Flashback: Thirty Days Of Dougie (2013) – James Dean…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Flashback: Thirty Days of Dougie (2013)
James Dean

Way back in 2013, only eight years ago but it seems like a lifetime, I did one of many “Days of Dougie” blog series. But the thing is, I didn’t have this site yet and did them on my Facebook in the “Notes” section. And now that they’re showing up in my memories on Facebook, I think it’s time to share them one more time. So here you go. For the next thirty days or so, along with the current and new stuff I post on the site, we have some flashbacks as well. You’re welcome. Now, as I once heard said in the movie “Young Guns”, “Regulators, let’s move out!”. It was something to that effect anyhow. Let’s do this.

Thirty Days Of Dougie – Day 2

January 4, 2013

Well, I’m tired, I’m frustrated, I’m annoyed and I’m hurt. I really do not want to do this thing (and it’s only day 2 of 30 – gads!). But I made a commitment to myself and my millions (and millions) of Peeps that I would write each and every day. Bleh! So here I am, ready to reach into the box and draw out a random subject and just cut loose for about twenty-five / thirty minutes and see what comes up. 

 Before I find out what my topic for today is, do you want me to do a short rant about what’s on my mind? It’s about feeling as if I’m being taken for granted far too often. It’s about frustration in a strange situation. It’s about wanting what once was instead of what now is and not being able to do a damn thing about it. Yeah, I’m intentionally being vague because even though I want to rant and talk about this, this isn’t the time nor the place. I just need to suck it up and deal with it. Let’s go reach into the magic box and find out what “Day 2” will be all about. So here we go…

And the topic for today is… “James Dean”.

So what can I say about this legendary actor who only made three movies, but left a legend and legacy that will never be matched? He was, from all accounts, moody and manipulative, highly intelligent, but always searching for that missing piece of the puzzle. And based on the three movies he did make before dying in a car accident, he was one helluva great actor who could capture a character and role and become that person. He was real. 

 Let’s just take a quick look at the three movies that James Dean did star in. I have all three in my video library and would recommend them to anyone who wants to kill an hour or two and just be thoroughly taken in and exposed to the magic.

Movie 1 – East of Eden: Based on the classic novel by John Steinbeck, this movie was about Cal (played by Dean) and his efforts to connect with the cold and distant father. Dean really made an impact, playing the “bad son” who just can’t seem to get it right but finds redemption in the end as he becomes his father’s keeper and confident. There’s far more to the movie than that, but I’m not going into all of that here. Just watch the movie and you’ll understand why America instantly was awed by and fell in love with James Dean from the very beginning.

 Movie 2 – Rebel Without A Cause: This is the movie that everyone thinks about when they think of James Dean. The picture of Dean, playing the character of Jim Stark, wearing that red jacket, smoking a cigarette, is legendary and engrained in the minds of all of us. It’s just a great movie that’s a bit simplistic in it’s handling of several issues (abandonment, anti-social behavior, estrangement from parents, etc), but in the end, it works and Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo (who is in my opinion, the strongest and best character in this movie) end up creating their own little dysfunctional family. And then Plato is killed. I hate cops! But it’s a great movie and one that I would strongly recommend for everyone.

 Movie 3 – Giant: This is a long-ass movie. I think it runs like almost three hours, maybe longer. It’s got an interesting story and watching James Dean, Rock Hudson, and Elizabeth Taylor age throughout the movie, going from twenty-somethings to old people is pretty cool. The movie is good at the beginning and James Dean really steals the show towards the end as “Jett”, the ranch-hand turned oil billionaire, in the end. He’s a great actor and plays the role to the max. The middle part of the movie is kind of bleh though and when I do watch it (rarely because it is so damn long), I just fast forward through that part. If you’ve got some spare time and are a fan of Dean’s, Taylor’s, or Hudson’s (and look for a brief spot by Sal Mineo – if you blink, you’ll miss it)… watch this movie. It’s a great example of bigger is not always better. They made it too long, but the antics of Dean’s character more than make up for the slow parts.

 And I guess that’s it for me. That’s not really all that much about James Dean, but more just some talk about the movies, but it’s all I really have time for right now. I have Facebook pages to skim, phone calls to return, laundry to do and a nap to take, so let’s close this up. 

James Dean is one of the most iconic and recognizable actors in American history. He only made three movies, but they were all stand-outs and fun to watch. James Dean lived the motto “Live fast and die young” and that’s exactly what he did. He died far too soon before the potential and magic could really be tapped to the max. But his legacy lives on and he will forever be the symbol of that rebellious spirit in all of us. He’s true then, now, and forever the ultimate rebel without a cause. 

 And so ends Day 2? Will I make it through the next 28 days? Will these get better? Just stick around and we’ll all find out together, right? While you’re waiting for the next installment of the “30 Days of Dougie” series, go check out this video that my main nigga, K-Mak made last night. You can see it right here: http://youtu.be/OcECxuYhQA4. (A/N – The link doesn’t work anymore. My apologies, but that was eight years ago so… ).The boy just ain’t right, but that’s why he’s the InFamous K-Mak. (I hope that link works… lol) Ok, just cut and paste it in the browser or go to my Facebook page and find the link. It’s there and you will definitely LMFAO! Just saying. 

And with that, I am down and out. See you tomorrow.


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