5 Questions – September 14, 2018

Five Questions
September 14, 2018

There was a time that I called this “Facebook Q&A”, but the times, they are a’changing and rather than answer any and every questions, I’m going to pick the best and most interesting of the best that I can find each and every week on my Facebook timeline. This is where you’ll get to know me a little bit better and I might even get to know myself a little better as well. Doesn’t all that sound so good? It’s mostly just gibberish, but it sounds great. I love to answer questions and I have no problems answering any question about anything, but sometimes, even I go a bit too far. This cuts down on the B.S. and less is more and all of that. Any question that you may have for me about anything, just ask and I’ll reply, maybe here or maybe even via a direct message, but I will reply. And this will be one way for me to do so. You fine folks get to know the man behind the scenes just a little better and I’ll get to know you a little better and when the smoke clears, we can all do lunch and be life-long friends. And I’m just going all over the place and rambling. If you think this is bad, wait until I do my “Days of Dougie” piece later tonight. Yes, that was a shameless cheap plug. I do that sometimes. As for now, let’s just get to it. The questions come from Facebook and my e-mails. This will happen every Tuesday and Friday. And the capital of California is aomewhere in a galaxy far, far away. No, that’s just Maxine Waters’ mind. Let’s do this…

Five Questions…

1. Have you ever felt just like giving up?

Every single day of my life. Depression and anxiety are constant companions of mine and they constantly pick away at me, try to beat me down and take control of my very being and it’s a daily fight just to stay positive, keep moving ahead and sometimes to even do anything at all. So many times, I’ve just wanting to quit the fight, quit hurting and being so alone. It’s a hell of a life, but it’s the hand that I’ve been given to play and I deal with it. I deal with it by finding ways to distract myself and escape even if only for a few minutes. That would be by writing and allow the creative spirits inside me a chance to come out and play. I deal with it by being stubborn as hell. I’m a bit of a control freak in some ways as to my personal being and I refuse to let myself lose or be beaten down. I won’t give up or give in. I deal with it by having seen what happens when someone does give up and the hurt and pain it causes others. For them, the fight ends, but the pain and suffering it causes those closest to them, it’s almost beyond description and having seen my brother commit suicide and the pain it caused our family, my mom has never been the same since, I couldn’t do that to the people I profess to love. My friends and family mean the world to me and they are my rock and although I may not be the most receptive or loving person around, I respect and value them too much to ever give in and cause them any unnecessary pain or hurt. So do I feel like giving up? Every single day. Will I ever give up? Not a damn chance.

2. Are you excited for the return of the NFL and football?

For the interesting and comical conversations it will inspire at work, absolutely. But for myself, I’ll watch off and on probably if I can’t find anything better to do like sleep, eat, chill with my bro, watch wrestling, trim my toenails, etc., but to be honest, I could really care less. My interest was lacking more and more as I grow older and ever since the whole “kneeling controversy” started and I realized what stupid idiots some of these players truly are, it’s faded to almost nothing. I’ll watch sometimes and I’ll listen to the people complain and cheer and bitch and all of that fun stuff, but truth be told, I’d much rather watch my wrestling, a good movie, a cartoon or the cats outside playing instead.

3. What are, in your opinion, the five basic food groups?

Chips, burgers, Pepsi, Chinese and bananas.

4. What are three of your goals for the next year?

Get that damn ignition lock off of my car (at the end of this month) and have a full and active social life again, get a new truck or van that I’m comfortable in driving on trips, out of town and wherever without the worry of breaking down, and finally, to meet and find the man of my dreams. I’m tired of being alone, being single and all of these one-night-stands. I want Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now and it’s time that I broke out of my shell and let the old Dougie, the one who actually trusted and liked people, come back for a bit.

5. Is there life on other planets?

Absolutely. Does it really make sense that there are millions of galaxies and that space is pretty much infinite and that there are billions of planets out there and that only one planet, earth, is capable of sustaining life? Really? Really? Really? Just because that other life isn’t interacting with us, the residents of Earth doesn’t mean that that it doesn’t exist. Aliens exist. Other realms and worlds exist. Heck, I even think that aliens have been to earth and interacted with humans. How else can we explain Rosie O’Donnell? They are out there and they’re watching us. Believe that!

And that’s it for now. If you have any questions to send me for future editions of “5 Questions” or thoughts or comments, just let me know. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, stay safe, be smart and always be just too sweet. Have a great one.


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