Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Vince Russo, WWE Tag Teams, Double Or Nothing & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Vince Russo, WWE Tag Team Division, Double or Nothing & More
June 7, 2019

These questions, courtesy of Jesse and Matt, have been sitting in my inbox for over a week so they’re a little dated already. My apologies for that, but better late than never, right? Let’s do this…

Vince Russo has made claims that WWE and AEW are working together. Thoughts?

Vince Russo is what Chris Jericho would call, a “stupid idiot”. If Russo tells you that today is Friday, you’d better check your calendar to make sure. He is a gifted writer and did a lot in the past for WWE, WCW and Impact, but at this point, he’ll say anything to try and stay relevant and get attention. His opinion means nothing… period.

Is Daniel Bryan right that the current tag team scene in WWE is the strongest ever?

Well you’ve got Bryan & Rowan, Ryder & Hawkins, The Usos, The Revival, Gallows & Anderson, Heavy Machinery, The Viking Raiders, The B-Team, the soon to return AOP and a few others that I’m forgetting at the moment so the talent is definitely there. If booked correctly, which we all know WWE will not do, the strength and talent of these teams would easily match up against any other era or promotion. So technically, Bryan would be mostly correct in his comment.

Thoughts on the AEW Double or Nothing PPV?

A lot of good stuff and full of energy and excitement. A few flaws as well, mostly on the production side of things, but a very strong effort by the new kid on the block. If they can keep this kind of thing up on a consistent basis, they just might be a contender.

Thoughts on the WWE NXT Takeover XXV event?

It’s now already history as it happened a week ago, but the show was top notch and as NXT always does, it delivered in every way, shape and form. An instant classic.

Are you surprised that Ryder and Hawkins are still the RAW Tag Team Champions?

Well, it’s hard to lose a title when you’re rarely used to defend it, but the focus on RAW seems to be the Usos and the Revival and the champs, Hawkins & Ryder, are doing promotional shots and talking about toys on YouTube. I’m happy for them to still be the champs and I think that the two Long Island guys are an amazing tag team. I just wish WWE would remember that they’re the RAW Champions and have them on TV more often.

Should promos be scripted?

It depends upon the performer honestly, but I personally prefer a more realistic promo where the talent is given bullet points and allowed to talk in their own words and style. It tends to, for the most part, come across better.

Were you surprised to see Awesome Kong show up at the AEW Double or Nothing event?

I was totally surprised and happy to see the return of the one-time Kharma. I know she still works on the GLOW series for Netflix and has proven to be quite the actress, but a return to the ring every so often to remind people who she is and what she can do is always a good thing in my eyes.

Do you think Tyrus will ever make a return to the ring and wrestle again?

Tyrus is nearly 40 and working three shows regularly on FOX News and on Fox Nation, not to mention many other regular spots with the Network. Why I wouldn’t be surprised to see a one-shot down the road somewhere and maybe even a few more acting spots like he did with the Netflix series GLOW, I think he’s mostly moved on from wrestling and found another career.

How would you rate the AEW Double or Nothing event on a scale of 1 to 10?

I’ll give them a solid 8. For a new company, they did good. The matches delivered and while the production quality was lacking in a few spots and a few of the participants in the Battle Royal has me scratching my head, the show delivered and was an enjoyable time from bell to bell. They did very, very well.

Do you think Sami Zayn got in trouble for his mention of AEW on RAW last week?

If he had, we would have heard about it by now. It was probably scripted because I can’t picture Sami as being one of the guys to purposely go off script on live TV. But scripted or not, he seems to have gotten away with it.

Is R-Truth the best 24-7 Champion ever?

What is he now? Six times? Seven times? Truth has been amazing in this role as the 24/7 Champion and I hope that he keeps the belt for a long time to come. I had my doubts about this new title, but so far, with Truth being the champ, it has proven to be entertaining and fun to watch. A pleasant surprise.

Thoughts on Baron Corbin being the Number One Contender for Seth Rollin’s Universal Championship?

I like Baron and he’s a good wrestler, but here’s hoping he never wins that big title. That would not go over well with the fans or ratings and would have people cheering for Brock to be champion again. Keep Baron contending for the mid-card titles, but so far as the top belts go, do not put him in that spot. Not yet anyways.

Thoughts on Jon Moxley joining AEW?

We all knew it was just a matter of time and I’m happy to see him there and excited to see what Moxley can do, unhampered by WWE rules and scripts. This is going to be an exciting time for pro wrestling and Moxley will be among those leading the way.

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts, questions or comments, drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. Stay sweet.


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