A Day Of Dougie: The Vaccine, El Caminos & Groupies…

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day Of Dougie:
The Vaccine, El Caminos & Groupies
September 16, 2021

A/N: I originally wrote this three days ago on Monday morning, but never posted or published it. I got distracted and forgot. My bad! So here we go, better late than never. It’s been a rough week, but I’m trying to play catch-up. Enjoy…

It’s Monday morning and you know what that means, right? Yeah, another fun-filled day of laying in the HBO Chamber for two hours, getting multiple stabs to check my blood sugar, and then the rest of the day at work selling fine spirits. No rest for the weary, but I’m used to it. I’m tired all the time and feel stressed out and on edge all the time, but that’s life, right? We were actually supposed to have a truck come in at work this morning, and we severely need it, but we had a phone call yesterday and the company that handles these things doesn’t have a truck driver. So we’ll have one more day of empty shelves and hopefully, a driver can be found by tomorrow morning, the time for which the delivery has been rescheduled. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. This crap is really getting ridiculous, but when a person can make more money sitting on their ass at home than working at a job, it’s to be expected. Thank you, Dems. sighs

So no truck and I have a few free minutes. Why not do a Day of Dougie, right? Let’s pull out the Magic Bag and draw a couple of topics to see what is on the agenda. I was talking to a man I know yesterday about masks and the so-called Vaccine and why I’m not taking the shot or getting the mandated government mark of the beast put into my body. I’ll explain why I’m saying no. And the other topics? We go to the bag and have El Camino & Groupies. So now we know what’s coming up on the itinerary. Let’s do this.

The Covid Vaccine…

I have not taken the shot yet and have no plans to do so, despite what the Pedo-In-Cheif tries to force us and mandate. And here’s why. To start, I don’t like being told what to do by people I don’t trust or respect. Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t, but when the powers-that-be are as relentless to force me to do something or else, my spidey-sense immediately goes off and says, “Hell no!”. What are the side-effects and long-term effects of this so-called vaccine? No one can say for sure because they don’t know. They can speculate and guess, but every doctor I’ve spoken to thus far has a differing opinion about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. While some have suggested getting vaccinated, no one yet has shown any degree of enthusiasm about this recommendation and it seems that it’s more of what they’re being told to say rather than what they actually believe. I want more than just being told to take it because the government says so. I want assurances that it will work, will not aggravate my pre-existing medical conditions, and will not have any adverse long-term negative effects. No doctor I’ve spoken to, and I speak to doctors every day, has been able o give me those assurances. And thus, I say no. My body and my decision. And if anyone has a problem with me being concerned about my own health and safety, then I have two words for you. If you’re a wrestling fan, you know exactly what they are. And time is rapidly running out so let’s move on.

El Camino…

The coolest car ever made. Is it a truck? Is it a car? It’s the best of both worlds, with all apologies to Miley Cyrus, and just a damn cool piece of driving machinery. It reeks of the ’70s and a better time and while it’s not my dream car, that being a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, it’s pretty damn close. And there you go. Moving on.


These are little tiny fish that are often used for fish bait. They’re shiny and silvery and just cute little fishies. Oh wait, those are guppies I’m speaking of. My bad! What were we talking about? Groupies? They’re overly obsessed fans who sleep with the rock stars and make plaster casts of their genitalia. A bunch of freakin’ ho’s, but everyone needs a hobby so I have no objections.

And there you go. I have to leave now to go do that doctor thing. I’ll see you later, my friends. Be safe and be good and make every day a Day of Dougie. You’ll be glad you did. I’m out of here.


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