Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Hawkins, Sasha Banks, Stevie Ray & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Curt Hawkins, Sasha Banks, Stevie Ray & More
April 14, 2019

It’s Sunday, my only day of the week free from reality of obligations to jobs, volunteer work, family issues, etc and it’s time to get this baby caught up and brought back to bar. Yeah, I’ve got enough stuff backlogged that I should get six or seven, time permitting, things written up and posted today. These questions come from Matt, Jesse and the world of Facebook, most specifically the Kult of Kayfabe, aka the KoK. Let’s do this…

According to Dave Meltzer, Stevie Ray should be a manager in WWE? Do you agree?

Stevie Ray would make a great manager and mentor for any tag team, be it in the WWE or anywhere else. He’s well spoken, has an incredible background of success, mainly as a tag team wrestler, but with a few singles titles thrown in there for good measure and is still in great shape. Generally, where Meltzer is concerned, I could care less and blow off what he says, but in this particular instance, he’s right on track and makes sense. Could you imagine Harper and Rowan if Stevie was in their corner? Or an old school team like the Revival? It’d be a match made in heaven and I’d love to see WWE give Stevie a chance, if he’s even interested. It’d be a great move for all parties involved.

Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling Talkers?

I’d going to answer this in two parts. One will be for “managers” and the other will be wrestlers that talk for themselves and just made you take notice and believe every single word they said. For my “Managerial Mountain”, I’d have Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Lord Alfred Hayes & Gary Hart. For wrestlers, I’d have Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, Ernie Ladd and The Masked Superstar.

Are there any past superstars you’d like to see come back for “one more match”?

Several actually, but Christian, Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon), Lance Storm and “Above Average” Mike Sanders are the three names that immediately come to mind for me.

Who do you consider “Can’t miss” from NXT as future legit stars in WWE?

Matt Riddle and the Velveteen Dream are both going to be big stars in the WWE in years to come. Also, former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne. That man is an amazing wrestling machine.

Favorite celebrity crossover with WWE?

Does anyone else remember when Kevin Federline came to the WWE and worked an angle with Cena. Federline, with the help of Umaga, even managed to get a pinfall victory over Cena. He was a natural heel and the whole angle worked so well, it still remains one of my favorites to this day.

Do you think that Curt Hawkins will ever be a singles champion in WWE?

Hawkins as the U.S. or Intercontinental Champion or even one day as the WWE or Universal Champion? He’s certainly capable enough and to be honest, I’d love to see it happen, but will it? The Magic 8 Ball and all other common sense sources say nope.

What should WWE do with Luke Harper?

Give this man some TV time, maybe a manager or sidekick and push him to the moon. Harper is damn good in the ring, a decent talker, has a unique and great look and could be one of WWE’s top guys if just given the right opportunities. He could be the WWE’s resident “Bruiser Brody” and a feud against Samoa Joe would be big money and fun to watch. Hell, put him as a part of Sanity if nothing else. WWE just needs to use this man and push him strong.

Is Baron Corbin a future WWE or Universal Champion?

I don’t think he’ll be a long-term champion, but Vince likes Corbin and sees something in him and I can easily see a short, transitional reign with one of the two big belts inCorbin’s future.

Word is that Sasha Banks and Bayley are upset about losing the tag team titles and that Sasha has told WWE she will not be attending future shows. Thoughts?

If this is true, and I’m not sure that it is, then it’s pretty simple. Sasha, if she decides to no-show events, should have her contract frozen, as WWE did with Neville and if an amicable solution can not be worked out to make her and WWE both happy, then WWE should terminate her contract. Winning and losing are both parts of the job and no wrestler can win every match, except for John Cena lol. Sasha hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire for the past couple of years and isn’t as important to the WWE and their Women’s Division as she once was. Hopefully, thinks are not as bad as they’re being reported and Sasha and WWE management will work out any issues and things will get back to normal soon. But if not, WWE should just cut the ties, let Sasha go and wish her well for the future.

Who would you prefer in your corner, Paul Ellering, James J. Dillon or Jim Cornette?

I’m not a big Paul Ellering fan so that eliminates him. With Dillon, having him in your corner means you’re one of the elite or at least guilty by association in some way with the Horsemen and that’d be cool. But honestly, I’d have to go with Cornette here. James E. is the most fun to watch, to hear, the most animated and it would probably make for the most memorable experience. We’d probably get our asses whipped, but it’d be the most fun partnership to have.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, questions and any comments, welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and I’ll be back shortly. Have a great one.


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