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Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Promoters Listening To Fans, Main Events & More
December 29, 2019
It’s Sunday and up over at 411mania.com, a new edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction, by the esteemed Jake Chambers, has been posted. And so that means it’s time to borrow his statements and give my own thoughts on each one, a Tossing Salt edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

Statement #1: It is easy for a wrestling promotion to “listen to their fans” and give them what they want.

FICTION: Maybe in a perfect world, it’d be easy, but wrestling fans are a fickle bunch and what they want one week, they’ll crap all over the next. There is no way, especially in this overly politically correct world, that a promoter can please every fan, every performer, everyone invested in the company, etc. It’s best to have a vision or idea and stick to the course. If the story ideas are good and the matches are good, it will be enough. A good promoter should listen to the fans and others and if a tweak here and there is necessary, then go for it and make changes as needed, but in the end, it’s the promoter’s ideas and goals that matter most. Keep the fans happy if you can, but if you have a good product that makes sense, is entertaining and doesn’t treat the fans like idiots, they’ll eventually come around.

Statement #2: The main event should always be the best match on a card.

FICTION: It should always be the most important match on the card, but the best match? Andre versus Hogan was the main event of Wrestlemania III and that’s the reason that there were butts in the seats, but was it the best match? Not a a long shot. In fact, it sucked, but it was a spectacle and happening and that’s what made it the main event. Every wrestler and talent out there should give 150% and the matches should all be strong and entertaining, but to me, it’s the overall showe as a whole that matters, not necessarily who’s in the final match. As long as we, the fans, get some good action and entertained, the order of the matches is more of a moot point.
Statement #3: An independent wrestler can have a successful career without ever signing a contract with a corporate pro-wrestling entertainment entity.

FACT: A wrestler that has a following can make money and work steady on the Indy circuit and make a good living doing so. Look at Orange Cassidy for example. He’s recently signed with AEW, but for twelve years before that, he’s had a great career working in California and on the Indy scene. Look at what Drew McIntyre did during the time he was out of WWE and working the Indy’s? Or Chris Masters. Both are or were traveling and working all over the world making more money than they do or did as WWE stars. True, they had a WWE background, but they are proof that one doesn’t need WWE to be successful. It’s about ability, the hard work and what kind of following a person can acquire. If you’re good enough and work hard enough, you’ll do all right and have a good and solid career.

Fact or Fiction – Quick Hits
– one sentence is all you need for this FoF lightning round!
1. A female-only wrestling show from the WWE would never get equal (or higher) ratings to their current prime time shows.

FICTION: It would do at least as well as and probably better than NXT and so long as the stories are good and the matches are solid, it probably could and would do well in the ratings and with the fans.

2. Chris Dickinson will be the first inductee into the Beyond Wrestling Hall of Fame.

FACT: I don’t know who Dickinson is, but if he’s a big time guy for Beyond Wrestling and one of their legacy stars, then why not have him in their Hall of Fame?

3. The retiring Jushin “Thunder” Liger is one of your top 10 favourite wrestlers of all time.

FICTION: I know who Liger is and have seen a few of his matches, but he’s not particularly a favorite of mine.

Statement #4: AEW revolutionized the wrestling industry this year.

FACT: It opened the doors for national exposure for a lot of otherwise unknown talents and gave us an alternative to WWE. It shows that there is another alternative other than Impact and ROH for wrestlers who are just looking for that opportunity. It also gives WWE talents inspiration and a willingness to take a chance and break the ties with Massah’ Vince. That always is a good thing to have.

Statement #5: All tag teams should eventually break up and feud.

FICTION: It would depend upon the team and the partners what would work best. When you have a team like Janetty and Michaels together, it was obvious that HBK was a bigger talent waiting to bust loose and the turn made sense. But then you have a team like The Midnight Express and no one would ever want to see Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton go at it and fight. The Rock & Roll Express did break up and fought for a while and that was a big crap stain on their legacy most would rather forget. Some teams, this is a good thing and is necessary for career and character growth while others, it’s an option best left untouched. It all depends on the team you’re thinking of.

Statement #6: A pro-wrestling show on New Year’s Eve is a great idea!

FACT: Wrestling shows on almost any holiday works and is a good idea because that’s the time that families can be together and are looking for something special to do and bond together and what better than a night watching men and women pound the hell out of each other. Wrestling is the ultimate family entertainment and a live show to end the year is a great way to make things memorable for everyone.

And there you go. Any thoughts, comments or questions, drop me a line here at the site or at my e-mail, Doug28352@yahoo.com. Thank you for reading and again, thanks to Jake Chambers and 411mania.com for the statements. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Happy Holidays and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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