Wrestling FoF – June 3, 2018 (MITB, 205 Live, Mae Young Classic and More…)

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
MITB, 205 Live, Mae Young Classic and More
June 3, 2018

Now my friends, it’s time to quit being nice and start being real. Remember when the “Real World” was fun and entertaining to watch? Me neither. I did like Puck, from Season 10 though. Are you ready to do that Fact or Fiction thing, the wrestling edition? This is where we get down and dirty and using the statements provided by my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling, we take that walk down the aisle, bleed, sweat and pay the price… Woooooooo! I’m ready for a BD Productions reunion in that ring, maybe even against the Old School Carolina Connection. And then a run in by the Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew to take out everyone. Hmmmm. Where my booking sheets at? Let’s do this FoF thing.

1. The second Mae Young Classic will be an improvement over the first.

FACT: The first one was pretty damn good and featured a lot of talented women and good matches, but I think it was also a bit of an trial run by WWE to try something new and different. That being said, they had a chance to look at the original now and what worked well and what didn’t work quite as well and can do some tweaking here and there to tighten the ship if you will. I expect that unlike most movies or second albums, this will be tighter, better and well worth watching. I wish WWE had signed up Tessa Blanchard before she went over to Impact so she could be among the new talents featured here, but I’m thinking we’ll see some good wrestling and incredible women do their thing.

2. WWE keeping Daniel Bryan and the Miz apart for now is a good plan.

FACT: While I was and am looking forward to the eventual Miz / Bryan battles, I’m content to wait for now and appreciate the build. Let the heat between the two continue to simmer and let the pressure build so that when it does eventually happen, it really matters and means even more. These two guys are so good and the chemistry is so dynamic between the two, they don’t need to jump right into it. It’s a can’t miss deal and should be saved for one of the major “Big 4” shows when it finally blows up.

3. WWE 205 Live should get quarterly specials, similar to NXT Takeover.

FACT: I’m kind of mixed on this since the 205 Live brand isn’t really something I watch regularly, but there is some great talent there and if they had their own special events, I think they could really kick it up a notch and win over some of the casual viewers who are still on the fence about the Cruiserweight division. I think that the brand could use an infusion of a few more character-based performers who add to the product and can entertain the people who love “entertainment” just as much as the “sports” part of the product and I hope that Shawn Daivari is brought back full time into the mix as well as maybe having Neville come back too. But so far as the specials go, both major brands get to work PPV’s and even the Developmental brand gets to do specials. WWE has their own Network so give the little guys a chance and opportunity too.

4. Who will win the women’s MITB match and why?

Looking at the list of women in this match, it’s a really tough call. Most are generally fan favorites and they tend to be kind of boring with the whole MITB contract deal. Charlotte doesn’t need it and I’m so tired of Sasha and Bayley and their teasing of a feud. I’ll go with Lana on this one because she mainly shouldn’t even be in this match and that adds some intrigue and interest. And also because I happened to glance at the calender and guess what day that MITB happens to fall upon? That’s right. It’s Rusev Day! Look for the “Ravishing Russian” to be the next “Miss Money In The Bank”.

5. Who will win the men’s MITB match and why?

Again, like with the women’s match, most of the people here either don’t need the honor (Balor, Braun) orare not really over (Roode, New Day). So that leaves Miz, Joe, Rusev and Kevin Owens. Joe as the MITB contract holder would be awesome, but I don’t think WWE has that much faith in him yet. Rusev is a personal favorite and this event happens on Rusev Day, but I think that Lana will win in the Women’s Match and her having a contract while Rusev doesn’t can make for some great tension and stories so he won’t win. It’s pretty much either Miz or Kevin Owens, both of who would be way fun with that briefcase in their hands. I think I’ll go with the A-Lister here. And the fans rejoice because this is AWESOME. Miz wins.

6. How excited are you for the WWE MITB PPV?

8 out of 10. This card, unlike the previous couple of big shows, has been properly built up too and doesn’t seem as rushed and thrown together as Backlash and the Greatest Royal Rumble were. It’s a stacked card with a ton of matches that I feel will deliver as well as the two Money In The Bank matches which always come through and the singles debut of Ronda Rousey. I’m definitely interested and ready for this one to happen.

And there you go. Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions you may have are definitely welcome. Until the next time, I’m down and gone. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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