Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Titan Towers, New Day Comments, Muhammad Hassan & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Titan Towers, New Day Comments, Muhammad Hassan & More
March 25, 2019

Are you ready for some rasslin’? Matt and Jesse have taken the time to fill up my inbox with some good questions about the world’s greatest form of entertainment, bar none. They ask and I answer. Let’s do this.

From Matt…

How excited are you for Wrestlemania?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m probably around a 5 or so right now. The build hasn’t been as strong for the event as in past years and it seems so far that anything not Ronda – Becky – Charlotte has been just an afterthought thus far. Is Taker wrestling? We don’t know. Is Cena wrestling? We don’t know. Are we really getting Kurt Angle versus Baron Corbin AGAIN? The card and show will be solid and entertaining and that’s pretty much a sure thing, but the anticipation just hasn’t kicked in so much yet. We still have 13 days to go and I expect that it will be pick and be thrown at us fast and furious for the next couple of weeks and get better, but so far, eh…

Thoughts on WWE moving from Titan Towers and putting the building up for sale?

It’s kind of sad to see WWE leaving their iconic headquarters that is just as much a part of wrestling history as many of the wrestlers, but it happens. WWE has grown so big that it’s simply outgrown Titan Towers and it makes sense to move to a new facility where everything can be centrally located and on-site rather than spread out as it’s become now. It’s all a part of growth and just a sign that WWE is truly the largest wrestling company in the world, bar none.

What are your thoughts on the recent comments by Xavier Woods & Big E about how “their kind” doesn’t go far” in WWE?

This is coming from the longest reigning tag team champions of all time and a team that has dominated the tag team scene for how many years now? It’s all a worked-shoot because it’s true to an extent that there are probably some racist elements to the WWE and their booking. Look at Tony Atlas and his career. Look at Cryme Time. Look at Akeem, the African Dream. But I don’t think that Big E or Kofi or Xavier really have any true reason to complain. They’re saying what they’ve been told to say to help progress the Kofimania story leading up to Wrestlemania. While I have no doubt that there are racist elements in WWE, the same can be said for probably any major corporation or company in the world with more than three people. All Vince sees is green and money and the character of the people he’s involved with, not skin color and the cream always rises to the top. The recent comments by the New Day members. It’s all a work.

CM Punk will end up wrestling for AEW – yes or no?

No. While I can see Punk maybe coming in at some point down the road if the money is right and as a way to stick it to HHH and WWE, I don’t think he’s planning to wrestle for anyone anywhere anytime soon. He and the Young Bucks and Cody are all friendly to an extent and will be working some conventions together later this year and I think people are reading too much into it and getting their hopes up. I think Punk still has MMA and UFC on his mind, despite his less than excellent career thus far, and until he gets that out of his system or starts to run out of money, a return to the ring will remain just an after-thought.

From Jesse…

Now that the WWE has a championship (the Women’s Tag Team Championship) that is defended on all brands, is it time to establish a “Television Championship” for the men that would also be defended on all brands?

I would love to see something like this and have mentioned it before in the past. Back in the territory days, most companies had a “Television Champion” and with as many shows as WWE does each week (RAW, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live, NXT UK, Superstars), having a television champion that can go on each show and brand and defend against all challengers, at least one match per week, is something that makes sense and could be interesting. There are in my opinion, too many titles out there, but then again, with this many shows and as much talent as WWE has on their roster, what is one more? This could be more of a mid-card title, kind of as the European and Hardcore Championships used to be. It’s an idea worth considering and I for one, would like to see something like a TV title happen.

Does Muhammad Hassan (Marc Copani) belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Hassan is an enigma in the world of wrestling. His time in the WWE was very short, but impressive and he was well on his way to being a top star and future WWE Champion. I have heard Bruce Prichard talk about the plans that they had for Hassan and his character and if things had gone as planned, his place in the WWE Hall of Fame would be locked in. But things happened and due to reality and terrorist acts in London, Hassan had a feud with The Undertaker pulled and cut short and was pulled off TV and written off, never to be heard from again. Now, he’s back after a career of being a teacher and has started working the Indy scene. Hassan is still a young man and in great shape and from reports I’ve read, has been very impressive thus far. If I had to call it right now, I would say no about the Hall of Fame. His day in the sun was memorable, but didn’t last long enough, though due to no fault of his own. What Hassan does in the next five to ten years though, might change that. If he can remake a name for himself and make an impact in wrestling, signing with a major company or maybe even WWE again, then who knows. I’d love to see him get some redemption and be the big star and big player he was meant to be. It may never happen, but that’s the only way he’ll ever be WWE Hall of Fame material.

If you were hosting a wrestling themed posdcast, who would you like as your first three guests?

Ole Anderson, Lisa Moretti (Ivory) and CM Punk.

Thoughts on WWE signing of Stokley Hathaway, aka “Count Moore” for NXT?

For those of you who don’t know, Hathaway is an old-school style wrestling manager who has made a name for himself over the past several years at Ring of Honor and Evolve. He also wrestles, but seems to have found his place as a spokesman and manager more than as an active wrestler. He’s currently being paired with Babatunde down in NXT. And my thoughts? I think this is a good move by WWE. Managers have always been a strong part of pro wrestling, giving performers who can’t necessarily speak well someone to talk on their behalf and provide more meat the skillet if you will. Vince McMahon is said to not be a big fan of managers so there aren’t that many in WWE right now with the exception of Paul Heyman and Drake Maverick, but they add far more to the product than they detract. A good manager can be the difference between a curtain jerker and a World Championship career for a performer. I’m happy to see Hathaway as part of the WWE and I’m hoping that this is a sign of more to come. Who doesn’t miss the days of the Bobby Heenan Family or the House of Humperdink or Paul Jones’ Army? Managers are good. We need more and it seems, with this signing, that HHH agrees.

And I think we’ll end this here. I have some more questions, courtesty of David G., but less is more and I don’t want to load down this column with too many words. I like a good quick read and too much can be too much sometimes. “I know that’s right!”. (Inside joke) So thanks for reading and come back later for more great stuff. I’m writing a new wrestling themed fan-fic story too so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Any comments, thoughts or especially questions, drop me a line. And with that, I’m down and gone. Have a great one and I’ll see you later. Take care.


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