Wrestling Q&A: Dolph, Hardcore Championship, The Miz & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Dolph, Hardcore Championship, Miz & More
October 4, 2018

Happy Day to everyone and welcome to a Sunday morning edition of the Wrestling Q&A. The questions come from the Facebook group, the Kult of Kayfabe (the KoK) with the exception of the first one. That came from Allen. And the answers are all from lil’ old me. Let’s do this…

Who would be on your Mt. Rushmore of Women’s Wrestling?

This is a hard one because the women who had the most impact also have the most baggage. I think since only four faces are on Mt. Rushmore, that really cuts into the choices as well. Let’s start off with The Fabulous Moolah. Love her or hate her, she was the face of women’s wrestling for nearly half a century. Take away the baggage and go on accomplishments, whatever the motives were, and she has to be given the nod here. Next up would be Madusa Micelli. Whether it was in the AWA, WWE or WCW, Madusa was and is a true pioneer of the modern era of women’s wrestling. Next up would be Sherri Martel. Be it as a manager, a wrestler or anything else, her career pretty much paralleled Madusa’s and she really made things happen. And lastly would be Trish. Trish isn’t my favorite Diva, even of the Attitude Era, but she broke barriers and always worked so hard to get better and better. When one thinks of Women’s wrestling, in the pre-Diva era and building the bridge between Sherri and Madusa’s era to the modern day Women’s Revolution, Trish is the one that people think of. I know I’m leaving a lot of well deserving people out. People such as Ann Casey, Penny Banner, Mae Young, Luna Vachon, Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita, etc, but I only had four picks and went with the most iconic of the iconic if you will.

Why does Dolph not get the same love Michaels did. He’s basically Shawn Michaels 2.0?

Because the fans know and love Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels is a favorite of theirs and a true legend and icon in that ring. And Dolph, try as he does, is no Shawn Michaels. ‘Nuff said!

Would bringing back the Hardcore Championship, complete with the 24/7 rule, be a good idea for WWE?

Mike Kanellis thinks so and is making noise about this on Twitter. Would it be a good idea though? There are already far too many titles in WWE as it is right now, but this title, particularly with the 24/7 rule in effect, could add an air of unpredictability to WWE and really cause some excitement and crazy moments. WWE wrestles safer now and even the hardcore / extreme stuff isn’t nearly as dangerous as it once was so I would say give it a chance and see what happens. Give the under-card wrestlers something to work with and add some shock and awe to the current WWE product. So if WWE was to bring back the Hardcore title, I would approve.

Which result was worse at Crown Jewel? Brock winning or Shane winning?

Shane winning. Brock winning actually makes sense in many ways and I had predicted it would happen. Braun is not ready to be the Universal Champion. But Shane winning? That’s a slap in the face of every wrestler who competes in WWE or anywhere in that squared circle. I’m sure it was also a deliberate shot against one particular guy in Chicago, but I’ll talk more about that later. Brock is at least an actual wrestler. Shane though? Oh vey!

So did Bret Hart draw money or not? Was he underrated or overrated? Why?

Bret was the right man at the right time after the steroid scandals and end of Hulkamania in the WWF. Did he draw money? Vince was willing to offer him a 20-year contract to keep him in the WWF so he had to be bringing in some fans and putting some butts in the seats. So far as over or under-rated, he was a good wrestler, a little lacking in charisma, but talented in that ring and consistent for solid, steady, strong matches. Was he as good as he seems to believe he was? No one is that good, but he’s definitely among the Top 10 technical wrestlers of all time by anyone’s standards.

There are rumblings of a Miz face turn. Good idea or not?

Miz as a “good guy” is like putting pickles together with peanut butter. It should not happen… ever!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any questions, comments or thoughts, just give me a holler and let me know. And with that, I’m out of here. It’s time to go and get busy for the day. I have stuff to do. So until the next time, take care and always be just too sweet.


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