Wrestling FoF (Nakamura, Rousey, MITB and More) – June 11, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Nakamura, Rousey, MITB and More
June 11, 2018

I need to be going to bed. It’s already 1:00am and I have to be at work by 6:45am to help with the truck. And with that in mind, of course I’m sitting here at the computer, wide awake and ready to do a little writing for the site.. What else should I be doing, right? It’s time for that weekly “Fact or Fiction” thing that I like to do and this is the pro wrestling edition. The questions come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. I’ve got the answers and opinions. And it all starts… NOW!

1. Shinsuke Nakamura will win the WWE Title at WWE MITB.

FACT: If Shinsuke doesn’t win the WWE Championship from AJ, then was was the point of the entire past three months? AJ can and will probably end up getting the title back relatively soon, perhaps at even SummerSlam, but they’ve gone several matches, a painful to watch nut-shot series and a Nakamura heel turn and now, there needs to be a payoff. That will be Shinsuke as the WWE Champion. That’s the only way this can go down in the end.

2. Ronda Rousey will lose at WWE MITB.

FACT: I’m not sure of the details yet as to how, but there is no way that Ronda will walk out of the MITB event as the Raw Women’s Champion. It’s too soon in her career to put the responsibility of the title on her. I expect that we’ll see some kind of DQ finish where Ronda locks in the arm-lock, but Nia makes it to the ropes and Ronda doens’t break the hold and gets disqualified. Either that or some kind of scenario where the Miss Money In The Bank, whoever she may be, comes and tries to do a Seth Rollins and manages to either get pinned or pin the champion herself, thus winning the title and negating the presence of the Rowdy One altogether. Regardless of how it happens, Ronda will not be the champ at the end of the night.

3. You are surprised that CM Punk & Colt Cabana won in court against Dr. Amman.

FICTION: Punk’s recounting of things was too detailed and to the point to have been made up and Amman got his feeling hurt when his performance as a medical professional was criticized. Amman didn’t lose any work or money as a result, nor did he suffer any kind of physical or psychological injuries as a result of Punk and Cabana and the whole lawsuit was just a bunch of crap and a waste of everyone’s time. The jury saw that almost immediately and made the right call. Now hopefully, everyone can move on with their lives and this is all over. One can only hope.

4. Who will win the women’s MITB match and why?

Lana and here’s why. She’s the least likely in the match to win and it would be the ultimate surprise to see Lana, with the assistance of Aiden English, pull a scam kind of like what Carmella did last year with James Ellsworth, and manage to come out with the contract. No one would see it coming and it would be a great way to really jump start her character. And imagine the tension that they could play upon if Lana won her contract and match, yet Rusev failed to win his? Couple drama is always a big favorite for WWE writers. And mostly, why I think Lana will win the Women’s MITB match? Look at the calendar. MITB happens on Rusev Day so it’s pretty much a lock.

5. Who will win the men’s MITB match and why?

Well, it won’t be a face because they generally suck when it comes to the whole MITB concept. That eliminates Braun, Finn and Bobby Roode. I think Kevin Owens would be good, but he doesn’t really need it right now. I could see an argument for Samoa Joe, but Joe is at the point that he doesn’t need it either. So that leaves Miz, Rusev or a member of the New Day. It won’t be Rusev even though it will of course be Rusev Day for the reasons I mentioned earlier. I think Lana will win her match and then they can tease tension between Rusev and Lana with English caught in the middle to see where that goes. My heart says Miz. He’s arguably the best all around performer in WWE these days and has been on such a roll for the past couple of years, he truly deserves to be back in the WWE title mix and this would put him right there, front and center. But we have the New Day there and how would a team like the New Day work if one of their members just happened to have that MITB contract and be inserted into the WWE title scene as a singles wrestler? Can you say tension and a possible split? The possibilities are endless and I can see so many potential stories happening if one of the New Day, most likely Big E, was to win the match and this contract. I’ll go with Big E and the New Day to win.

6. How excited are you for the WWE MITB PPV?

Very excited. Possibly an 8 out of 10. This event has had time to build and the matches are here for a reason, not just thrown together. It’s a stacked card that I expect will deliver on all counts. This should be a good show and I’m more than ready for it and for WWE to deliver.

And that’s all for me now. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. And now, off to bed. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Have a great one, my friends.


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