Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WarGames In AEW,ACH, Managers, Missy Hyatt & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WarGames in AEW, ACH, Managers, Missy Hyatt & More
December 4, 2019

Recently, I went on Twitter and asked the tweeting Peeps tp give me some wrestling themed questions for a new Q&A and the response was incredible. My former Fact or Fiction tag team partner replied. A couple of new faces replied and the always reliable Cheese replied as well. I guess we got ourselves a wrestling column to do now. Works for me. My thanks to everyone for their help. You provided the questions and now it’s time for some answers. Let’s do this…


Do you think that there will be a version of a “WarGames” match in AEW? I believe there should be, pitting The Elite vs. The Inner Circle. Your thoughts?

Well, Cody’s dad, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, came up with the concept of WarGames and even though WWE owns the rights to the name, they can’t stop, nor should they try to stop, Cody from using the match form under a different name. And Cody did file a trademark claim for “The Match Beyond” which was the alternate name for WarGames so yes, I would say it’s a safe bet that we’ll eventually see a WarGames match in AEW. And for the idea of the Elite versus The Inner Circle, that definitely works for me. It’d be a good match-up and way fun to see.

Mike K.

What do you think about Tom Lawler re-signing with MLW after all?

I think Lawler took a look around at the other options, realized that MLW was the best thing for him and his career right now, and decided to stick around for a while. It’s just that simple and probably a good move on Lawler’s part. Anywhere else, he’d have to start over and be the small fish in the big pond, but in MLW, he’s a top guy and the sky is the limit. Good call.

ACH got his release…Should promotions be weary of signing him until they know if he does have any personal issues contributing to his behavior on twitter?.

Promoters need to keep a wary eye on this guy and decide if the benefits of having him around on the roster are bigger than the issues and baggage he brings. Personally, I wouldn’t go near him or touch him with a twenty-foot pole if I was a promoter.

Robbie S.

Who do you consider to be the most under-rated man and woman on the WWE roster?

For the men, I’d go with Curtis Axel. A third generation superstar and probably one of the best in-ring guys from a technical standpoint in WWE. And when he’s not scripted and allowed to cut loose, he’s a good talker and personality too. His time with the Social Outcasts proved that. He’s got all the tools, but just needs to have the opportunity and while he’d probably never be WWE Champion, he could be a strong top guy for the company. As for the women, why Asuka is part of a tag team and not holding one of the singles titles, I’ll never understand. Carmella is pretty awesome too and could be used so much better, it’s not even funny.

Would you like to see Edge come back for one more match and if so, against who?

I’d be worried about Edge trying to do a full thirty-minute match, but if he was to come back for a one-time quickie, that would be cool. And I’d have him against Baron Corbin at Mania with Edge scoring a spear and a pin in a matter of seconds in a complete squash.

Who should the NWA get to replace Jim Cornette as the color commenator of NWA Powerr?

As announced yesterday, that problem has been solved as Stu Bennett, formerly known as Bad News Barrett in the WWE, will be joining the NWA announce team as of this month. It’s not who I was expecting, but it’s a good pick by the NWA and Bennett should do a fantastic job.


Chad Gable is now Shorty G? Really? What is the WWE doing?

I get the idea of turning a negative into a positive and all that, but I see Gable as “Shorty G” and all I can think is Bud Bundy from Married With Children and his repeated tries to be cool as “Grandmaster B”. Gable is an Olympic athlete with an incredible history and background and the man can go in the ring. This gimmick though, it needs to go too, far away and never to be heard from again. It sucks!

Will Heath Slater ever wear WWE gold and be a champion again?

Unless it’s the 24-7 Championship or maybe lucking up into a week or so as a tag champ if he can find the right partner (Zack Ryder so we could have the team of “Zack & Slater” and their gimmick could have them repeatedly being “saved by the bell”- think about it) – I don’t think Heath, kids or no kids, will ever be a singles champion in WWE or NXT again.

Who would you like to see work as a manager in the WWE?

I’d like to see Curtis Axel give it a shot. He’s under-appreciated as a wrestler, but as a manager, I think he could really stand out and be well used. Also, if Madusa wanted to make a return and form a stable of women wrestlers or even a new “Dangerous Alliance”, that would be cool to see as well.

Is the day of wrestling managers dead and can they be brought back?

The idea of wrestling managers may be on life support, but it’s not dead yet. It would just take the right person with the right wrestler or wrestlers and all could be well with the world again.

Does Missy Hyatt belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Absolutely. Think about her time with Eddie Gilbert as part of Hot Stuff Inc, in the Mid-South and Memphis. Her role as the manager for the Nasty Boys in WCW. Missy was a top of the line manager, valet and commentator in her day and definitely deserves a spot and to be honored for her contributions to the sport. If nothing else, her “defeat” of Paul E. Dangerously in the arm-wrestling contest in WCW cements the deal. Go watch that if you can on the Network. Missy is a one of a kind character and truly a ground breaker for all women in pro wrestling in many ways.


If Vince McMahon told you to create a faction for the WWE, who would be in it and what would this group be called?

My faction would be Heath Slater, Zack Ryder, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Curt Hawkins and Dana Brooke and would be the “Christian Coalition” as they would be managed by Christian (Jay Reso) and prove the WWE Universe wrong as they band together and earn the respect and titles they deserve.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or any questions to ask, drop me a line in the comment section, at my e-mail (Doug28352@yahoo.com) or on Twitter at @doug28352. No question is off limits. Just saying. And with that, I’m out of here. Time to go get ready for eleven hours of selling liquor and various spirits. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.



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