Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Justin Roberts, Jack Gallagher, CW Anderson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Justin Roberts, Jack Gallagher, CW Anderson & More
June 21, 2020

It’s the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Happy Father’s Day. Let’s do this…

“Cult” Bray Wyatt is back. Thoughts?

I think it’s kind of cool to see Bray expand his character and now we have a modern version of the “Three Faces of Foley” with Bray, who can be Cult Leader Bray, Firefly Funhouse Bray, or The Fiend. It worked for Mick and it will work for Bray too. I would love to see a new Wyatt Family formed to add to the intrigue and character. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes next.

Thoughts on WWE releasing Jack Gallagher?

From what I understand, the allegations against Gallagher were of assault and attempted rape and my guess is that WWE investigated and spoke to Gallagher about it and WWE didn’t like what they heard and found out and took action. Gallagher, real name Oliver Claffey, was a mid-card talent found most often on 205 Live so his upside for the company wasn’t as much as say a Matt Riddle’s might be, and I guess WWE just decided to cut him loose. I like his character and he’s a good performer, but to be honest, if these allegations are true, it’s no big loss.

Would Baby Doll have made a good manager for The Midnight Express?

Baby Doll was the acting manager for The Midnight Express for a few shows back when Jim Cornette was unable to make the bookings, I believe due to a broken leg suffered in the infamous Scaffold Match, and from what I understand, she did a fine job. But she was a temporary substitute and no one else belonged with the Midnights besides Cornette. I would have liked to see Baby Doll expand and do more managing. She did manage The Warlord when Crockett took over the Central States region and that was fine, but it would have been interesting to see her in a larger group setting to show what she was really capable of.

Will Justin Roberts be fired by AEW?

It’s hard to say, but from the things I’ve read, Robert’s main sleaze scandal is talking to a seventeen-year-old female in England and asking for nude pics. In England, the age of consent is sixteen, so while it looks bad and was sleazy on Roberts’ part, he didn’t actually break any laws since he was also in England at the time. And compared to several of these other accusations, Roberts is the image of goodness and morality. I think he will be taken off TV for a while for stuff to blow over, but I don’t see him losing his job. But then again, AEW is the Snowflake Wrestling Federation in many ways so who really knows for sure.

If Christopher Daniels and Matt Hardy were a tag team, what would their name be?

Daniels is known as the “Fallen Angel” and Matt is all sorts of “Broken” and “Woken” and all that nonsense. I would just call them “The Fallen”.

Are you excited about a Chris Jericho feud with Orange Cassidy?

I actually am. Jericho is a master of mixing comedy and great wrestling and Cassidy is such a unique character for AEW and a majorly underrated performer in that ring. This should be an instant classic.

Thoughts on Koko B. Ware?

Koko was an entertaining, wrestler, but to be honest, he was more annoying to me than exciting. He had a great career in Memphis and started off in WWF with a big bang and lots of good matches before eventually moving down the ladder to being a jobber to the stars. He was colorful and a character though which was exactly what WWF wanted and Ware, along with his bird Frankie, was very colorful and memorable. Ware gets a lot of flack for his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, but he was a good wrestler and had a career to be proud of so no arguments from me. He deserves that spot.

Bruiser Brody versus Sid Vicious in a No Disqualification match. Who wins?

I think Sid might surprise everyone and give Brody a good fight, but in the end, it would be Bruiser Brody who walks out with the win.

No Disqualification, Greg Valentine versus Ernie Ladd. Who wins?

This is one that I would love to see. Valentine was so stiff and methodical in everything he did in that ring and Ladd was pretty much the same way. No wasted motion and always looking for an advantage. Ladd was bigger, but Valentine was probably stronger and had those stiff forearms. Ladd was sneakier and would cheat at every opportunity. It’s a tough call, but I think Valentine would squeak out the victory in this match.

CW Anderson announced his retirement earlier today. Why was Anderson never a bigger star in WCW or WWE?

Anderson was a good wrestler and a credit to the “Anderson family legacy”, but he wasn’t the most charismatic or exciting person in the world and I think that hurt him. In the ring, he was extremely capable, but no flash or sizzle, and apart from Paul Heyman in ECW, I don’t think that anyone in WCW or WWE would know what to do with him. The big-two were looking for characters and what Anderson was is a wrestler first. Too bad he didn’t get a chance to be part of the WWECW Experiment because I think he was capable of so much more than he had the chance to do.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions, drop me a line, and let’s chat. Use the comment box below, my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com, or come see me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Follow me. I follow back. And I guess that’s all for now. Stay safe out there with all the crazies and stupidity going on. I’ll see you at the matches. Happy Father’s Day.



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