Questions By Casper XXXV…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper XXXV
August 25, 2020

Over in the world of Twitter, I found a man that likes to ask questions. And I do mean a lot of them. His name is Tyler “The Ghost” Casper and he’s at @tyler_casper. A good guy that you should go check out. Now, as I was saying, he likes to ask questions. I like to answer them and it provides content for the site. So here we are. Every few days, I go down his feed and copy the inquiries he’s asked. And then it’s here for the answers. It’s insightful, thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining for you, the reader, as well. So let’s can the chit chat and let’s do this. Are you ready? And away we go…

What is the worst pickled thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’ve never been a fan of pickled stuff so almost everything pickled is disgusting in my opinion. But pickled eggs? They’re probably the worst. Bleh!

What is the best pickled thing you’ve ever eaten?

I didn’t eat it, but the coolest pickle anything I can think of is “Pickle Rick”. Yeah, I watch Rick and Morty sometimes. My brother made me.

What is the hardest thing to do before getting out of bed?

Sit up and shake off the sleep, waking pains, and the cat that is sitting at the edge of my bed squawling.

What is the hardest thing to do before going to bed?

That walk to the bedroom and turning off my light. The feet are usually hurting pretty badly at that point.

What is the most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?

Either Alligator Jerky or a Pineapple.

Have you ever had rabbit stew?

Rabbit Stew? You mean that’s real and not just something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon? Uugh! I just got a chill thinking about it.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

Standing up in the shower. I was tired.

Do you sleep with a fan on year-round?

Absolutely. If the fan ain’t blowing, I ain’t sleeping.

Have you ever encountered poison ivy or poison oak?

I have, but luckily for me, I’m allergic to neither of them.

What is the most interesting thing to read about?

People. I love biographies and autobiographies. People are interesting creatures.

Where do you do your best thinking?

Late at night laying in the bed or while I’m at work and supposed to be doing something else.

What did your last cooking fiasco involve?

I’m a pretty good cook so no major fiasco meals have happened in quite a while, none that I remember anyhow.

Where is your “go-to” store for furniture?

I’m a man of simple tastes so the Habitat House or a second-hand store usually works best for me.

What was the last buffet you’ve been to?

The Chinese restaurant at Scotland Crossing Shopping Center here in Laurinburg, known as the Golden Run. Some damn good food.

Have you ever mixed chocolate milk and apple juice together?

Uugh! That sounds disgusting. Why in the hell would anyone do such a thing?

Do you have a set waking and sleeping schedule?

I tend to wake up most days between 6:30 and7:00 am. But nothing else is all that consistent.

Have you ever had hot cocoa with cayenne pepper?

That sounds almost as disgusting as the milk and apple juice. Totally disgusting.

What is your favorite French dish?

French fries, with lots and lots of ketchup.

What is your favorite American dish?

Does it get more American than a good old fashioned hot dog?

What is the most annoying thing your pet does?

Talks… constantly. His name is Mouthie and it’s well earned. And he also likes to walk across my computer keyboard and sit on my mouse when I’m trying to work. He hates to be ignored.

Can someone give themselves a nickname?

Of course, they can. That doesn’t mean anyone else will use it though.

Do you ever refer to yourself in the third person?

This one thinks that Dougie would be crazy to do that.

What is one nickname you have that you don’t like?

Mr. Nics. I’m not at Nic’s anymore. I moved on. And “Cupcake”. I don’t really mind the name, but the two brothers that called me that, I got their freakin’ cupcake.

What is one nickname you have that you actually like?

“Liquor Store Man”. Also “Salty” is pretty fresh.

Do you have a secret family recipe?

We do, but it’s a secret. They haven’t told me yet.

What is the last thing you baked?

Some chicken legs last week. I did the “shake & bake” deal on them.

Do you ever purchase digital items?

None that I can think of.

Have your spending habits changed as you’ve aged?

I use coupons more often now and always look for the best values and sales. But that’s not because I’m getting older. It’s just because I’m getting cheap.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about anything, feel free to drop me a line. Use the comment box, my e-mail of, the Twitter at @Doug28352, or find me at Facebook at And now, I’m down like a clown who’s big star bound. Take care of yourself, stay safe, and I’ll see you on the flip side.



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