AEW All Out 2021: Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
AEW All Out 2021
Thoughts & Predictions
September 4, 2021

Coming up tomorrow night, live from Chicago, IL, and available on pay-per-view and FITE, is All Elite Wrestling and their 2021 All Out pay-per-view event. To say that this is probably the most anticipated event in AEW history is probably an understatement. It’s a packed card, a possible well-known “YES!” man is rumored to be making a debut, and some punk who lives straight-edge and likes Pepsi is back in action after several years away from the business. Everyone is excited and waiting a see what happens and if AEW stays true to form, I don’t think they’ll disappoint. So are you ready for a few predictions? Let’s put on the Sister Cleo outfit, the Gary Spivey spiked wig, pull out the Tarot cards, and look deep into the crystal ball. It’s time. Let’s do this.

Buy In Match: Matt Hardy, TH2, and Private Party vs Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Jurassic Express, and Wheeler Yuta

How did I miss this match when doing my AEW All Out 2021 match predictions? I guess technically it’s not part of the pay-per-view itself, but the pre-show event to get the fans going before the actual PPV goes on the air. Yes, it’s all about logistics. Better than admitting that I screwed up and absolutely forgot all about this match even happening. My bad! So it’s the give everyone a booking match with a ten-man tag team event. Talk about a potential cluster f*ck match. But since it’s Matt Hardy, and his team of paid mercenaries against the cool kids and their pet dinosaur, then maybe it won’t be all bad. The cool kids win and Hardy throws a tantrum and the fans are pumped to start the show. So I have spoken and so it will be done.

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Jurassic Express, and Wheeler Yuta

AEW World Championship — Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage

In what should be the main event, it’s the AEW World Champion defending his title against the current Impact Wrestling Champion, who incidentally is the same man who defeated him for that very championship. Omega versus Christian. In context, this is like NWA Champion Harley Race fighting WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham at the Orange Bowl on January 25, 1978, or NWA Champion Ric Flair fighting WWF Champion Bob Backlund on July 4, 1982, at the Omni in Atlanta, GA. It’s a big freaking deal. These guys have great chemistry and this should be a good match. What it won’t be though is a title-changing event. Christian beat Omega once at Impact Wrestling, but Omega and friends are not going to let history repeat itself. With Don Callis, The Young Bucks, and the Good Brothers around, I think we’ll see interference and a DQ before any pinfalls can occur. Actually, I’ll call it now. Christian has Omega beat and the rest of the Bullet Club 2.5 storms the ring. We get a DQ finish and the beatdown on the Impact Champion begins. And then we hear some familiar music and The American Dragon storms the ring. We even get the return of CM Punk, Darby Allin, and Allin’s dad Sting, and they all enter the ring. The All Elite Bullet Club flees and the Christian, Punk, Allin, and Sting all welcome their newest ally, Bryan Danielson, to AEW as the fans go home very happy. And there you go. No new titles for Christian, but a new AEW Superstar and the battle lines are formed.

Winner by DQ: Christian Cage (Omega retains the AEW Championship)

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

I expect a match much like Flair and Sting at the first Clash of the Champions as CM Punk and Darby are going to go all out (see what I did there) and have a match for the ages. Punk will take a beating and Allin will look like a million bucks. Punk does the comeback, shows why he is arguably the “Best In The World” and hits the GTS to get the win. The fans will rejoice and be happy. Everyone will be happy. And we’ll all start craving an ice-cream bar.

Winner: CM Punk

Chris Jericho vs. MJF

If Jericho loses here, he’s through as a professional wrestler for AEW. We all know that isn’t going to happen. MJF has pretty much won every battle between the two men and established his dominance over the older veteran, but now it’s time for the ring-smarts to come into play. I expect that MJF will dominate this match and take Jericho to the limit time and time again. All of the tricks that have worked before, MJF will attempt again and this time, Jericho will be wise to them and manage to stay alive despite the MJF shenanigans. And I just had an epiphany. Forget everything I said earlier. Jericho gives his all and takes the fight to MJF, but one last dirty trick and MJF scores the pin. Jericho is done as a wrestler in AEW and the career is over. And what comes next? I’ll explain later in an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A so watch for it. But it involves Jericho, a new feud for MJF with Sammy Guevera, and some classic wrestling story-telling and action. And things will never, ever be the same again. And it starts right here with a tearful good-bye to Chris Jericho.

