5 Questions: Pet Names, Rumors, Billy Joel & More…

5 Questions
Pet Names, Rumors, Billy Joel & More
January 27, 2019

Has anyone ever given you a pet name that only they used?

I have been given several nicknames by several people over the years for several reasons. The most common name is “Amazing” and the reason is, quite simply, I am… lol.

Biggest turn-off in a boy / girl?

For a girl, it’s because she’s a girl. Excuse me! Gay man here. I like guys. Women are my friends and buddies, but they don’t turn me on. Never have and probably never will. As for guys, I don’t like fake. Just be real and be yourself and don’t have a man-bun and the rest can be figured out as we go. I also don’t much like people who like to scream and yell all the time. We’re in the same room – use your “inside” voice… please!

Are you more methodical or impulsive?

I tend to be methodical and over-think everything. I don’t do much without having a reason and having thought about a hundred different ways that things could turn and go. When I do get impulsive and just say “screw it”, things tend to work out better and I’m usually happier with the results, but I can’t do it that way all the time. It’s just not me.

What is the best rumor that you’ve ever heard about yourself?

That I’ve been dead, that I was involved in killing a person, that I got fired for “hitting the manager”, that I got married, etc. It’s actually more like what haven’t I heard about myself at some point. Hell, some gossiping pinheads even accused me of being gay. Whassup with that? Oh wait. Never mind on that last one. My bad!

Favorite Billy Joel song?

Billy Joel is so under-rated as a musician and songwriter and has had so many hit songs, it’s hard to pick just one as a favorite, but if that’s what is being asked, I’ll do it and answer. I think that “Second Wind” gets the nod because it’s so real and relatable. After all, we have all needed to step back and catch that second wind at points in our lives. Also, “Keeping The Faith” and “Piano Man” are both incredible songs that I love to listen and sing along to. Just some great music from this very talented artist and entertainer.

And that’s all of this for now. Thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line and we’ll talk. Until the next time, take care and have a great one.


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