Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Who Faces Goldberg at Mania, Kevin Federline, Sting and More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Who Faces Goldberg, Kevin Federline, Sting & More
March 27, 2020

Let’s do one more before I go to bed. The ever-so-awesome Cheese sent me a few questions and I don’t feel like sleeping yet so let’s see if we can find a few answers instead. Let’s do this…

Roman Reigns has been pulled from Wrestlemania due to his weakened immune system. That leaves Bill Goldberg without an opponent to defend the Universal Championship against. Who should step up and get that title opportunity?

I would say give Bray Wyatt a rematch so he can reclaim his Universal Championship, but he’s already involved in a match with John Cena. Is Batista available? Most likely WWE has already made the call and filmed the match. I have an idea. How about Matt Riddle? He and Goldberg already have heat and a match between the two would be a big shock for the fans and get everyone would be talking about the event.

Should Kevin Federline be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame?

Sure, why not. He had a great angle with John Cena and Umaga back in the day and did a great job in his role at the time. He certainly spent more time in the ring than Snoop Dog, Drew Carey or Arnold. Give K-Fed a Hall of Fame ring already.

Sting just turned 61 years old. Do you think we’ll ever see him wrestle again?

As each day goes by, I doubt it more and more. I think Sting’s in-ring days are over.

Fatal 4-Way For The Hardcore Championship. Abdullah the Butcher versus Bruiser Brody versus Cactus Jack versus Terry Funk. Who wins?

My money would be on either Terry Funk or Bruiser Brody for this one. I think the smart money would be on Funk winning and becoming the new Hardcore Champion.

Dirtiest wrestler of all time?

Are you talking about a wrestler who cheats or one who just stinks and refuses to take a bath? For a rule-breaker, I’ll go with the man who coined the phrase, “Dirtiest Player in the Game”, Ric Flair. For a stinky-poo, I’ll go with wrestler Mighty Wilbur who worked for Crockett briefly in the early 80s. I’ve heard both Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant talk about how Wilbur didn’t shower after matches and had a bad body odor, so bad that people hated to wrestle him. Bastion Booger may have played the “Master of Uncleanliness” with his character, but he was only playing a role. From what I understand, Wilbur lived it.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free and drop me a line. Thanks to Cheese for the questions. And now, I think I’m going to bed so I bid all of you a very good night. I’ll see you on the flip side.



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