Super Deluxe Wrestling Q&A – Part 1: HOF Inductions, Legends, Chyna, Marty Jannetty & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Super Deluxe Wrestling Q&A – Part 1
HOF Inductions, Legends, The Rock & Much More
December 30, 2018

We are just a few days away from the start of a new year. 2019 is coming fast and strong and it will be a banner year for all of us here at and the Tossing Salt family. But as I’m sure everyone has noticed, I’ve been a bit slack for the last few days with new material. I’ve been busy with those annoying little things like work, sleep, family, friends, etc. I know. I know. What the hell was I thinking? But while I was out acting like an adult with responsibilities, the questions for my Wrestling Q&A’s and other stuff have piled up. So what is a person to do. I guess I could just continue to procrastinate and get to it when I get to it, but I don’t want to do that. I want to start off 2019 with a clean slate, all fresh and sparkly new. So I’m fixing to blow this mutha up and get jiggy with it. So here’s Part One of the Infamous Tossing Salt Presents: Super Deluxe Wrestling Q&A. These questions come from Matt, Jesse and the Facebook group, Kult of Kayfabe (KoK). And I guess that’s enough explanation and it’s time to get busy and let’s do this. And away we go…

Should a woman’s match (Ronda versus Becky?) headline Wrestlemania?

The best match available that fans want to see should be the main event of the biggest show of the year and right now, the heat between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch is far and beyond anything else on the WWE roster. Becky especially has really just hit a major groove and is easily the hottest performer in WWE right now, man or woman. And then you have Ronda Rousey and that speaks for itself. Add Charlotte or Asuka to the mix and you’ve got a main event worthy of Wrestlemania or any show anywhere, period. So my answer, if it’s the right women, would be a definite yes.

Sting versus Undertaker. Could it happen at Wrestlemania 35?

It could happen and I, for one, would love to see to see it happen, but i’m not going to hold my breath in anticipation. Taker’s days are coming to an end and Sting hasn’t wrestled since that incident with Seth Rollins a couple of years ago. From what I understand, he hasn’t had any kind of relapses or problems since and if they keep it a short match with mostly brawling, I don’t see how they’d have any problems pulling it off. It all factors down to if Undertaker, Sting and WWE want to do it. I wish they would.

X-Pac believes that it’s time for WWE to induct Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame. Is he right?

I agree with Waltman that it is definitely time to give Chyna her due and make her part of the Hall of Fame. I can’t really see her going in alone since that would bring up too much controversial spotlight on the way she lived after the WWE and the way she died, but as part of Degeneration X, aka DX, along with Triple H, HBK, The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac and Chyna, in a group induction, I can’t see where there would be any problems. I can see the WWE wanting to do HHH as a singles first and the New Age Outlaws as a tag team rather than just throwing them in as part of a group so they might end up doing that first, at least with the Outlaws, but Chyna does deserve to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame and I think it’s just a matter of when rather than if.

What are some ideas to get house show attendence for WWE up?

Better matches that haven’t been over-done on television, consistent and strong stories that make sense and don’t insult the fan’s intelligence, the occasional title change to make fans feel that house shows do matter and anything can happen, even at a house show and finally, surprises. If they’re in an place that was a strong territory back in the days, have a few of the old timers from the territory days make an appearance as “guest ring announcers” or doing autograph signings. That might attract some of the old fans who used to love wrestling, but don’t watch much anymore. Make each house show an “event” and have a purpose rather than just being the same show over and over, wash, rinse and repeat. It may not help in the big picture of things, but it surely couldn’t hurt either.

Should WWE hold an annual Legends / Old Timers show, kind of like what WCW did with Slamboree?

They sort of do this with the “Old School RAW episode each year, but I would love to see a classic “Legend’s Show” on the Network, using old school announcers (Ross, Lawler and maybe even Tony Schiavone or Eric Bischoff at times). Have the entire card be of former WWE, WCW and ECW performers who are still active, can still go in that ring, etc, but may be a little past their prime to be part of the current product. Ideally, this would be a great addition to the Wrestlemania week activities with a “Legend’s Show” on Thursday, The Hall of Fame on Friday, NXT on Saturday and Wrestlemania on Sunday, but I can see where that, especially with the RAW and Smackdown tapings on Monday and Tuesday, might be too much at once. But with all of the big names, past and present, gathered together for the shows and conventions that happen on Wrestlemania week, not to mention Axcess, can you think of a better time? It could be a really big and fun event and be a neat partner for the Hall of Fame ceremonies as well. I’d enjoy seeing something like this happen.

The McMahon’s have promised fresh new matches. What matches would you like to see?

The matches that immediately come to my mind are how about Bray Wyatt versus Kevin Owens? “The Demon” Finn Balor versus The Undertaker? Asuka versus Ronda Rousey? The Revival versus Gallows & Anderson? Samoa Joe versus Kevin Owens? The possibilities are endless with all of the talent currently in WWE and NXT. I just hope that Vince and company stick with this promise instead of more Ambrose versus Rollins and Nia versus anyone. That stuff has gotten old and stale.

If you were going to induct an all Celebrity Class of the WWE Hall of Fame, who would you induct?

An all Celebrity version of the Hall of Fame. Boy, that would piss a lot of people off, wouldn’t it? I’d have Cyndi Lauper, Regis Philbin & Andy Kaufman (RIP) as my headliners. And the rest of the Celebrity Wing Hall of Fame class would be David Arquette, Kevin Federline, Stephen Amell, John Stewart, Dennis Rodman & Sylvester Stallone for the rest.

Do you think John Cena, The Undertaker or The Rock will be at Wrestlemania 35?

I think that John Cena will be there. I know that there has been talk about Cena missing Wrestlemania due to a movie shoot, but Cena is still arguably the top dog in WWE and unless he’s dead, he’ll be there doing something. Speaking of dead, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be seeing Undertaker doing something that night as well. I’m not sure what his status is so far as a full match would be, but maybe a quick squash of Baron Corbin could happen or hell, how about that much dreamed for match with Sting? He might just show up and tombstone someone and leave it at that, but he’ll be there. As for The Rock, the man has two TV shows and about a hundred different projects going on at once so if he does show up, it’ll just be to “host” or cut a promo at best. I don’t think he’ll be there this year.

Should WWE bring back the “Gimmick Battle Royal”, as seen at Wrestlemania 17, for future events?

I enjoyed this match when it happened and it would be a great thing to use at the “Legend’s Show” I spoke of earlier, but Wrestlemania already has the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal going on and one Battle Royal per event is more than enough. Unless it was for SummerSlam or the old school edition of RAW, I’d leave this match as a happy memory instead of actually bringing it back.

Marty Jannetty in the WWE Hall of Fame – Yes or No?

While I can see an argument being made for Marty, wrestling wise, as a former IC Champion and former Tag Team Champion with Shawn Michaels, I don’t think this one will be happening anytime soon. I just can’t see anyone pushing for Marty to get that spot and his history with the WWE might not be enough on it’s own. I think his personal demons stand in the way and unless HBK makes an appeal for him or Vince gets very drunk and decides to do it as a rib or joke, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

Are Heath Slater and Rhyno the “Bert & Ernie” of WWE?

No. Unlike Bert & Ernie, who are lifetime roomies and totally gay for each other, Heath and Rhyno are just best friends. After all, Heath has kids! Just ask him and he’ll tell you.

And that brings this edition of the Q&A to an end. There will be one more coming up sooner rather than later and if I can find the time in what promises to be a very busy day, there should be some other stuff coming up as well. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and of course questions are all welcome and appreciated. And nothing is off limits so keep that in mind, put your brain to work and send me your queries. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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