Site Updates: The Mood Is About To Change – August 13, 2018

Changing The Site
Updates About
August 13, 2018

When I first started this site, I don’t know what exactly I was hoping for but I had some high hopes anyways. I’d been writing online since 2002, mostly for wrestling websites, but also in my own blogs, both on MySpace and then at different incarnations of “The Salt Palace”. Most of those blogs have been brought over and are now part of and are listed as “Retro” or “Flashback”. Not the MySpace blogs unfortunately because when MySpace decided to make things better, all the old blogs, well over five hundred of them, were deleted in the process. Screw you Tom!!

But that was then and this is now. I have had this particular blog going since March, 2013 and roughly little over a year ago, I took the biggest step of all and went from the “free site” to buying up the rights and name and making it my own. was born. And since then, I’ve posted many, many things about many many things. It’s about wrestling and music and life and so many other things. Pretty much, it’s a condensed version of me, myself and I and our eclectic self. Anything goes here and nothing is off limits.

And that’s all well and good, but one thing that this site has lacked and this is entirely my own fault, is discipline and order. I write when I feel like writing and there is no set pattern or schedule and unfortunately, that shows. Well, as they used to say about Tazz, they can say it here too. The mood is about to change. I want to start doing things on a routine and schedule. I want readers to know that when they click on the site on say, Monday night, they know that a “Wrestling Q&A” is waiting. That Thursday will give them a “Day of Dougie” and Saturday will give them a “Notes to Myself” and so on. And the only way I can do this, since this is pretty much a one man show (subject to change) is just to set myself a schedule and treat this not as a hobby or passion, but as a job, much like I do my other jobs at the ABC Store and the Food Bank. And so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I spent a good deal of time at work yesterday, when not doing my best to provide the citizens of Scotland County the means to get liquored up, working on a schedule that I know I can work with and keep up with that will provide new material and a better variety of material here at the site. It’s time to stop being nice and start being real. Yes, I just stole the tag line from MTV’s “The Real World”, a show that hasn’t been good since Season 10. Yes, I said it. Prove me wrong.

So what follows is a weekly schedule for the site, my site, There will be other things going on as well so this isn’t the whole gist of the site, but just what will be the daily normal routine. I hope that it makes things easier and more enjoyable for you, the readers. It definitely should make it easier for me to keep things here fresh and moving and to provide more content and entertainment. And I should really just shut up and quit rambling right now and just go ahead and post the schedule and let you know what to expect in the future here, shouldn’t I? So let’s do this.


Wrestling Fact or Fiction: Where I take a look at six (or more) statements about the world of professional wrestling, provided by my friends over at, and tell if I agree or not and explain why.

TV / Movies Fact or Fiction: The same as the Wrestling Fact or Fiction, but the topics of discussion are television and movies instead of wrestling.

Music Fact or Fiction: The same as the first two, but music is the topic of the day. This will alternate with the TV / Movies editions. Whichever one that the Peeps at 411 post that week, that’s the one I’ll do.

Day Of Dougie: This is a piece where I reach into what I call the “Magic Bag” and draw out topics totally at random. Whatever is on the slip of paper that I draw out, that’s what I’ll write about. It’s an exercise in creativity and thinking on the fly and could be good, could be bad. But the fun is that we, myself included, never know what to expect.


Wrestling Q&A: It’s exactly what the name implies as I take questions about the world’s greatest sport, professional wrestling, and do my best to answer them. The questions come from Facebook, my e-mails, the readers and anywhere else I can find them.

Video Of The Day: It’s a music video or movie clip that I come across on Facebook or YouTube that I feel is, for whatever reason, worth sharing.

Moment Of Zen: this is something new where I will talk about people. Yes, it’s just that simple. If I see someone over the weekend and they do something crazy or just that I find odd or any reason really, I’l talk about it here.


Five Questions: This is what was formerly known as “Facebook Q&A”, but I’ve decided to tighten things up a bit. Every week, I’ll find five of the most interesting or weird questions on my Facebook timeline and try to answer them. Or you, the readers, if you have any questions to ask and anything you want to know, I can answer you here.

Day of Dougie: I already explained earlier what the “Day of Dougie” is. This is just one more day of total randomness and an exercise in writing on the fly.


Notes To Myself: I am constantly writing notes to myself, every time an idea hits or someone does something weird or I think of a story to tell or about anything and everything really. And these notes I’ve written are always piling up on my desk. In this piece, I’ll just go through some of the notes, tell you about it and make a few comments. It’s just a look at the eclectic way my mind works and the things that I find interesting, but aren’t really solo-blog worthy. Some of my best and favorite rants are in these pieces.

Video of The Day: A video that I’ve come across and feel is worth, for whatever reason, sharing.


Wrestling Q&A: More wrestling themed questions from anywhere and everywhere, answered for your reading entertainment.

Top Ten List: First TV Guide did it and then Letterman did it and now, we’re doing it here. A weekly Top Ten List about… anything. It’s from the home office in Laurinburg, NC and should be a great deal of fun. It may be serious or it may be funny, but one thing is for sure. There will always be ten things on the list.


Five Questions: Questions about anything from anyone and anywhere. If you want to know, I’ll provide the answers.

Video of the Day: More sharing of the videos that make you go, “Hmmmmmmmmm!”.

Happy Hour: I work in a liquor store, thus here I will weekly share drink recipes that look good, have interesting names or just sound like they’d be fun to order at the bar. No real rhyme or reason for the selection process, but if you’re an aspiring bartender or an indulgent drinker, this is the blog for you.


Tossing Salt Review: I take an item that I’ve never tried before and try it. Or watch a show. Or listen to an album. I do things and give my thoughts and feelings at the moment as I have the experience. It won’t always be pretty and I’ll take suggestions for items to try and to review, but it will always be real.

Idiot Box: This is also something new where I will pick a person, be it from the news or real life or anywhere really, and if they’re a stupid idiot, I’ll tell you all about it and explain why. Yes, I’m putting them on “The List!”. There are so many to choose from just in Washington DC, but I’ll try to be fair and balanced and share the love as I call out the ass-clown’s on their ass-clowniness. This one should be fun.

And that, my friends is the new regular schedule for Of course I’ll still be doing wrestling pay-per-view thoughts and prediction columns and the occasional random piece about anything that catches my eye if I feel it’s blog-worthy. And all of the videos and podcasts from my good friends at SMF Cyberspace, not just the ones where I’m a guest, but all of them, will be posted with a link here as well. It’s still and will always be anything goes around here and that isn’t going to change. But we’re just taking it to the next level and getting better for you, cause that’s what we do around here. It’s all for you.

So thanks for reading and if you have any comments, thoughts, ideas or questions for the Q&A’s, please feel free and contact me and let me know. I’m Doug Maynard and this is my world… literally. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later.



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