5 Questions (x2): Annoying Stuff, Broadway, Age & More…

5 Questions (x2)
Annoying Stuff, Broadway, Age & More.
January 12, 2019

The world is full of questions about anything, everything and probably nothing at all too. People love to ask questions. Well, I love to answer them and that’s what I’m doing here. From my Facebook timeline as well as from e-mails I’ve received, these are what people have asked me. And these are my answers, well ten of them anyways. Let’s do this…

What offends you?

Stupidity, bad manners, people on cell phones, people in general, dogs, people who talk too much, people who don’t talk at all, fat people in stretchy pants, people who don’t bathe regularly and stink, pot smokers, drinkers, people who look down on pot smokers and drinkers, self-righteous pricks, people with no pricks, prejudice, marks, Lebron fans, Duke fans, “Working hard or hardly working”, crackheads and squirrels.

If you could go to Broadway and see any show, what show would it be?

I’ve only seen a couple of live shows, The Rocky Horror Picture Show in person and then on YouTube, presentations of Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joshua and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. All my other musical events were movies and TV. What I’d like to see live, on a Broadway stage, is Chicago. Also if I could see Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar and Hairspray on a live stage, that would be way cool too.

Is age important to you?

Age is just a number on a drivers license. So long as all parties are legal, it’s all good.

Are you superstitious?

Not really. I do have a few things that I do like not split poles, knock on wood, say “Bless You”, etc, but I don’t think it’s superstition. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t really matter, but why take chances?

Wonder Woman versus Supergirl. Who wins?

Wonder Woman. She’s got far more experience as a fighter plus she has that whole magic lasso thing going on and we all know that Supergirl is just like her cousin, Superman and can be affected by magic.

Favorite character from the Andy Griffith Show?

Either Ernest T. Bass or Floyd the Barber. One of my best friends owns a barber shop (Clips Haircuts For Men at the Scotland Crossing Shopping Center in Laurinburg, NC, two doors down from Food Lion. Open 9 to 6, Tuesday through Saturday – Be There – We Want To Cut Your Hair!) – so there’s a cool factor going on with him.

If you went to Hogwartz (Harry Potter), what house would the hat select you to be a part of?

Probably Slitherin. I have an affinity with trouser snakes.

What are your plans when you retire?

Still be breathing. Have lots of cats. Write often and try not to drool on myself too frequently.

If you could start your own business, what kind of business would it be?

A small bar where everyone knows your name, a novelty (aka sex) shop or an opinion based website about wrestling, music, politics and pop culture with myself and many others writing and contributing regularly.

If you could switch genders for a month, would you?

Yeah, I most definitely would. I’d be a slutty woman and probably end up pregnant pretty quickly, but it would make for one helluva wild month. Just call me “Miss Alice”… lol.

And there you go. Comments, thoughts and any questions welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and be good to yourself and each other. See you later.


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