Wrestling Q&A: Roman Reigns, Dick Slater, The Miz & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Roman Reigns, Dick Slater, Miz & More
October 23, 2018

Welcome to another Tossing Salt Wrestling Q&A. I have a lot of questions to get to, provided by Eric, Facebook and the KoK, so I really don’t have much time for chit char, but I have a couple of things I want to quickly hit on anyways. First off, Happy Birthday, a very young 82, to my Mom, Evelyn. She may drive me crazy on occasion, but I’m truly blessed to have her and I love that woman to death. Here’s to the big “82” and many more to come. Happy Birthday Ma!

And then, on a more somber note, there is Roman Reigns. As announced last night on RAW, Roman has suffered a relapse of lukemia and is taking a break from WWE and wrestling for a while to battle this merciless foe. Prayers and best wishes out to the “Big Dog” in this dreaded and unfortunate rematch. Kick it’s ass and we’ll see you again very soon. You’ve got this. Believe that!

And now, let’s answer a few questions and clean out some of my mailbox, shall we? And away we go…

Do you think the Evolution ppv will become an annual show?

For so long as WWE continues to do male-only shows in places like Saudi Arabia, it’s only right that the women have a show of their own to act as a counter so no one misses out on a payday. If the ratings are there, I think we will be seeing this event on the WWE calendar for many years to come.

Has AJ Styles year-long reign as champion or CM Punk’s been more successful in WWE?

It’s not a slap to Punk because he had a great run in WWE and as the WWE Champion for nearly 1 1/2 years, but AJ gets more respect from management and has had more opportunities to close the show if you will so I’ll give AJ the nod here.

Do you like Smackdown better on Tuesdays or Fridays?

I actually prefer Tuesday nights. Tuesday is my usual day off from work and I can watch the show as it happens. If it’s Friday, I’ll have to catch the replay or watch In Demand a few days later.

Would you say Joe/AJ has been feud of the year so far in WWE?

It’s been good, but I think that the Miz – Daniel Bryan feud, which is still going on, the Alexa – Nia feud and now the Charlotte / Becky feud are all top contenders for top feud as well.

Is it fair to say Miz is 1 of the top 5 important wrestlers in WWE now?

Yes, it is fair to say that and I don’t think anyone in WWE would argue about it or disagree.

How do you think Baron Corbin has done with his new character in his new role the last few months?

Well at least he’s showing a personality and having a character now as opposed to just kind of being there as he was before so I’m saying he’s doing well and getting better.

Where would you rate the Rock & Roll Express?

I was never a big Rock & Roll Express fan. Loyal and faithful Midnight Express guy here. But I’ll give Ricky and Robert their due. They’re a classic baby-face team that pretty much wrote the book on how to be a baby-face team. True icons and legends in this business. They might not be in my Top 5 of personal favorites, but in terms of working together, putting on classic matches, showing the world what tag team wrestling is all about, etc, they’re definitely in the Top 5 of all time along with the Andersons, The Midnight Express and a couple of others.

If the internet never existed today, do you think kayfabe would still be alive?

I don’t think things would be as open as they are now and there would still be a mystique to wrestling that is sadly lacking today, but kayfabe had already began to show cracks and be broken with amazing regularity in the early 80’s and it would have only gotten worse as time went on. Kayfabe might not be totally dead at this point without the internet helping to pull the plug, but it would be on life support regardless.

Thoughts on “Dirty” Dick Slater?

A legit tough guy and talented performer who could just as easily be a face or heel, depending upon the opponent. I had the chance to see him wrestle live one time against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Both men were heels, but we were in Lumberton, NC, which is strong Native American area and the locals hated Valentine with a passion for “breaking Wahoo’s leg” a few years earlier so they cheered Slater. He played it off, but you could tell he was into it. A great match and fun to see and it ended in a double count-out, I think. I can’t remember for sure. Slater was a good wrestler, be it singles or tag team, and probably one of the best all-around wrestlers of the 70’s and early 80’s. I’m glad I had the chance to see him perform at least once.

And there you go. Thanks for the questions. Any comments, thoughts or questions welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading and with that, I’m out of here. Have a great one and take care.


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