Questions By Casper #63 – The Stop The Steal Edition…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Questions By Casper #63
(Stop The Steal Edition)
January 19, 2021

Over in the world of Twitter, I found a man that likes to ask questions. And I do mean a lot of them. His name is Tyler “The Ghost” Casper and he’s at @tyler_casper. A good guy that you should go check out. Now, as I was saying, he likes to ask questions. I like to answer them and it provides content for the site. So here we are. Every few days, I go down his feed and copy the inquiries he’s asked. And then it’s here for the answers. It’s insightful, thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining for you, the reader, as well. So let’s can the chit chat and let’s do this. Are you ready? And away we go.

In honor of the pedophile who will illegally be appointed to the office of POTUS on Wednesday, this is a special “Stop The Steal” edition. All answers will be making reference to where Pedo & The Ho’ stole the Presidential election of 2020. Let’s do this.

Do you wear shorts in the winter?

Not often because I have to wear these fancy boots with my fucked up feet, but I used to wear shorts 24/7, 52 weeks a year. I like to show off my legs and my tattoos, just like Pedo Joe who liked to show off his hairy legs when he was a lifeguard and encourage children to rub their hands up and down on them.

Do you pay for music streaming?

I pay for everything I get. Nothing is free, regardless of what you’ve been promised by the Socialist-In-Chief.

What is the most annoying hairstyle?

I don’t like man-buns and honestly, they’re not very manly in my opinion. Neither is Hunter Biden, who got paid by China, refuses to support his child, screwed his brother’s widow, and is the apple of his father’s eye.

What is the worst thing to drink right before going to bed?

All the BS and left-wing kool-aid put forth by the mainstream media in their obsessive love for Pedo Joe and the socialist movement.

What is the best thing to drink right before going to bed?

My personal preference is a bottle of water or maybe a Diet Dew. I like coke too, but not as much as Hunter Biden.

What is the best thing to eat right before going to bed?

Nothing. It’s best to go to bed on an empty stomach, as empty as the promises made by Joe Biden & Kamala Harris when they were running for President.

What is the worst thing to eat right before going to bed?

Spicy foods. They may cause you to have a Nadler and shit yourself.

Is there someone’s voice that just lulls you to sleep?

Sleepy Joe isn’t called Sleepy Joe for anything. He’s about as enthusiastic a speaker as a can of creamed corn.

If you could make a national observance day, what would it be for and when would it be?

I’d make Donald Trump Appreciation Day and it would be every day since he worked hard and busted his ass for us, the citizens of the United States, every day.

What is something you would like to be named after you?

How about a website called Oops! Too late. A wrestling event would be good then. Or maybe a podcast – The Maynard Report? I could have Barron Trump as a guest and we could talk ‘rasslin’.

If you had a YouTube channel, what would it be about?

Wrestling, sex, politics, and the stupid-idiot liars that are in Washington. We call them “Democrats”.

Do you launder new clothing before you wear it? What about footwear?

99% of the time, I rinse before I wear. Not so much with footwear since the only shoes I wear are custom-made for my fucked-up feet. Speaking of laundering, what about the Biden connections to China?

Have you ever forgotten where you live?

Unlike Joe Biden, I know where I am all the time.

Have you ever forgotten when you were born?

Unlike Joe Biden, I know not only when, but where I was born and I don’t have to lie about it in a speech. And unlike Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, I know my actual race as well.

Why don’t they make the entire plane out of the same material as the black box?

Because that may preserve the evidence and some people don’t like actual evidence and proof, especially when it doesn’t fit their narrative or story.

What is your favorite saying?

At the moment, “dumb-fucks!”, especially when I’m watching the news or waiting on a particularly annoying customer.

What is the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make?

I make hard decisions every day of my life, most of which are none of your business and I’d rather not speak of them. One decision that wasn’t hard was voting for Trump over Biden because unlike some, I judge by actions and deeds, not personality or people skills, and I want what best for our country, not just what might be good for me. I’m proud of America and to be an American.

How many different types of GP tools can you name off the top of your head in 10 seconds?

GP? Not sure what that means, but tools are easy? Congress, Nancy, Schumer, Maxine, the media, Don Lemon, etc.

How many different types of surgeon tools can you name off the top of your head in 10 seconds?

Scalpel, oxygen mask, stitches, needles, sutures. I know more, but ran out of time. I used to watch MASH where they had real doctors with medical knowledge, not a fake doctor like Jill Biden.

How many different types of woodworking tools can you name off the top of your head in 10 seconds?

Knives, wood, grinders… I went blank because my mind kept going to Jimmy Carter, former President of the U.S., who was a bad President, but I think, a decent person, unlike Obama and Clinton, who were not only bad Presidents but bad people too.

And I guess that’s all for now. I’m out of questions. Comments, questions, and any thoughts are welcome and unlike the incoming fake President and his sidekick, Heels Up, I will have some answers. The election? Trump won! 80,000,000 votes for Biden? Yeah, and Kamala wasn’t Willie Brown’s ho’. Tell me another one Pinnochio. I’m out of here. Stay safe and take care. Pray for our country. I’ll see you on the other side.


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