5 Questions: Vices, Roy Clark, Origin of Tossing Salt & More…

5 Questions
Vices, Roy Clark, The Origin of Tossing Salt & More
November 18, 2018

Everyone has questions, especially on social media. These questions were on my Facebook timeline and in my e-mail inbox. That e-mail is Doug28352@yahoo.com by the way. Send me comments, questions, thoughts, dirty jokes, pictures, etc. Now, what was I saying? People ask questions. I have the answers for at least five of them. And away we go…

Thoughts about smoking and drinking?

I have nothing against either so-called vice. I don’t drink now, but did for many years and I don’t rule out occasionally partaking every so often in the years to come. And hell, I work in a liquor store so how can I be against people who drink when it pays my bills and helps me feed my family? Just know when to say when and know your limits. Don’t drink & drive and don’t be stupid and that’s not just about drinking, but anytime and for any reason. Control your drinking and don’t let it control you and we have no issues at all. As for smoking, it stinks and I’m not crazy about it, but I’m not going to criticize anyone else for being a smoker or enjoying the feeling of sucking on a cigarette. Hell, I used to smoke on occasion when I was also drinking and it’s relaxing in a strange sort of way. I only smoke now if I’m pissed off or stressed beyond belief and then, all bets are off. My general rule for everyone is if you ever walk into a room and see me smoking a cigarette and I’m not drinking a beer at the same time or not inviting you over, just quietly back away because something is fixing to go off. I don’t like it when people put their smoking or drinking habit above their responsibilities or can’t pay their bills or money they owe for whatever reason, but still buy their cigs or booze or whatever. That’s annoying and wrong as hell, but it is what it is. If you can’t afford to drink or smoke, then don’t do it. Hell, I like to drink, but can’t afford it and don’t have the time because of my responsibilities so I don’t do it. I like to read comics and used to collect them, but responsibilities come first and I had to give up that habit. Control your habits and don’t let them control you and don’t ask for others to support your habits and it’s all good. They belong to you so own them and take responsibility. Damn, I wish I had a beer and a cigarette right now. I’ll just settle for a Diet Dew, my bad habit. It’s all I got left now. Well, that and cats. Anyone want a cat or 10? Hit me up. Oh vey!

Would you ever consider running for political office?

There have been times in my life that I’ve considered it, but that would mean being out among people, talking to people, being socially active and in general, putting myself out there for the world to see. I already do that here at the site, but I’m way too anti-social and distrustful of people in general to make the sacrifices necessary to be a public servant. And also, with current air of political correctness dominating the scene, I’d be Kavanaughed in a heartbeat trying to explain the things I say regularly here at the site. I’d be lynched before I had a chance to get started. Well that or I’d end up cussing someone out within three minutes of any debate or discussion. I don’t play well with others, especially if they’re idiots. So I guess that means that except for commentary and discussion, politics is NOT in my future.

What exactly does “Tossing Salt Presents” mean? Who is “Tossing Salt”?

When I say “Tossing Salt Presents”, it’s an homage of sorts to my brand, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News”. That was the name of a wrestling themed column I’ve been writing off and on for the past 16 years, since 2002. I originally got my start writing for a site called TheWrestlingInformer.net and a man named Brad Casey many years ago and I was a recapper for the show Sunday Night Heat. That eventually expanded into writing a column of my own covering Japanese Professional Wrestling, hence the name “Tossing Salt” because of what the Sumo wrestlers do traditionally before each match. And it went from there and moved from the Informer to The Wrestling Headquarters.com, to Wrestle-Zone.co.UK and finally PWBTS.com. There were brief stints as a show recapper for PWInsider.com and LordsOfPain.net along the way, but it’s all now about this site, DougMayanrd.com. And I still use the “Tossing Salt” as a way to remember where I came from and to show respect to the column that kicked it to a higher level for me and brought me to the dance. As for the actual column, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News”, my tag line for the column is pro wrestling’s most eclectic column since 2002. It’s still in me and might show up at any time. I consider it to be like a written Terry Funk. It may be quiet for a while, but the retirements never last and just when you least expect it, expect it. And there you go.

Favorite disco song?

There are many because I actually liked disco music. Just don’t ask me to dance because I have no rhythm and look like I’m having a seizure while on acid when I try to shake my booty. My favorite song? I’ll go with “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. “Why?”, you ask. Go watch the movie “Airplane” and the bar scene. A great scene featuring a great song in a great movie. Damn, that’s great. And now you know.

Roy Clark just passed away. Favorite song or memory of Roy Clark?

I’m not really too familiar with Clark aside from his long time role as the co-host of Hee Haw, but that was definitely enough for me. Whether it’s the slightly sissified clerk at the motel desk or bantering with Archie Campbell or just playing music as one of the most talented singers and musicians of all time, Clark was just ahead of him time and an all-around great entertainer. He was a variety star who could do serious, comedy, singing, playing music or just about anything and do it well. Rest In Peace, Mr. Clark. You will be missed.

And I guess that’s all for now. I have a few more things to do, but for now, I’m going to go clean the bathroom. What fun! Yay! Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, take care and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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