Winner: MJF (Jericho must retire and quit wrestling for AEW).

AEW Women’s Championship — Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Krist Statlander

Statlander is good, but Baker is on fire right now, really at the top of her game, and I just don’t see any need to take the title off of her right now. She’s really growing into her role as the top woman in AEW and I think it should and will continue for some time to come, or at least until Mickie James comes calling. Is that a tease? Maybe I’ve heard something, but maybe I’m just speculating. We’ll see. As for this match, Baker stays champ and keeps her title.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

AEW Tag Team Championship — The Young Bucks (c) vs. Lucha Brothers (Steel Cage Match)

They’re in the cage and part of me is saying that this is where the Young Bucks finally give up their spots as the tag champs and move on to other things like their alliances with Omega, Callis, etc. But part of me is thinking, due to a comment made by CM Punk in a very new interview with Renee Paquette that he’d like to team up with Bryan Danielson to take on the Young Bucks. If Tony Khan is listening (and you know he was), he has to be thinking, “How can this match happen? And wouldn’t it be even better if tag team titles were at stake?” The Lucha Brothers are damn good and should be wearing tag team gold. And eventually, I’m sure that they will. But will it happen here? I don’t think so. Look for shenanigans and some outside distractions. And then the Bucks retain.

Winners and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

AEW TNT Championship — Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

Miro Crush! Miro Destroy! Miro Wins! Miro Retains! It’s Miro Day!

Winner and STILL AEW TNT Champion: Miro

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

I have to admit here that I’m not very familiar with Satoshi Kojima, but his reputation as one of the best talents from NJPW and a hell of a wrestler precedes him and from what I understand, he has a history with Moxley. This may be the dark horse match of the night in a show packed with what will be many good and exciting matches. I expect these two will beat the holy hell out of each other and try to steal the show. And since Moxley is involved, look for some crazy spots that make you go, “What the f…?” a few times. Since this is AEW and we’re in the States, Moxley wins.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall

We all know who is going to win here, but let’s play booker and dream up the ending for the match. Distractions by Marshall’s crew of Billy Gunn and his boys as well as The Factor allow QT to get an early advantage and we’ll even see a ref bump. Enter Fuego Del Sol to show up, playing off his well-known rivalry with QT to hit the Tornado DDT. The ref recovers and clears the ring. Wight nails Marshall with a chokeslam for the win. Wight and Del Sol celebrate and we see a new team being formed. Marshall vows revenge and the war is on. Sounds like a plan to me.

Winner: Paul Wight

21-woman Casino Battle Royal

Ruby Soho, formerly known as Ruby Riott, is expected to be making her AEW debut here and would be the most logical choice to win, but that just seems too obvious to me. CJ Perry, better known as Lana, is a free agent as of yesterday so maybe we’ll see her showing up as part of this event? And then there is Mickie James. Fresh off the success of NWA EmPowerrr, the All-Women’s pay-per-view event last weekend in St. Louis, it has to be noted that Mickie is NOT under a contract to the NWA and can wrestle wherever she pleases. And Tony Khan loves surprises, right? This should be a fun event and I have a feeling we’ll see many surprises including a few talents from Impact Wrestling joining the fun. As for who wins, I’m going with that tingling sensation in my tum-tum. Yes, I was watching Simon Miller this morning. And that is that the former WWE and TNA Women’s World Champion wants to add another belt to her resume. And the best way to make that happen is to play the odds in the Casino Battle Royal and get a title shot in the near future. Mickie versus Baker is money waiting to be made.

Winner: Mickie James

And damn, this is probably the longest prediction column I’ve ever written. But it’s a big event for AEW and the card is stacked from top to bottom so what else could I do? I’m excited about this show and after the smoke clears and all is said and done, I think this is where AEW firmly establishes itself as a definite challenger to the WWE Empire. Things will never be the same again.

But now we’re through. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts, or questions about this event or anything at all, feel free to use the comment box and give me a shout or else drop me a line at Follow me on Twitter at @Doug28352. Follow me and I’ll follow back. And I guess that’s enough of the plugs. Take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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