Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Women of WWE, Goldust, Kofi & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Women of WWE, Goldust, Kofi & More
March 31, 2019

My inbox has blown up as Anthony, Jay and Dave have all each decided to send me numerous questions about the world’s greatest entertainment, professional wrestling. Must be something in the air this week that has put wrestling on the brain. I wonder what it could be? Hmmmmm. Well, let’s tackle Anthony’s eight questions first and then, depending on the time of day and what else I have on my agenda for the rest of the afternoon, we’ll then worry about the others. Thank you gentlemen. And now, I’m Doug and this is the Q&A that makes the world go round. Let’s do this…

Rumors are that in the main event, both Charlotte’s Smackdown Women’s Championship and Rousey’s RAW Women’s Championship are on the line and if a champion is pinned, they lose their title. Thoughts?

The way I understand it, the two Women’s Championships will be on the line and if Becky pins either Charlotte or Ronda, she wins their title and their title only. If Ronda pins Charlotte, she gets both titles. If Charlotte pins Ronda, she gets both titles. If either of them pins Becky, they retain their belts, but get nothing else. It could be a mess, but I’m sure that WWE will explain the rules better sometime this week, probably on RAW. I guess this is a way to keep from having to unify the titles just yet and keep the champions strong regardless of who wins. I was and still am kind of hoping that it ends up a winner-takes-all match and that Becky manages to win and walk away with both titles. I would also be interested in seeing them making it an elimination style match and add Asuka to the mix, thus Asuka can pin Ronda and get the RAW title while Becky pins Charlotte and gets the Smackdown title or else reverse that and have Becky beat Ronda and Asuka beat Charlotte. Either way, we get new champions and the right women come out on top and the fans leave happy. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. That’s for sure.

Fox is rumored to want to have Smackdown Live as a three-hour show each week. Thoughts?

I can see why Fox would want this. They’re paying a tremendous amount of money and want the most bang for their bucks when Smackdown Live moves to Fox this fall. As RAW has proven, a three hour show can be a little rough at times, but it’s a steady and consistent audience base that is reliable and dependable for the Fox executives. WWE definitely has the talent on their roster and should be able to live up to Fox’s expectations. Watching three hours of Smackdown after already watching RAW, 205 Live, the pay-per-views and other wrestling such as Impact, ROH, AEW and the local Indy stuff won’t be an easy task, but if anyone can do it and make it worth the effort, WWE should be able to.

It appears that Dustin Rhodes / Goldust contract has expired and he’s currently doing the 90-day no compete clause before going to AEW. Is this a good move for Dustin?

I guess Dustin wants to go ahead and have that last big run against Cody before he gets too old and while he’s still able. If the money is right and Dustin feels that AEW and working with his brother is the place he should be right now, so be it. Go for it. Dustin, in WWE right now, is just an occasional job guy and novelty act and his days of being featured in a major story-line for WWE is pretty much over. If, after AEW runs it’s course, Dustin decides that he wants to go back to WWE as an agent or trainer, I’m sure he’d be welcome back with open arms. Right now, he’s chasing a dream and wants that one last run and a chance to make history. I can’t fault him for that and neither should anyone else.

Do you believe Charlotte Flair is going to be the long time recipient of the Roman Reigns/John Cena treatment where, no matter how great she is and how many great matches she has, the crowd will never forgive her for being in the main event spot at Wrestlemania with Becky and Ronda?

As Daniel Bryan is fond of saying, wrestling fans are very fickle. While many might be mad at Charlotte for being part of the match with Becky and Ronda, I think that most fans realize that it’s not Charlotte’s call and it’s Vince McMahon who made that decision. The biggest difference between Charlotte and Roman or Charlotte and Cena is that Charlotte is a heel 90% of the time and if the fans boo her, so what? Cena and Roman were pretty much being forced down the fan’s throats as baby-faces and the WWE fans don’t like being told who to and not to cheer for. Charlotte is too good and also seems to have inherited some of her father’s wrestling teflon where they can do almost anything and still be respected and loved. The fans may not always love the character, Charlotte Flair, but when push comes to shove, she has that special “It” about her and regardmess of what she does, the WWE fans will always be fair to Flair.

Who is your favorite non-WWE female wrestler?

I would go with Nickla Roberts, aka Baby Doll, but I don’t think she’d actually be considered a wrestler even though she did wrestle on occasion. She would count more as a valet or manager. She’s also semi-retired so that has to be factored in too. I guess I’ll have to go with the daughter of Baby Doll’s former partner and running mate Tully Blanchard and that would be current Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard. The woman is good. Damn good!

If you could sign any non-WWE wrestler, one male and one female, to AEW, who would you sign?

I’d sign former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Chris Adonis, aka Chris Masters and Tessa Blachard.

If Kofi wins the WWE Championship at Mania, how long do you think he will hold it?

It won’t be a long reign if Kofi does get the belt, but I’d give him at least two months and at least past the Golden Crown event before Daniel Bryan wins the title back.

Tenille Dashwood (Emma / WWE) announced that her contract with ROH has expired and she’s a free agent now. Should WWE try and sign her back up?

Yes. They were dumb to let her go in the first place and if they can find a way to convince her to come back to WWE, they should definitely do so.

And there you go. Questions, thoughts and any questions are welcome. Thank you for reading. And now, I’m out of here. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. I’ll see you later.


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