Wrestling Opinion Questionnaire

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Opinion Questionnaire
April 4, 2020

I found this on Facebook and decided, what the hell. Let’s do it. So here you go…

Favorite Wrestler: Of all time, I think I’ll have to go with the legendary Masked Superstar, aka Bill Eadie. Favorites change as time and life experience take their toll, but Superstar was always a true, pardon the pun, “superstar” in my eyes.

Least Favorite Wrestler: I know he has his fans and I’m not knocking his abilities, but I’ve never been able to like Bret Hart all that much.

Favorite Tag-Team: This one is tough. Do I go with arguably the greatest tag team of the ’70s, Ole & Gene, the Anderson Brothers? Or do I go with the greatest tag team of the next generation, managed by Jim Cornette, that being the Midnight Express? Ole & Gene wrote the book about tag team wrestling and the Midnights wrote the revised edition. I guess I’ll go with The Midnight Express (Bobby & Stan), but both teams are beyond great.

Least Favorite Tag-Team: This one is hard as well because there were so many tag teams skilled in being a waste of space, how can I pick just one? I’ll go with The Steiners on this one. They’re a great tag team, but I just never could get into them.

Favorite Wrestlemania: Wrestlemania III – no doubt about this one.

Best Entrance Music: I’m going with the one and only Disco Inferno for this one. After all, never forget, it’s your duty to shake your booty. Also used to love Jimmy Valiant and the “Boy From New York City”, but that’s so long ago, most people won’t remember.

Overrated Wrestler: Bret Hart. Despite his claims, he is NOT the best there is, was or ever will be. Not even close.

Underrated Wrestler: Curtis Axel, aka Joe Henning. He’s every bit the in-ring wrestler his father was, but WWE just doesn’t seem to see it. His peers and I do though and the man deserves far more credit than he ever gets.

Best Commentary: Rich Landrum, former host of NWA World Wide Wrestling from back in the Crockett days.

Best Character Gimmick: Hulk Hogan. I’ll never be a Hulkamaniac, but Hogan set the bar with his character and few have ever managed to come close.

Worst Character Gimmick: Bray Wyatt as “Husky Harris”. Whoever thought of that name and gimmick for Bray needs to be slapped repeatedly with a Tammy Sytch blow-up doll.

Best Interviews: Arn Anderson… period.

Manager: I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the legendary Sir Oliver Humperdink. Others, like Heenan, Heyman, Gary Hart, Skandor Akbar, etc, were great, but Oliver was one of a kind and a great wrestling manager. Captain Lou Albano was pretty cool too.

Best Finisher: Baron Von Raschke and his dreaded claw. And ‘dat is all ‘de people need to know!

And there you go. Comments, thoughts and any questions welcome. Follow me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Until the next time, stay safe, stay home and take care. I’ll catch you later.


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