No Chaser w JHoody & Drunk Dane: Ole Smokey Peach Whiskey…

In recent conversations with my coworker, I found out that her boyfriend and his best friend like to drink. Well that isn’t a surprise because her boyfriend is a person I’ve seen often in my job as a distributor of fine spirts. Translation: I work at the liquor store. What I didn’t know is that her boyfriend Dane and his best friend also do videos and rate the various liquors and adult beverages that they like to partake in. But now I do know and I went and watched a few of the videos from these two esteemed gentlemen and I was rolling. Informational, educational, and funny as hell. Go see for yourself at YouTube where they can be found under NoChaser w JHoody & Drunk Dane. They’re also on Twitter, Instagram & Tik Tok at @nochasejustdrink and on Facebook at No Chaser. Watch, laugh, subscribe, and go have a drink. You’ll be glad you did.

And now, enough of my chit-chat. It’s not only today’s Video of the Day, but shall also be, with the permission of JHoody & Drunk Dane of course, a regular feature here at the site. They drink, talk, and record and I’ll share it here. So check it out. Thanks for watching and thanks for your support of the site. Comments, thoughts, and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Take care.


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