Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Jesse Ventura, Right To Censor, Curtis Axel & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Jesse Ventura. Right To Censor, Curtis Axel & More
April 30, 2020

Welcome to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I’ve been slack as of late and the questions have piled up. My bad! I’ll try and do better in the future. These all come from the pages of Facebook. And have I got answers? You betcha! Let’s do this…

Were you a fan of Tony Atlas?

Not really. Tony had a great physique and look, but never really impressed me in that ring. He came across as a likable, but more or less, big dummy. I’m channeling my inner Fred G. Sanford today so be prepared to hear that term used frequently. Tony had that amazing body and that was pretty much his only selling point. So no, I am not and was never a big fan of Mr. Atlas.

Jesse Ventura is making noise about running for President of the United States again. Should he and would he win?

Jesse Ventura has some good ideas and I’d much rather see him as President than “Sleepy Joe” or his most-likely potential running mate, “Crooked Hillary”. But he’s not a serious candidate, he won’t win and is just making noise to attempt to be relevant.

Why does Hulk Hogan get a bad reputation for not doing jobs when he’s put over Warrior, Luger, Goldberg, Jericho, Angle, Taker, etc. in highly effective fashions?

Because he doesn’t put over others in a clean fashion. There is always an X-factor that allows him to stay strong and make excuses. Hogan gets a bad rep for the simplest of reasons. He’s the consummate backstage politician and he earned it.

Do you think HBK was motivated to use the top rope elbow from Macho Man?

I have no idea, but that sounds as good a reason as any other. Let’s go with that.

What is your opinion on the future of the NWA?

They’re taking things slow and steady and Billy Corgan seems to have a plan to restore the NWA to their former place of greatness and a strong legacy. I think, so far so good, and the future is so bright, we need to wear shades.

What is the overall value of The Great Khali to a live wrestling crowd?

He’s an attraction, a larger than life figure who, much like the freak shows in the circuses of the last century, allows people to see someone odd and different. And he’s an example and proof that in-ring talent is not required to be a professional wrestler.

After Rock/Hogan, when Hogan received that huge, sustained ovation . . . does anything compare in Raw history?


After their cumulative careers, based on wrestling income alone, do you think Big Show is in Cena’s category?

The Big Show had a few more years to make major money for WWE and based on the money from wrestling alone, I think he and Cena would be neck & neck in financial resources and income.

Do you think a Right to Censor faction would work in today’s era?

With the right talent, strong booking, and a logical reason for being, I don’t see why not. The only problem I can see is that everyone is so politically correct and snowflakey these days, finding the right topics and motivation for their creation and existence would be hard. It could be done and they’d be over like Rover, but it wouldn’t be quite as simple as it was when Stevie, Ivory, Godfather & Val made it happen.

Thoughts on the release of Joe Henning, aka Curtis Axel, from WWE? I know he is one of your favorites.

I think it sucks major balls and probably means the end of Henning’s active in-ring career. He’s 40 years old and that’s a hard age to start over again. I expect he’ll work a few shows, maybe start a school or training center, and when things have settled down, be back in the WWE as an agent or trainer. He is still young enough that I could see a few trips to Japan and maybe somewhere like Impact Wrestling, but I think that with this release, the career of Curtis Axel has entered the final chapter. I hope I’m wrong and we see a new beginning and bigger than ever future, but alas, I doubt it. We’ll see.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, drop me a line, and let’s chat. My e-mail is Doug28352@yahoo.com and I can also be found on Twitter at @Doug28352. Follow me. I follow back. And with that, I’m out of here. Stay safe and take care of yourself. I’ll see you on the flip side.



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