Wrestling Q&A: Rematches, Three Count, Rousey & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Rematches, Three Count, Rousey & More
December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas. Welcome to the Wrestling Q&A. I wasn’t expecting to write anything today with maybe the exception of a special “Day of Dougie” piece later after the festivities and Ho Ho Ho stuff has ceased, but I found myself with a few unexpected moments of peace. Most of my cooking is done and the turkey is in the oven. Now my mother has taken over the kitchen, trying to “help” and so I decided to vacate and come hide at my computer for a bit. And I remembered these questions that I got yesterday from Matt and from Bianca and well, now here we are. So my thanks to them for their questions and as per usual, I’ll do my best to provide some answers. Why does today feel like a Sunday? Why am I even sober? Let’s do this…

When the McMahon’s eventually get tired of being on TV each week and go back to a third-party authority figure (and we all know that eventually, they will), who should they make the next GM’s?

Hell, I don’t think it’ll last until next summer before the WWE fans are tired of McMahon TV and a new “Administrator” is brought in to handle the day to day roles as the top authority for RAW and Smackdown. They won’t be called “General Managers” because that term is outdated and will remind people that the McMahon’s said no more “General Managers” when they decided that it would be the McMahon’s running things so look for an updated and modern name that means the same thing. I like “Administrator”, but it could be almost anything really. It’s just a title. As for who, I don’t think it’ll be someone who has already been there, although I could see them bringing Paige back since she is popular with the fans and company both. Since RAW and Smackdown will be on different networks, there will be at least two folks. My picks for these roles would be Paige back as the head of Smackdown Live and for RAW, I’d go with Matt Hardy. “Why?”, you ask. Why not? It would be “Wonderful!”.

WWE has apparently ended the mandatory rematch for Championship losses. Thoughts?

While I understand the logic and reasoning that they’re trying to present, that they want fresh matches and if a person wants a title shot, they should have to earn it and that’s all well and good, but it’s not really fair to the wrestlers that if they lose a title, they’re not automatically getting a rematch. I don’t mind that particular stipulation and would keep it intact. Change it a bit if necessary to say it has to happen within a week or at the next TV taping or something like that so there is some structure and order involved, but it’s a policy that doesn’t hurt anyone and I wish they would keep it intact.

Three Count in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yes or No and why?

As much as I loved WCW’s resident boy band, I don’t think that we’ll ever have the honor of seeing them “perform” at a WWE Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. While Shane Helms, aka “The Hurricane” had a good career after WCW and I do believe we’ll eventually see him with a HOF ring, the other two members of the group, their post WWE careers were a bit lacking if you will. Shannon Moore did some time with WWE and TNA too, but never was a big deal or star for either promotion. And Evan Karagias did even less after WCW closed. All three men were great in their roles with WCW, but only Helms was a big deal afterwards. I’d love to see maybe a reunion of Three Count on maybe an old-school RAW or the WWE’s “Starcade” event, but together at the Hall of Fame? Maybe as guests, but to be inducted? It’s not going to happen.

Speaking of Three Count, if you were going to recreate the gimmick in today’s WWE, which Superstars would you use?

WWE already tried to create a three man band and it was called 3MB featuring Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Remember them? But that was a couple of years ago so let’s move on to the current roster and younger stars. If WWE was to do a three man, boy band gimmick (and I hope they never do), my picks for this career killing gimmick would be The Singh Brothers and Lio Rush. Rush already has the look down pat and as for the Singhs, they’re currently the managers / valets for Jinder Mahal so even a bad gimmick like this would probably be considered a major step up.

Would you agree that Ronda Rousey has already surpassed Ken Shamrock, who was solid in the ring and is a former Intercontinental and NWA champion, as the most successful UFC/MMA fighter in history to cross over to the WWE?

As for who has had the better WWE career, I think it’s too early to say who was better between Rousey and Shamrock in the transition to WWE wrestler. Ronda is on track to have the bigger career to be sure, but it’s been only about a year and there still is a long way to go. As for being the most successful UFC/MMA fighter to cross over, I was going to make an argument for Brock Lesnar being the most successful, but then I remembered, he was a wrestler with OVW and the WWF first and then went to UFC before coming back to the WWE. So he’s out of the running and that would definitely give Ronda a big lead in trying to determine the best overall.

Best tag team feud ever?

How can any tag team feud in wrestling compare to a battle that went nearly thirty years and across different companies time and time ago. Of course, I’m speaking of The Midnight Express w/ Jim Cornette versus The Rock & Roll Express. Though they were allies every so often, you always knew that if a Midnighter and a Rock & Roller were together in the same area, there was going to be issues, great matches and titles going back and forth. The Rock & Roll Express went into the HOF last year with the Midnight Express’s legendary manager, Jim Cornette inducting them and now it’s time for the other half of this legendary series of matches, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane & Dennis Condrey, to step up and take their spot in the Hall of Fame too and when it happens, Ricky and Robert should be the ones to induct them.

Did you like Nikita’s alliance with Dusty Rhodes after Magnum TA’s career ending car accident?

It was a quick fix by Dusty to save the area after the loss of Magnum, one of the top stars of the area and it gave Dusty a solid partner for his battles against The Horsemen, but for me, the bud fell off the rose rather quickly. While I popped like everyone else at the time at the thought of this big Russian monster becoming a good guy, I don’t get why he stayed that way. Could you imagine the reaction and pop if Nikita, after being Dusty’s partner through thick and thin for so long and earning the respect and love of fans everywhere, including Magnum TA himself, had done a turn and laid Dusty out. If you thought the reaction to Hulk Hogan turning on WCW and joining the nWO back in WCW was big, it wouldn’t have been anything compared to what having Nikita turning on Dusty at the right time would have done. It would have been huge for the company and instead, was money and a story thrown away.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I have to go now and make sausage balls. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please contact me and let me know. Again, have a very Merry Christmas and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care and Ho Ho Ho!


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