Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Batista, Jerry Lawler, Zelina Vega & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Batista, Jerry Lawler, Zelina Vega & More
March 5, 2021

I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to my sister Terri, who turned a the big “60” yesterday. I love you Sis and Happy (belated) Birthday!

It’s time to do another edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. I know I’ve been a slack-ass, but I’m going to get back on track eventually. I promise. Let’s do this.

Beer Money vs APA. Who wins?

Two big and tough classic tag teams who both deserve much kudos and credits for their careers. This would be a good match and the build (and the amount of beer consumed) would be epic. But at the end of the night, as much as I like Bobby Roode and James Storm, all I can say for them is “Sorry about your damn luck!”. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons get the win here.

Thoughts on the ICP and their runs in WCW & WWF?

I’m not a big fan of the ICP as rappers or entertainers, but I will admit that their time in WCW and then in WWE, alongside the Oddities, was strangely entertaining. They performed far better in the ring than they had any right to do and were fun to watch as they interacted with the athletes and other wrestlers. I’ll never be a Juggalo, but they did good, all things considered, during their brief time in the world of pro wrestling. No complaints here.

Will Batista eventually become a bigger movie star and a better actor than Rock?

I like Batista and he’s a talented actor, but bigger or better than the Rock? What the hell are you smoking dude? Not now and not ever. I just can’t see it.

Thoughts on Big Cass returning to the ring this past weekend?

It’s good to see Cass back in action and back in the ring. After all, he’s seven feet tall and you can’t teach that. He’s a good performer with a good look and with the right people around him, can be a strong player for any promotion. I’m glad to see him back.

Thoughts on Reginald?

I don’t really get it or him right now. I’ve seen him with Carmella a few times and now he seems to be a part of the Sasha versus Bianca rivalry, but I don’t know his history or back-story and haven’t any inclination to go find out. I’ll take a wait-and-see approach where Reginald is concerned.

Great Kabuki versus The Great Muta. Who wins?

Kabuki is and was kick-ass, but I think Muta is more versatile and creative in that ring. Who would win? The one that has Gary Hart in their corner and manages to blow the green mist first. I’ll go with Muta.

Which version of Jerry Lawler did you like best? Heel or babyface?

Jerry as a baby-face has always been kind of boring to me. I definitely prefer the snarky, chain-using, bad Lawler over the good-guy, kiss-ass King.

Would you like to see Enzo & Big Cass reunited as part of AEW?

There are a lot of good tag teams in AEW right now and while Enzo gets on my nerves big time, I won’t take away from how good a tag team that he and Big Cass are. They’re a good team, good on the mic, and would make for a good addition to the AEW roster so sure, why the hell not?

Will Zelina Vega end up as part of AEW?

I hope so. AEW needs strong women wrestlers and Vega not only is good on the mic but is actually a damn good in-ring performer as well. I know that Tony Khan has expressed interest in Vega and hopefully, now that her no-compete has expired, he’ll sign her up.

Paul White versus Shaq. Do you think this match will finally happen at AEW?

Well, Shaq took a good bump through a table in his first match as part of AEW so it looks as if he’s willing to get physical and take bumps. I think that improves the chances of this match finally happening quite a bit. We’ll have to wait and see, but the feeling in my tum-tum says yes, we’ll see it happen somewhere down the road.

And there you go. Any comments, thoughts, or questions to ask, about wrestling or anything at all, feel free and drop me a line. My thanks for reading. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great night and stay safe. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you at the matches.


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