going well.

FACT: Remember Zack Ryder’s song “Broski”? It was one hundred times better than this “Phoenix” crap that Enzo Amore has put out and people actually like Zack, yet his song went nowhere. Wrestlers and rap albums, with the exception of the “Be A Man” stuff by Randy Savage, are generally not a good combination and tend to suck big time. Enzo was a great wrestling character because he’s annoying and that worked well for him with the WWE Univedrse. It doesn’t work well in the world of selling music, unless you’re Kayne West and he actually has musical talent behind his brain damaged persona. Enzo just sucks.

2. The upcoming Beastie Boys Book sounds like a fun read.

FACT: The Beastie Boys are always entertaining and fun and tend to be entertaining with almost anything they do. I’m sure that some of it may be hum-drum career reflections, but I expect it’ll be an eclectic mix of randomness and other stuff as well, making it a quick and fun read. I probably won’t wush out to get it immediately, but I’m sure that this will something worth taking a look out somewhere down the road.

3. Drake’s track “Duppy Freestyle” wasn’t very good.

FACT: I went and listened and had to stop to go use the bathroom because this track, and Drake in general, is nothing but crap. Note to self: If I’m going to keep listening to this boring drivel, go buy more toliet paper. It works better than bran muffins.

4. You have no interest in a new album from DJ Snake.

FACT: I have no interest in anything new from DJ Snake. I also have no interest in anything previously released by DJ Snake. I have no interest in DJ Snake… period.

5. The controversy over the Whitney Houston photo on Pusha T’s new album is overblown.

FACT: I get it that some people are offended and this picture of Houston was probably only put there to stir up emotion and get some cheap publicity via the controversy it’s causing, but who the hell cares. People are offended by everything and anything these days and need to just grow a set and shut the hell up. It’s Kayne West an Pusha T being idiots and other idiots taking the bait and everyone’s panties getting all bunched up, nothing more. If Whitney doens’t care, not that she can, then so be it. People annoy me.

6. Thom Yorke’s new track “The Axe” was good.

FACT: I wouldn’t call if great, but it was catchy and had some good sounds to it. It didn’t suck or send me running to the bathroom and this morning, after listening to Drake, Pusha T and Enzo, that’s definitely a big step in the right direction. Live tracks are pretty much either hit or miss, but I think I’d like to hear a studio version of this. It’s well worth listening to again.

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Questions, comments and dirty jokes welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the remote so you can change the freakin’ channel on the TV. Love ya – mean it. Have a great one.



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