Say No To Joe (Biden Can’t Be President)…

Say No To Joe (Biden Can’t Be President)
December 12, 2019

I had a realization while watching the clown show that is Congress, the House of Representatives more specifically, and their insane efforts to impeach President Trump. Right now, the front runner among all the Democrats running for the Democratic nomination to face President Trump in November 2020 is former Vice President Joe Biden. Hold that thought. We’ll get back to him in a moment.

Now, one of the main charges against President Trump is that allegedly, he held up money to be given the Ukraine government until they agreed to investigate his possible political opponent, Joe Biden and the role of Biden’s son, Hunter, who was sereving on the board of an Ukraine company making mucho money for a job he had neither the knowledge or experience to be qualified for. The charge is that Trump allegedly committed a “Quid Pro Quo” with the Ukraine government where the release of the money would only take place when the Ukraine government gave Trump information of Biden and his son. So something given on completion of a favor that would benefit the President and that, according to Adam Schift, Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic Congressional membership, is illegal, impeachable and is reason to remove the President from office.

Sio think of this. Former Vice President Joe Biden. Let’s say that he wins the Democratic nomination and by some crazy miracle, manages to win the Presidential Election in 2020. By the very standards that the Democratic leadership in the House has set with their repeated attempts to go after President Trump and remove him from office, there would be no other choice or option than to immediately open up Articles of Impeachment against Biden on Day 1 if he was elected.

After all, Vice President Biden DID do the whole “Quid Pro Quo” thing with the Ukraine. He was in charge of releasing nearly a billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine government while serving as President Obama’s Vice President. He met with Ukraine officials and told them that they would NOT get the money and it WOULD NOT be released unless the Prosecutor that was investigating corruption and the company where his son, Hunter Biden was working, was removed from his investigation and fired. Biden told the Ukraine officials that they had six hours to fire the Prosecutor or else no money. He bragged about doing this on tape and the recording of him talking about this and admitting to it has been heard repeatedly. Guess what? The Ukraine government fired the prosecutor and got the money.

So Biden asked for something in exhange for releasing the aid money that had been approved by Congress. The Ukraine government gave in and did what he asked, firing the Prosecutor that was investigating the company for who Biden’s son worked, and then once this guy was fired, Biden gave them the money. The definition of “Quid Pro Quo” is this. “A favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.”

So with that definition, Joe Biden not only used “quid pro quo”, but bragged about it on camera. And if he’s elected President, using the exact same standards that Adam Schift and Jerry Nadler are using against President Trump, there would be no choice at all, but to begin Impeachment proceedings against Biden the moment he was sworn into office.

So in essence, Biden is unelectable to be President. And he’s arguably the best candidate that the Democrats have running for their nomination. They opened a big can of worms with their bias and hatred of President Trump and their best bet to even try and challenge the President in an election, he’s disqualified by the very standards and conditions that they themselves have created. They can’t ignore it or try to defend the former Vice President because then, all their hypocrisy of the past three years would show and they’d be revealed for the liars and Trump Derangement Syndrome haters that they truly are. What a quandry. Oh well, there is always AOC.

Anyways, that’s something to think about. Impeach Biden! Trump 2020. Make America Great Again!

Questions, comments and any thoughts, drop me a line at the link at the top of the page, in the comment section or at Follow me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, have a great one. Take care and stay safe.


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