5 Questions: Laws, American Idol, Jobs, Inspirational People & More…

5 Questions
Laws, American Idol, Jobs, Inspirational People & More
January 17, 2019

I asked, on my Facebook feed yesterday, for questions and damn it I didn’t get some great responses. Well, five people actually, but that’s five more than I was expecting so now I have nearly forty questions to tackle and on addition to that, about fifteen wrestling related ones as well. Yay for me and thank you everyone. The following 5 questions (six actually) come from a long time friend and late night confident, Michelle. I’ll get to all the rest as time permits over the next few days. And now, are you ready? Let’s do this…

If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing?

The way my voice is these days, auditioning for Idol or any singing in public is probably the last thing anyone should want me to do. Is Idol still even on the air? Ever since they lost Steven Tyler and J-Lo, I haven’t much cared. Actually ever since Season 10, the absolutely best season I can think of, that brought up James Durbin (now with Quiet Riot), Casey Abrhams, Hailey Reinhardt and of course Scotty, I haven’t watched the show except for an occasional episode every so often. So what was the question? Me singing? Well, when I was younger, in school and in my twenties, I was told I had a good voice. Not great, but I sang in the choir in middle school and did karaoke regularly. I didn’t totally suck. (Insert gay joke here) And one of my favorite songs to sing was an old Dr. Hook classic, “Carry Me Carrie”. So I’d do either that or find a Waylon song to grace them with. Maybe “Amanda” or Waylon’s version of “Night Life”. I wouldn’t make it to Hollywood, but I’d sure as hell give it my best shot.

If you could make anything that’s currently legal and make it illegal, what would it be?

Smoking in the car with kids present. I get it that people smoke and I don’t mind that, even though it does stink. But when a car is all closed up with the windows up or hell, even if they’re down and there are small children in the car having to inhale that second hand smoke and end up reeking of tobacco, that’s just damn wrong. So make it a ticketable offense. I know that it’s giving too much power to “the man” and not fair to smokers, but is it fair to the kids to have to smell like a wet cigarette and have breathing issues because of their addiction?

If you could make anything that’s illegal and make it legal, what would it be?

That damn seat belt law. For people under the age of 18, okay, I get it. They’re not legal adults and we want to keep them alive to become adults. But for people who are over`18 years of age and who can smoke, vote, get married, buy a house, be arrested and tried as an adult, buy porn, participate in porn, etc, they should be able to decide if they want to wear a seat belt or not without having to worry about paying out hundreds of dollars if they don’t want to. It’s an unfair law designed to protect people from themselves, but it’s not right or fair and should be removed from the books.

Planet you’d like to visit?

For some reason, Planet of the Apes was the first place that came to mind, but then everyone would look like Valerie Jarrett and I probably wouldn’t be a happy camper. I guess I’ll go with Eternia. Why not hang out with He-Man and that crowd for a bit?

What’s the oddest job you’ve ever had?

I’ve had many jobs over the years, cooking fish at Jimmy’s Seafood, delivering pizza, working the c-stores of course, delivering newspapers, running a Sweepstakes gambling establishment and now working at the ABC. Also working as a volunteer for the Food Bank (12 years and counting) and writing for different websites and blogs including the one you’re reading now. So what was my oddest job? I think I’ll go with working at Burger King. Not very odd, I know and many people do fast food jobs, but this one was different. I worked there for a whole four hours. Yes, four hours. I was interviewed and hired and came to work. I knew immediately that this was not my thing and yet I felt determined to make the best of it and tough it out. I was there, watching the videos and doing the training and decided to go to the bathroom. I went to the restroom and kept on walking. I can cook and worked in restaurants before and after then, but I knew immediately that the “home of the Whopper” was not the place for me. So screw it, I left. I started working at the old Roses store two days later.

3 most inspirational people you know?

I know a lot of great people, but the three that immediately come to mind are Michael, Brent and my Mom. Michael is someone who has always followed his dreams and damn everyone else and everything else. He’s been knocked down a few times and life took a few crazy turns along the way, but when he gets focused on something, he does it and won’t let anything stop him.

Brent for being much like Michael in that he has ambitions and dreams and so much creativity and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s just an amazing and generous loving person and so strong willed and ambitious, but never forgetting those who were there and are of a similar mind. Smart, sexy and just a really good guy who is on his way to making some major impacts in this world.

And my Mom. Why? Because she’s been through so much, but never gives up and just keeps on keeping on. And she gave birth to me. That’s pretty awesome and inspirational too. She’s a strong woman and even though she sometimes drives me crazy, I can’t imagine living without her and my life without her as a part of it.

And there you go. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome. And with that, I’m out of here. I have to go get ready for work. My thanks for reading. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later.


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