VOTD: In Living Color: “Blaine Becomes Hetero” & “Straight Man Out”…

I just stumbled across this on YouTube and damn, it’s funny. In Living Color was an awesome show that didn’t care who they poked fun at and just wanted to make people laugh. A show like this, with this crew, could never be made today. Everyone would be so butt-hurt and offended and calling for boycotts, censorship, and probably mass-assassinations if just a fraction of this stuff was on TV now. Thank goodness we have video tape and YouTube to prove that the world didn’t always have a stick up their ass and at one point and time, people knew how to laugh at stereotypes and characters based on them. It was a better world then. But as for now, we just have to enjoy the memories. This is Blaine Edwards and Antione Merryweather and this is Men On Television and Men On Film, where these two guys take a hilarious look at the cinema, from a male point of view. It’s today’s Video of the Day. Enjoy.

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