Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: AEW Women’s Division, Hogan in AWA, FTR & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW Women’s Division, Hogan In AWA, FTR & More
May 30, 2020

As I sit here and listen to YouTube, the great Ole Anderson answering questions from Ricky Morton, I too shall endeavor to answer a few questions. It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. The questions come from my Facebook feed. Let’s do this…

The Undertaker has called the movie Suburban Commando “the worst movie ever”. Is he right?

Obviously, The Undertaker has never seen the Tom Green classic, Freddie Got Fingered, or else he’d have a different opinion. Suburban Commando is pretty bad, but I’ve seen far worse plenty of times. Alvin & The Chipmunks anyone? Or Cats? I rest my case. I guess, so far as wrestler-movies go, he’s got a good case and it does stand above most others in terms of pure cheesiness, but so far as all time and ever goes, it’s not even in the Top 10.

What is the most controversial wrestling opinion that you have?

Is it the opinion that Vince Russo is actually a good writer, but just needs to be filtered. He had some good ideas, but his means of applying them didn’t work. No, that’s not it. How about that Steve “Mongo” McMichael was a good choice for the Horsemen? No, that’s not it either. How about that Bret Hart is over-rated? No, I think that everyone pretty much agrees with that. I’ve got it. My most controversial wrestling opinion is that Disco Inferno was a good wrestler and entertaining and one of the best parts of WCW during the 90s. Yeah, I think that’s it. Never forget, it’s your duty to shake your booty. And there you go.

Is the Women’s Division the weakest part of the AEW roster? And if so, what should AEW do to improve it?

Give it some more attention and time and build women stars that are actually entertaining and worth watching. So far, the only women that AEW has really concentrated on are Brandi Rhodes, Dr. Britt Baker, and Nyla Rose, who isn’t even a real woman. And there are some others in the division, but they’re not memorable or stand-out characters and that needs to be changed. WWE, for all their faults, has made the women’s division equal in every way to the men’s, and all the talents are “superstars”. AEW would do well to do the same thing.

FTR (formerly the Revival) has finally made their AEW debuts. Thoughts?

I’m withholding my judgment until after I see the interview scheduled with Tony Schiavone next Wednesday and what the former Revival team ends up doing. But I am excited and happy and am looking forward to seeing where things go with FTR in AEW. It should be good.

Thoughts on the Chris Jericho & Mike Tyson confrontation on AEW Dynamite?

It was good TV and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Could Magnum have been a long term champion of the NWA like Flair was?

No, and I’ll tell you why. He was good in the ring and had a strong presence, but he wasn’t a great talker or promo guy, not in Flair or Dusty’s league anyways. And he was a face wrestler and traditionally, faces didn’t last long in the NWA as the World Champion. Jack Brisco was the last baby-face to have a long reign as the Champion and every other “good guy” was usually only a few months or maybe a year at the very most. The champ would have to switch up their style from territory to territory and heels work better doing that. Magnum might have been able to as well, but I never saw any indication of it. Guys like Magnum and Dusty are better chasing the belts than being champions. Heels like Harley Race, Ric Flair, or Terry Funk are better in the championship role, determined to keep that belt at all cost. If Magnum had won the NWA Championship, it would have been four to six months tops before he lost the belt.

Does WWE need a physical site for their Hall of Fame to be considered legitimate?

It would definitely help and be a great move for the company. They should consider it and make this happen.

If you could bring back any five wrestlers from your childhood to fight The Inner Circle in a War Games match, who would you choose?

So who would I bring back from days past to fight the tandem of Chris Jericho, Jake Hagar, Sammy Guevera, Santana & Ortiz? I’ll just go with the first names that come to mind that would make this a fun match. How about Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan, Arn Anderson & The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane). Works for me.

Had Verne Gagne put the AWA Championship on Hulk Hogan and kept him from going to the WWF, do you think the AWA would have lasted?

It may have extended the life of the company by a year or so, but the AWA still would have ended up folding. Verne was too stuck in the past and his way of doing things to evolve and expand as he would have needed to do to keep the company relevant. And I can’t see Verne keeping the strap on Hogan for long as Hulk wasn’t Verne’s type of wrestler. No amateur background to speak of and more of an entertainer than an actual wrestler. Verne was his own worst enemy in many ways and Hulk or no Hulk, I think that the AWA was on its last legs and everyone knew it.

Why do people think Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, or Disco Inferno are legitimate critics of the Wrestling industry?

Because they are all exactly that, legitimate critics of the wrestling industry. Russo was the lead writer for WWF, WCW, and TNA. Disco had a good and solid career in the ring and was also a part of the creative teams for WCW and TNA. And Cornette was a manager, a booker, an announcer, formed his own promotion with Smokey Mountain Wrestling, worked for ROH & the WWE, and is a legit true wrestling historian. So why do people consider them to be legit? Because they have the history and backgrounds to back it up and are. That’s why.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions to ask, please feel free and do so in the comment section, at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com or on Twitter at @Doug28352. And with that, I’m out of here. I want to go watch the Matt Riddle versus Timothy Thatcher match from this week’s NXT. Jim Cornette was bragging about it on his podcast and it sounds like it was off the charts. I’ll let you know what I think. So take care and stay safe. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.



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