Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brad Maddox, The Briscoes, Aiden English & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brad Maddox, The Briscoes, Aiden English & More
January 26, 2019

Time is short and I need to be getting ready for an eleven hour adventure of getting this county liquored up. So of course, that means do a Wrestling Q&A first, right? The questions come from Matt & Jesse. The answers, that’s all me. Let’s do this…

Thoughts on Brad Maddox?

He was a good looking kid who didn’t really seem to have a set role in WWE, but was there anyways. I’m not sure of his wrestling credentials because we rarely got to see him perform in the ring except for being Vickie Guerrero’s assistant and then of course, his performance on the infamous sex tapes with Paige. Allegedly, he was the one who released those tapes to the public realm and while Paige and Xavier Woods have managed to rebound without any major issues, Maddox was deemed the bad guy and has seemed to vanish. He could probably do a career in the adult film industry based on what we saw in the videos, but as a wrestling personality, he’s more or less blacklisted, not that anyone would ever actually say that. But he had a good look and spoke well so I think he might have had a good career working as a commentator and on-air authority figure had that scandal not broken. But it did and he’s just a cliff-note instead.

Demolition versus The New Day – who wins?

A six man tag with Ax, Smash and Crush versus the New Day baby… it’d be a good match and interesting contrast of styles. The New Day is definitely more flashy and charismatic, but the Demolition team has the man formerly known as The Masked Superstar, a legend, the man formerly known as Krusher Kruschev and Blacktop Bully, a mid-card legend, and one of the funniest and coolest guys ever to put on a pair of tights and step into a ring who formed a team with Bryan Clark that could have kicked everyone’s ass many times over. It’s all about Kronik, my friends. New Day is good, but Demolition were old school tougher and better… period. Demolition wins.

Do you think Matt Hardy will ever wrestle again in a WWE ring?

Matt recently said on Twitter that he’s been cleared by the doctors and feels better than ever so I would say a definite yes, maybe even tomorrow at the Rumble match. And if it happens, that will be WONDERFUL!

How do you think that the ROH Tag Team Champions, the Briscoes, would do in the WWE?

I think they’d get a small push at first, but with a roster so bloated and crowded as the WWE’s is right now, they’d eventually end up getting the Gallows & Anderson treatment, lost in the shuffle and forgotten except for the house shows and Main Event program. They’re a great team, but probably a little too mature for WWE standards.

Thoughts on the tag team Heavy Machinery?

From the little I’ve seen, they’re a good team but they have a kind of 80’s / 90’s gimmick about them and while solid in the ring, I see more character than great wrestlers. They’ll get a little push to start, but I really can’t see them getting any kind of major sustained push or title opportunities on the main roster. I think Heath and Rhyno will end up having some company in catering with these new guys.

Are you excited for NXT Takeover: Phoenix & The Royal Rumble?

Takeover looks like it’s going to be a solid show with a couple of great matches. Ciampa is a rare gem as a heel and I expect he and Black will steal the show. And the other event, it’s the Royal Rumble, probably my favorite PPV of the year after Wrestlemania. I’m very excited and looking forward to the two Rumble matches.

Is John Cena faking the ankle injury to get out of the Rumble match?

Of course he is. It’s a work and Cena was removed from the Rumble to make room for some other talents from the large roster who might not otherwise get a spot, but definitely deserve it. I expect we’ll see Cena there though in some capacity to maybe set up his plans for Wrestlemania.

Are you glad that Alexis has been cleared to wrestle?

I’m very glad to see Miss Bliss back in the ring and wrestling. While her “Moment of Bliss” talk show was okay, it’s in that ring where she shines the most and deserves to be. There are plenty of talented women in WWE, but few shine as brightly and Miss Bliss was definitely missed.

Aiden English as a commentator on 205 Live. Good move?

It’s a great move because obviously they weren’t doing anything with English in the ring since his story with Rusev and Lana ended and if he can talk and call a match, let him do so. English is a great character and talented performer and deserves better than to be wasted doing nothing. He can provide a different and unique perspective at the announce table and who knows, we might have the next Jerry Lawler or Tazz here waiting to be discovered. If it works out, that’ll be great and English can expand his career and worth to the WWE and if it doesn’t, nothing ventured and nothing gained. At least they tried and if he turns out bad, he’ll still be better than Otunga or Booker T, right?

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Now I have to go get ready for work. Bleh! Questions, thoughts and comments welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay awesome. Have a great one.


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