A Day of Dougie: Call of Duty, Freaks & Don’t Bring Me Down…

Tossing Salt Presents:
A Day Of Dougie:
Call Of Duty, Freaks & Don’t Bring Me Down
January 21, 2022

It’s a sad day in the world of both Hollywood and the music industry as rocker Meat Loaf, real name Michael Lee Aday, passed away yesterday at the age of 74. I first knew of Meat Loaf from the movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where he played the role of Eddie. And then I discovered the music from the album Bat Out Of Hell, and the singles Paradise (By The Dashboard Light), and “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad! Damn, that man could sing. I could talk about him and his impact in both music and movies for hours, but I’ll keep this short and suffice it to say, Rest In Peace Meat Loaf. You will be missed.

And now, what else should I speak of before getting to the meat of the column, the epic discussion of random topics drawn from the depths of the Magic Bag? How about Netflix? They went up on their prices and they suck. Their selection is limited and I can usually find a much better selection of movies on Tubi. So after this month, no more Netflix for me. I have Disney, Tubi, Pornhub, and Peacock so I can always find something else to watch instead.

And I found another option, HBO Max. I decided to take the plunge and sign up. It’s at a discount rate for the first six months and there are so many movies I had forgotten about. In the two days, I watched Suicide Squad II, Wonder Woman 84, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and Season One of Titans. Who the hell needs sleep, right? My plans for today are Season 2 of Titans and maybe a Godzilla movie. Or I did see that the Bette Davis classic, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, is available. I may watch that. So many options and all definitely better than Netflix and their woke-ass selves. So out with the Flix and in with the Max. And now, let’s move on and find some topics to talk about.

We have the bag in hand and the topics for discussion today are Freaks, Call of Duty, and Don’t Bring Me Down. And to be transparent here, I also pulled out “Pedo Joe”, but not in the mood to get political here today. We all have seen the videos of the Pedo-President sniffing children, rubbing against them, and just being creepy as hell. And in something that I saw about his daughter’s missing diary, she talks about them taking showers together and how some might think it’s inappropriate. Damn straight it is. He’s a freaking pedo, big time. Someone needs to take that creepy old bastard out and beat his ass, then lock him away forever. I despise that senile old man. And now that I’ve gone where I probably shouldn’t, let’s move on to what I should be talking about, today’s topics of discussion. Let’s do this.


Freaks is the term used to describe people who are different, be it physically, mentally, behavior-wise, or in any way not perceived as normal. It’s also a term used to describe Scott Steiner’s fans, who were deeply enamored with the Big Bad Booty Daddy. For those people, he was your hook-up. And what do I think of when I hear the word “Freaks”? Two things actually. The movie “Freaks”, made in 1932, is about a beautiful trapeze artist, the midget owner of the Circus where she worked, and the real-life “freaks” who were actually side-show performers. The woman was romancing the Midget for his money, but sleeping with the Strong Man on the side. And that pissed the freaks off and how’d that go for her? Not too good. It’s a damn good, albeit weird movie. Check it out.

And the other thing I think of when I hear that term, Freaks? The so-called normal people who think their crap doesn’t stink and they look down on everyone else who is different or not their idea of perfect. We all know some of these people, who keep their noses in the air with their fake smiles and pretentious little lives. Fuck them! People who are unique, personable, do things their own way, and march to their own beat, these are the good people, the ones who change the world and make things interesting. They’re not freaks in any way, shape, or form. It’s the society that judges them, judges us, they’re the freaks. And they can go suck a… never mind. You get the point. By the way, go see that movie. If you’re not chanting “One of Us. One of Us!” in your head when it’s all over, I’ll kiss your ass. Let’s move on.

Call of Duty…

I don’t play video games so this one, I’m only marginally familiar with and that’s because my hetero-lifemate, my bro-son, the Jay to my Silent Bob, and the best damn brother a guy can have, and his always awesome Mini-Me, both play this game sometimes. And they kick ass! I’ll do the wrestling games maybe, but I’ll leave the other games to the family. I love them Peeps. ‘Nuff said!

Don’t Bring Me Down…

Have you ever just been feeling awesome and then someone or something comes in or says something and just kills the vibe? They’re bringing you down. I hate it when that happens. Don’t do dat! Don’t kill my vibe and bring me down. If you do, do you know what happens? Do you know what happens to people who dampen my mood, kill my vibe, and bring me down? Do you know what happens? You go on the list! Yes, I’m channeling my inner Chris Jericho here. He doesn’t use “The List” anymore, so I may as well use it to keep things right. And do you know what happens to people on the list? Do you know what happens? I talk about them in my blogs, use them as a character in my stories and kill them off that way, or else I just sit and think dirty thoughts about them. And I’m not talking about the good “dirty thoughts”, but the bad ones instead. So don’t do it. Don’t kill my vibe. Don’t bring me down. And there you go.

My thanks for reading and for putting up with my crap. I hope that you have a great one and if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, give me a shout and we can talk. Until the next time, be safe and be good and if it’s a bad day, make it a good day, by making it a Day of Dougie. I’ll see you at the bar.


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