Wrestling Q&A (Managers, Dr. Amann, Linda Hogan and More) – July 8, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
July 8, 2018

Are you ready to talk a bit about the world’s greatest simulated sport? It’s wrestling Q&A time and I’ve got some cool questions about fantasy matches, Dr. Amann, managers, Linda Hogan, Great Balls of Fire and more. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and let’s do this.

Mt. Rushmore of Managers. Who would you pick?

There are so many great managers to choose from and it’s hard to narrow it down to just four faces. I’d put the “Three Wise Men” of the WWF, the trio of “Classy” Freddie Blassie, The Grand Wizard and Captain Lou Albano together in one spot because they were so intertwined and a part of each other during the 70’s in the then-WWWF. Then I’d throw in Bobby Heenan and James J. Dillon in the second and third spots because Heenan was arguably the greatest wrestling manager of all time and James J. managed The Four Horsemen. That leaves one spot and it’s hard to choose between Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman for that final spot. I’d love to find a place for Gary Hart and Sir Oliver Humperdink as well, but I’m already pushing it with that trifecta of the WWWF guys. So back to Heyman or Cornette. I’d go with Cornette for one reason and one reason alone. Heyman doesn’t consider himself a manager. He’s an “Advocate” and an “Agent”. So Corny will get the final spot.

The WWE Hall of Fame Horsemen (Flair, Arn, Tully, Windham) w/ JJ Dillon versus The Club (AJ Styles, Gallows, Anderson and Finn Balor) in a War Games Match. Who wins?

This is easy. The Club wins because if you check the record books (or ask Arn Anderson), the Horsemen may have been the reason that the War Games were created, but they rarely won the matches. They did win the fiasco where Sid Vicious legit knocked out Brian Pillman by slamming him against the top of the cage in a power bomb attempt, but aside from that, The Horsemen always lost this particular batter and were never the weaker for it. So The Club wins.

Street Fight In Their Primes: Ole Anderson versus Vince McMahon. Who wins?

In a worked wrestling match, this would be stiff as hell, but I think the winner would be Ole because Vince rarely was booked to win in these battles, preferring to let the “full time wrestlers” win in the end in the ring. In an actual legit fight in an alley somewhere, it would be one hell of a fight to witness. Both men would fight dirty and probably go all out to try and kill each other. I’ll give the edge to Ole just because oh his background as a legit shooter and years of partnership with Gene, a true legit shooter in all ways. Vince is a tough SOB and he would go down fighting and take Ole to the legit limit, but once Ole manages to tie Vince up with a legit wrestling move, stretching him, Vince wouldn’t quit, but he would end up being hurt. Ole wins.

If you’re WWE, do you fire Dr. Amann, with the HIPAA violations that he admitted to?

While WWE would be justified to do exactly that, what would be the point? If CM Punk decided to follow up and sue Amann, then WWE might be forced to do exactly that, but it appears that Punk is ready to move on with his life and let sleeping dogs lie and WWE should do the same. Give Amann a written warning and let him know that he dodged a bullet here, but if any reports of this happening again ever happen, he’s gone with no questions asked and no excuses (and no severance pay). Make it a part of his permanent record and then move on. That’s the best move for everyone.

Are you surprised “Great Balls of Fire” didn’t get renewed as a PPV name this year (worst ppv name ever)?

Not really. It did kind of suck as a name for the PPV and WWE probably doesn’t want to pay Jerry Lee Lewis, who owns the rights to that phrase and has it copyrighted, any extra money or royalties. Better to just go back to Extreme Rules, as they’ve done.

Is Jinder Mahal salvageable at this point?

Absolutely. Jinder is in a good role as a strong midcard talent and only one good match or promo away from the top of the card once more. It’s not the best spot, but it’s nothing to be worried about either.

What do you make of Linda Hogan’s claims?

Linda claims that her ex-hubby, Hulk Hogan, has been holding out on her and wants more money, despite that she’s already taken Hulk to the cleaners many times over. Now she wants a big cut of any money he’s made since their divorce, even though he’s remarried now and she’s no longer a part of his life in any way. What do I think of it? I think Linda is being greedy and petty and just needs to get laid. Maybe another one of her son Nick’s friends are available? Hulk may not be a great role model or example for others, but he’s moved on with his life. Linda needs to step up and do the same. If she wants more money, go out and get a damn job. Work for and earn it. Write another badly written tell-all book full of lies and half-truths. Go on a reality show. Oh wait, I forget she has no talent except for her boobs and allegedly “golden vagina” (big shout out to Kelly here). Linda is a piece of crap and needs to just get a freakin’ life and leave Hulk alone. She got her pound of flesh already. Time to move on and shut the hell up.

And that’s all of this for now. Now it’s time to go to YouTube and veg out a bit on Steve Grand videos. Damn, that man is sexy. Questions, comments and opinions are welcome. Tell me what you think. Until the next time, stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches. Have a great one.


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