Ultimate Wrestling Q&A:AEW Booking, The Fiend and More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW Booking, The Fiend and More
January 13, 2020

Are you ready for some more Q&A about the world’s greatest sport? I have a great question from Bowdy Bowdy and the usual ten-pack assortment from the incomparable Jay from CT. It’s a packed column so let’s get to stepping and away we go. Let’s do this…

Bowdy Bowdy

My question deals with AEW. One of the biggest complaints I have about the product is that there is no singular vision when it comes to booking. Cody has serious angles and they come off the best. However, the Bucks seem to not take their stuff too seriously, even the stuff that is supposed to be, and Kenny seems to be just going through the motions and is not wrestling like the Kenny Omega of New Japan. Do you think that it’s time to have one person assigned the book and if they do decide to go that who do would you give it to? I would nominate either Cody or Dustin due to they learned all about the business from their dad. Your thoughts?

I agree with you about the booking. It’s very inconsistent and all over the place and makes it hard to follow and watch AEW sometimes as a result. Cody seems to have a vision and can follow it and Jericho is booking most of his own stuff so that works as well, but then you have the Bucks, Omega and the rest and it’s as if they’re just throwing stuff out there and there is no rhyme or reason for anything. One person should have the book and make the final calls on everything. That would make things much more stable and consistent. I wouldn’t have Cody or Dustin though because they’re both active as part of the roster and experience shows that having an active wrestler as the booker generally doesn’t go over well. Examples: Kevin Nash, Kevin Sullivan, Hulk Hogan, etc. Need I say more. But if someone like Dutch Mantell or Tommy Dreamer or even Arn & Tully were willing to take the wheel and guide the company, those would be some names I would suggest they look at.


1.) Favorite Christmas present you ever received?

Does a sexy young man sneaking into my home and wrapping himself up in ribbons count? That was pretty cool. Too bad he turned out to be such a piece of crap. I guess just having some friends come to me at work, bringing me dinner and presents when I was unable to be with them on Christmas Eve a few years ago would be it. I have always had some great and amazing friends.

2.) Favorite Christmas show?

I guess it would be either the cartoon version of The Grinch or the movie Mixed Nuts.

3.) Is Vince a fan of Christmas/holidays? I just ask because WWE always does themed shows around holidays usually like Halloween and Christmas.

I think that Vince enjoys the holidays as much as the rest of us. As for the themed shows, fans are coming out to pay money and enjoy the shows and it just makes sense to make things more special and of a memory so hence, the themes to make a big event even bigger and more special.

4.) Who do you think will take the title off the Fiend and will it hurt him?

I’m thinking it will be Daniel Bryan eventually and Bray Wyatt / The Fiend, he’s practically Teflon and it won’t hurt him a bit.

5.) Do you think Rollins is naturally better as a heel or a face?

As a face, Rollins is annoying. As a heel, he can actually be entertaining at times.

6.) Did you see the interview that Stone Cold did with Undertaker? I really enjoyed it.

I have watched parts of it, but have yet to watch the entire thing. But of what I’ve seen, I’ve enjoyed it.

7.) Do you think the Ravens are clearly better than the Pats this year?

EVERYONE is better than the Pats this year… except for Dallas. The Cowboys suck!

8.) If you never see Rey Mysterio in a top title match will it still be too soon?

I’ve never been a big Rey Mysterio fan, but I did enjoy his match and fight last week with Andrade. But I’m with you that Rey belongs on the mid-card or signing autographs. The less Rey I see on my TV, the better.

9.) Maybe it’s just me but at this point I don’t see anything special about Brock Lesnar. Do you?

Brock still has a mystique and aura about him that says “bad-ass”, but it’s starting to fade as the years go by. He’s still special, but I will agree that he’s not what he once was. Not even close.

10.) How many hours of sleep do you get per night usually?

I average between 5 – 6 hours of sleep a day. Some days, a little more and other days, a little less, but I’m used to it so it’s all fine and dandy.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and thanks to Bowdy Bowdy and Jay for the questions. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care of yourself and each other. I’ll see you at the matches.



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