Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Michael Cole, Tye Dillinger, Al Snow & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Michael Cole, Tye Dillinger, Al Snow & More
February 21, 2019

It’s time for some “before I go to work” writing fun with the latest, greatest Wrestling Q&A of all times or at least for today. My long time close personal friend that I’ve never met in person, Danny, sent me some of these along with a couple from long time question asker Jesse providing the rest. And I’ve got the answers. Time is short and so is the amount of time left until Wrestlemania 35. Let’s get busy and do this…

Thoughts on all the NXT debuts on RAW this week?

We had the chance to see Ricochet, Allisteir Black & the reunited team of NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano all make their main rosterdebuts on both RAW and Smackdown this week and all four men scored some impressive wins. It was interesting booking and I guess it’s a part of WWE’s plan to make NXT a brand on equal footing with RAW and Smackdown going forward and introduce the best of NXT to those one or two WWE fans left who only watch the main shows. I can’t imagine that the talent of the main roster was all that happy considering how loaded with talent that things already are and how little TV time most of them already get, but it was a good way to show off some of the things that make NXT so special and I can’t be the only one now hoping for a DIY – Revival feud that goes between brands and takes place on both NXT and RAW. It made for an interesting night.

Who should Asuka face at Wrestlemania 35?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Since the two top women on Smackdown (Charlotte & Becky) are busy doing war with Ronda Rousey, that kind of leaves slim pickings for Asuka to defend her title against at Wrestlemania. She’s already gone through most of the talent on Smackdown and on RAW, with the exception of maybe Natayla, who’s in her league? Maybe Alexa, but while she’s great on the mic, she’s not really physically a good match for Asuka. My guess is that there will be some way that Charlotte will be eliminated from the Becky / Rousey stuff, thus freeing her up for Asuka at Mania. It’s a rematch from last year, but it can and would still be one for the ages and Charlotte is probably the strongest choice out there right now.

Should EC3 have stayed in NXT?

Nope because as good as NXT is, the goal for every WWE Superstar is to make as much money as possible and be a big star on the main roster and that means RAW or Smackdown. EC3 is a future big star waiting to happen and it doesn’t happen overnight. His time is coming and the place for him to be is on RAW, not in NXT.

Rumors are that Michael Cole is nearing the end of his run as a WWE Commentator. Who should be his replacement?

I guess that Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Joey Styles are all out of consideration so who does that leave? Tom Phillips does a good job on Smackdown so I would leave him there. The NXT guy with the issues from dealing with JBL is damn good, but again, he’s content and happy where he’s at and that’s probably the best place to leave him. Actually, WWE is full of good people on commentary from Coach to Corey Graves to Aiden English to Renee Young and so on. I’m sure that there is already someone in mind to take over as the lead announcer so whoever it is, as long as it’s not Booker T or David Otunga, will work out and be okay. Jeremy Borash is now working for WWE backstage so that’s an option right there. Just saying.

How good is Christopher Daniels? How much did he deserve to be a main event / top guy?

The “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is an amazing talent that is probably one of the best in-ring talents ever to never be part of the WWE. He’s good – damn good, and how much did he deserve to be a top guy. As much as anyone else and far more than most.

Thoughts on Tye Dillinger asking for his release from WWE?

While Tye is a good wrestler and talented performer, I think he sees the writing on the wall and realizes that he’ll never be a “top guy” in WWE. Most would be content to sit back, collect the easy money and just play it by ear, but Tye wants to be a big star and have that one great run before time and age call him down. I think it’s a brave and ballsy move by the “Perfect 10” and I hope it works out for him. I think, considering that his former tag team partner in OVW and one of his best friends just happens to be Cody Rhodes, he’ll do just fine and be okay.

Is Samoa Joe the new Bray Wyatt?

As in having all the potential and talent in the world and being wasted by the WWE and just stuck, kind of there but why? It sure as heck seems that way.

Al Snow – WWE Hall of Fame worthy?

A top talent in ECW, WWE and TNA. The former head trainer for many years of Tough Enough. The current owner and booker for Ohio Valley Wrestling. And all of that is just a small portion of his resume. I would say that Al (and Head) are a definite yes for eventual Hall of Fame inductions.

Bayley & Sasha versus Trish & Lita at Wrestlemania. Good idea?

Not really. While it could be a fun match and Bayley and Trish are teasing it on Twitter, would there really be any kind of doubt as to who would win? Lita is not ready for a full time run again and I doubt Trish would want to do that either. Let the Women’s Tag Team Champs defend their titles against a top team of current WWE Superstars at Wrestlemania and if they want to do a match eventually against “Team Bestie”, save it for a B-level PPV or maybe the all-woman PPV, Evolution, where it would be a better fit and have more impact.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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