The Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Dudley Boyz, Drew Gulak, Zeus & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Dudleyz, Drew Gulak, Zeus & More
May 18, 2020

The questions are from Mickey J. and The Cheese. Let’s do this…

Are the Dudley Boyz the greatest tag team of all time?

Bubba and D-Von are certainly the most recognized tag team in wrestling history, having held multiple tag team titles all over the world, but are they the greatest of all time or the GOAT’s of tag team wrestling? So long as teams like Ole & Gene Anderson, Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson, The Midnight Express, Flair & Valentine, The Road Warriors, The Hart Foundation, and the B-Team exists, that is arguable.

Drew Gulak’s contract with WWE expired. Should he stay with WWE or where would you like to see him go next?

If WWE can come up with a financial offer that he likes, then he should stay put and make the most of the WWE experience interacting with Daniel Bryan as a top guy for the company. If they can’t, he should look at offers from other companies and make the best decision for him and his family. I would prefer to see him remain in WWE, but that decision is entirely up to Mr. Gulak.

Do you think we’ll have full wrestling crowds a year from now?

It may take a while to start getting crowds of 12,000 – 15,000 fans regularly again, but if the show and product are good, they will come. So it may take more than a year, but it will happen. Wrestling is immortal. It will never die.

Any chance of Zeus in the WWE Hall of Fame?

He was a main eventer for a few events, starred in a movie with Hogan, and doesn’t have any pending criminal charges that I’m aware of so I don’t see why not.

Who is the next WWE star you’d like to see a documentary about in the vein of Ric Flair and Andre the Giant?

Roddy Piper would be a great subject for a documentary as would the legendary Mae Young. And how about Vince McMahon himself? That could be very interesting.

What is the biggest ever mistake in wrestling?

This is a tough question because there have been so many things over the years that can be deemed mistakes, but were they really? Maybe I didn’t like them or would have preferred to see the wrestlers or company go in another direction, but the powers-that-be had their reasons for each decision, good or bad, and bad decisions often led to good decisions afterward that we may not have gotten otherwise. Decisions that I didn’t like would include Russo as the WCW Champion, Mark Madden as an announcer in WCW, the reigns of Vince McMahon as the WWE and ECW Champions, the entire career of Sable, Steve Austin turning heel during the Invasion angle, HHH’s victory over Sting at Wrestlemania, etc. If I was the booker, I would have gone in different directions most likely, but it wasn’t my call and thus, it was what it was.

Who is on your Mount Rushmore when it comes to Japanese wrestling stars?

I’m not as familiar with Japanese wrestling as I should be, but based on what I do know, I would go with Rikidozan, Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki & The Great Muta. And Tokyo Magnum would be the tour guide because he’s awesome too and I loved his time in WCW.

Who is a wrestler from your childhood that you’d like to see have one more match?

Most of the wrestlers from my childhood are long-retired or dead. I’m old and that was a long time ago. But if WWE was ever in Minnesota, I wouldn’t mind seeing a cameo from the legendary Baron Von Raschke, who’s now 79 years old, but could easily pass for 70. Just have a heel wrestler harass the Baron, who’s a guest in the front row of the audience, and then later in the match, the Baron can get revenge by applying the dreaded claw to the heel. It’d get a big pop and give the Baron a big spot to enjoy and introduce him to the fans. Nothing too big or crazy, but a feel-good spot that would be really exciting and fun to see.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, questions, or thoughts to share, just give me a shout here at the site, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.vom, or on Twitter at @Doug28352. Follow me. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches. They’re coming back, folks. Believe that!


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