Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Paul Orndorff, Karen, Cody & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Paul Orndorff, Karen, Cody & More
June 25, 2021

Good Friday. Let’s do the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A.

Thoughts on Mr. Wondrful Paul Orndorff?

It seems that Paul Orndorff is currently in bad health as pictures of the man known as Mr. Wonderful have recently surfaced online and to be honest, he’s looking pretty rough. Orndorff is a good wrestler, a tough guy from an era where he probably shouldn’t have stood out so much, but did, and a legit Hall of Fame superstar. I remember in the late seventies when two rookies, Paul Orndorff and Jimmy Snuka, came into the Mid-Atlantic region and shocked the world by taking the NWA World Tag Team titles away from the team of Baron Von Raschke & Greg Valentine. Orndorff then went on a have a great career in Georgia, the NWA, and of course, the WWF. Solid in the ring and solid on the mic. He was never really my cup of tea, but the man, he made an impact and had one hell of a career. Best wishes and prayers to Mr. Wonderful.

Thoughts on The Four Horsewomen? (Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks). Has the time come for WWE to put these four in the backseat, away from titles, and push others?

These women are consistent, always deliver, and are four of the most talented women currently working for WWE. They are pushed because they get the job done and put butts in seats. When they cease to do that, then they should be moved down the roster. Not until then though.

NXT Money in the Bank match? Yes or no?

It’s already been shown that the winner of the Money In the Bank contract can go after any title, be it on RAW, Smackdown, or NXT so why should NXT have their own briefcase holder? It’s simple. They shouldn’t.

Do you know if any wrestlers have done a Karen gimmick? Like true Karen, not semi Karen like Bayley. If not, do you think someone should? I think it would be an amazing heat magnet.

I think Bayley’s character comes close and Vickie Guerrero’s character was pretty close although she’d probably argue that it was more of a cougar gimmick than a true Karen. I can’t think of anyone who has really taken on a Karen persona, but I’ll agree. If done correctly, it would be cool to see.

Why does Cody Rhodes have a t-shirt for everything?

It’s called marketing. Cody likes to make money.

Mark Henry, Big Show, and Strowman. First holders of trio tag team belts? How about it?

How about Nah! AEW doesn’t need any more belts and also, just in case you haven’t noticed, Mark Henry and Big Show are announcers while Strowman has yet to sign with AEW. If they do a six-man title, I’d rather see Jurassic Express get a crack at it or maybe the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Better an established trio than just some random thrown-together unit for no reason than just because.

Why was Heenan put with Flair when he jumped in 1991? Flair was more than capable of cutting a promo as seen when he won the ’92 Rumble. Did the WWE not know this already or was it a way for Heenan to continue his rivalry with Hogan?

It seems to me that it was just good sense. Heenan was already established in the WWF at the time and had a major rivalry going on with Hogan. Flair, while familiar to most wrestling fans, might not be known very well to the diehard WWF fans, and putting him with Bobby gave the NWA/WCW Champion instant credibility from the very beginning. They obviously enjoyed working together and it was a good combination.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I have to go now because I’m running late for my appointment with the Oxygen Chamber. Comments, questions, and any thoughts to share are welcome. Drop me a line. Stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.


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